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  1. I made my same day PRICELINE EXPRESS reservation using the links on the board and using a 5% off code for Better Bidding members from the Priceline Coupon page. Here are the amenities: Business center, Indoor pool, Non-smoking rooms, Restaurant. Overall, this was a decent property that is a worn around the edges, but totally acceptable, I would absolutely stay here again. In addition to the listed amenities, the hotel provides a free airport shuttle, free parking, free WiFi, free hot breakfast and a hot tub. The Hot Tub was a great feature considering it had snowed all day an
  2. PRICELINE EXPRESS had a 2.5* hotel for $45 in the SUNY zone, but for some reason when I went to book I received a message that it was unavailable. I did this several times and one time I was able to enter my payment info, and other details, but after clicking the "make reservation" button, a message appeared that the deal was not available. I saw a 2.5* with a rate of $58 in the ALB zone with the following amenity set: Free Parking, Free Internet, Free Breakfast, Pool, Fitness Center, No Smoking. I also had a 10% off coupon, so after taxes and fees the walk out the door price w
  3. I stayed here a couple years ago, at that time it was affiliated with Choice Hotels Ascend Collection. There is a large trade show at McCormick, getting this place for $98 is a very good deal. AaronJB is spot on, it's in a great location, a block from Michigan Ave. Plenty of restaurants and bars nearby, Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ is steps away. If you're going to McCormick, you can catch the #3 bus on Michigan and it will drop you off right in front. I would absolutely stay here again.
  4. Looks like a new-ish property in Key West, but it appears this place is on Stock Island. Photos look very nice and after the snow yesterday, I want to be in Key West today!
  5. Hotels in center city Philly generally have low occupancy rates on weekends and this past weekend was no exception. The Marriott is the largest hotel in the city and has 1300 rooms to fill and it seems to offer the lowest price in this zone. Started out bidding $54, but was immediately rejected. There are many rebid zones in this bidding area, so I added one and increased the bid to $58, then $62, success! Room subtotal: $62.00 Taxes & fees: $14.96 Total charged today:$76.96 Very pleased with my bid and it appeared as if the Downtown Marriott was avail
  6. I have stayed at the LaQuinta in the meadowlands several times and based on your parameters, I think this would be great. You don't want to be in Parsippany, that is a big no. The bus to NYC picks up in front of the LaQuinta and service is frequent. Parking is free, there is a free breakfast, free wifi, even an indoor pool for the kids. There's a Walmart and Sam's club nearby, plus a Marshalls and some other shopping. There are several restaurants nearby as well. NJ Transit bus from Secaucus into the city is clean and safe, I have used it many times, it's a bargain. If you en
  7. Thanks for the follow up. I'm a big fan of AC and if its any consolation, Saturday nights in the summer, and especially the last two weeks of July and all of August have the highest rates. Your rate of $150 was excellent, you would be lucky to get this for an offshore 3*. The Showboat, like the Claridge were formerly casino hotels, and the new owners are trying to make a go of it.
  8. Aside from "what is the lowest amount per night I can expect to win through bidding" is the other question: can you accept any hotel in the shaded area of Mawhah-Ramsey-Allendale? You might score a great win but the hotel may not have a shuttle or within walking distance of your client. With HOTWIRE you can sometimes identify the property through the amenities, but there is no guarantee. There are a couple of properties available on PRICELINE EXPRESS, but these are difficult to identify. With that said, I am a fan of the Homewood Suites over the Hampton Inn.
  9. I have to say that I was not an ESA fan, but in the past couple of years, many properties have been refurbished. Granola bars, muffins, apples and coffee are offered for breakfast. They now provide shampoo and sometimes coffee for the in room coffee maker. But they still don't have an ice machine. There are four ESA's in the Secaucus area and these are typically offered in the $50-$60 area. For solo travel, it works for me.
  10. With regards to parking, all MGM Resorts properties in Las Vegas (and this includes Vdara) will implement a parking charge in the Spring of 2016, you might want to contact the hotel for the exact dates. AaronJB is correct in that you could park at City Center, I have even heard of parking at Aria. The other option would be valet and when I stayed there three years ago it was free, but it's customary to tip the attendant. I'm probably one of the most ardent "no valet" types, but this actually worked out very well for my stay and it is beyond convenient. Which is helpful when yo
  11. Please post an outcome to your Ft.Lauderdale trip. Have you made any successful bids through Priceline or booked a room through Hotwire that could benefit other board members?
  12. I am a fan of Vdara, the rooms are suites with a seating area separated from the bed with a room divider and include a small refrigerator and a cooking surface. The hotel is very quiet, and from the lobby, the Bellagio Conservatory is about a 5 minute walk.
  13. I'm very pleased with this winning bid for the La Quinta Inn and Suites. I looked at PRICELINE EXPRESS and it appeared as if this property was being offered for $67 due to the amenities plus there was a bed choice available and there was a reference to a Suite. Started bidding at $62 and it was accepted immediately. I have eave stayed here several times previously and it is one of my favorites because of all the freebies, parking, breakfast and HS Internet. As a bonus, there is a bus into Manhattan right in front of the hotel with frequent service. Made my bids through the PR
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