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In your opinion do you think LMT is similarity priced as waiting to get a bid accepted on priceline for 4 star?

As I posted earlier in this thread I've found LMT rates to be "all over the map". In some searches the prices have been just a little less than those you could purchase conventionally, while in other cases they closely resemble Priceline/Hotwire type rates. I simply include LMT in all my hotel searches since the outcome can (and does) vary.

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I really don't know how I stumbled across this, but I have. Anyway, here's a link that lists loads of LMT hotels as listed on Tourico Holidays.

I have been looking and cross-referencing all day for Toronto, Ontario. There are a few listed here, but this is not an exhaustive list.

Anyway, glad to share this:








Hope this helps,

Your fellow frugal traveller aka "champagne taste on a beer budget"

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This is a great find..only having an issue now (and a friend wass having the same problem on the weekend) No matter what dates I put in for hotels Im not getting a result. Everything is saying results not available. Flights, etc all work fine

Suggestions? I contacted the fb page for LMT but not sure if they will reply

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Deleting cookie, temp files etc didnt work. Restarting the computer did

BTW..just a thought. I did a lot of research before and seems like prices (at least for Toronto) go down by the month. I looked at the prices for March 30 then compared them with April 1 and March was much lower. I copied down some prices so I will try testing it out tomorrow as its the first of the month

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Deleting cookie, temp files etc didnt work. Restarting the computer did

BTW..just a thought. I did a lot of research before and seems like prices (at least for Toronto) go down by the month. I looked at the prices for March 30 then compared them with April 1 and March was much lower. I copied down some prices so I will try testing it out tomorrow as its the first of the month

hahha so unless it changes today or tomorrow, you can throw that^^^ idea out. I checked again today and the prices for May didnt go lower. In fact I think some for June actually went higher :)

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Thank you Beav for the information about this site. Have many people used this site to book hotel stays? I had never heard of it before and don't want to book and then have any problems when we arrive. I used Priceline many times after learning about it on this site and I have been pleased. I just want to ensure that lastminutetravel has a good reputation from users. Thanks.

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Beav, thank you a lot for the information about LMT and Tourico. And others for comments. Using it I could confirm my guess for my LMT search.

It's the first time I use LMT for searches and I have one question:

- I'm searching for a room for 04 adults (double double) and LMT returns to my search a "standard" room for 4 adults, I'm not sure if it's a double double or if LMT offers only 2 people room, like priceline? Can you help me?

- I tried the same search on Tourico and the prices are very similar, about $5.00 of difference for 2 days on a 4* San Francisco Hotel.

Thanks in advance,


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Have been using the Turico web site in connection with LMT to find the hidden hotel and have a question. I found an excellent 4* hotel in Paris near the Opera, which is right where we want to stay. The Turico price was the same as the LMT "hidden hotel" price, with the exception that if we don't go on our trip in July, Turico's booking allowed for only a 1 night penalty (we are staying 4 nights) whereas the LMT site is a full pre-pay. When I tried to book through Turico, it requires an agency booking number. Is that site solely for travel agencies? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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I have been trying for a month to get some 3*+ "reasonably priced" Anchorage rooms for June in the low $100's without luck. Saw this thread again and started using it to determine best rates available on LMT. Was looking in the June 10th-14th range and on LMT up pops a 4* hotel for $112. Of course, I couldn't believe it, and assumed it was really a 3* masquerading under the 4* label. Nope, it was the Hilton Anchorage! I checked the Turico web site and the Hilton web site itself and the lowest price was either $299+ or unavailable for the dates requested. I booked on LMT for 2 nights from June 12th-14th and received the Hilton. The 12th shows as unavailable on both turico and Hilton web sites, so what a great deal!

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I've been using this system for several months now with great results. Today when I was looking at booking for Venice, Italy this summer, the LMT site show over 50% of their hotels with a disclosed identity and LMT price attached! Anyone know why they made the change and if it will delete some of the best deal propeerties?

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Such an awesome new trick! I used the "hover" method to get the Hotel ID, and then confirmed by comparing the pictures and it was 100% correct. I just booked the Intercontinental in Montreal, QC for $115/night (July 8-10). It's technically a 5 star hotel, but gets reviewed much lower, but that is still a great deal in my book. Hotwire has the same hotel for approx. $170. Thanks all!

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On occasion, the description will list the number of rooms which can help ID the hotel. For example, I did a search for Secaucus, NJ and there was a 3* with 305 guest rooms. A quick Google search with the term "305 guest rooms Secaucus" and the Crowne Plaza is a match. Check the hotel photos on the hotel website to be sure.

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This is an awesome method for researching hotels. Has anyone else had much experience with using LMT? Were you able to get the room you wanted? I'd like to use them because of knowing which hotel you're getting, but I don't want to get stuck in a smoking room like other horror stories I've heard. I didn't see anywhere to specify smoking/nonsmoking in the booking process.

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I've been very successful on LMT with the identifying hotels, etc., but wasn't able to designate upfront a "non-smoking" room, for example. I haven't experienced any of the horrors others have in this regard, and I've booked through LMT in as different locations as Anchorage, Venice and Paris!

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Just discovered something when using Lastminutetravel.com, when I go to the site on my cellphone and I guess it is a mobile browser (don't know much about that). the hotel names are NOT hidden. I tried with my computer and my cell open at the same time and the prices and it the discriptions are the same...just the mobile version has the hotels named. Maybe everybody already knows this but it is new to me and was much easier than trying to find the id #'s, etc!

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