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  1. Oops! The hotel is Hilton North Raleigh 3415 Wake Forest Rd. Raleigh, NC, 27609
  2. I just bid won this hotel using the Better Bidding link to HOTWIRE. I'm not super thrilled about it because I had problems when I stayed here in the past, but it was all I could get for a last minute booking (checking in tonight)! Amenities Indoor pool(s) Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access
  3. 3* Hyatt Place North Raleigh Midtown PRICELINE EXPRESS Booked 10/22 for check-in on 10/23 Free Breakfast Free Internet (in Room) Free Parking Pet Friendly Outdoor Pool Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center Room $71 Taxes $17.45 Total $88.45 I used the PRICELINE link!
  4. I just bid a few minutes ago, and my offer was accepted: Your Offer Price: $11.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 3 SubTotal: $33.00 Taxes and Fees: $31.16 Lowest Published Price: $163.09 (USD) Total Rental Car Charges: $64.16 You saved 60%!* I used the PRICELINE link.
  5. Pick-Up Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 1:00 PM Drop-Off Friday, January 25, 2013 at 6:30 AM Your Offer Price: $11.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 1 days (0 days and 17 1/2 hours) Subtotal: $11.00 Taxes and Fees: $14.32 Total Charges: $25.32 Retail price on Kayak.com for Alamo was $23. I used the PRICELINE link.
  6. Hi, The Holiday Inn in the Lake Buena Vista-Downtown Disney zone charges $10 per night for self-parking and $16 per night for valet parking. Buena Vista Palace in the same zone now has a $16.95 + tax per night resort fee that includes self-parking.
  7. I used the PRICELINE link here on better bidding for this deal. My first bid for a 4* in the Druid Hills - Emory - Decatur zone for $48 was rejected. Used my free rebid and was successful at the Marriott. Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $51.00 (USD) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Guests Per Room: 2 Number of Nights: 3 Room Subtotal: $153.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $32.52 (USD) Total Room Cost: $185.52 (USD) (All prices are in US dollars)
  8. Hi everyone! Tried Tuesday for $43 and was rejected Tried Wednesday for $45 and was rejected Tried today for $53 and was given the option to increase my price by $13. Bid $66 and was accepted. I wish I hadn’t waited so long in order to book a room! I might have been able to get the room for less than $66. 2 nights at $66/night Taxes and Fees: $23.34 TOTAL $155.34 for 2 nights I used the PRICELINE links!
  9. Thanks for posting about the LMT/Tourico link. My sister was able to get the Waldorf-Astoria in Orlando for $159/night for our trip this October.
  10. An iron that actually irons! I spent so much time on Saturday trying to iron with an iron that barely got the wrinkles out. It's so frustrating. I also like a fan in the bathroom. I hate trying to look in the mirror after taking a hot shower and not being able to see myself!
  11. Here are the details that I forgot to put in my original post Room Cost (avg. per room, per night):$44.00 (USD) Number of Rooms:1 Number of Nights:3 Room Subtotal:$132.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees:$25.92 (USD) Total Room Cost:$157.92 (USD)
  12. I saw that other people had gotten this hotel recently. My first bid for a 4* was rejected and I tried again for a 3.5* and got it! I used the PRICELINE link.
  13. I started my bid with the HOTWIRE link on the site and got the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Ft. Lauderdale Airport. The amenities are Smoke Free Rooms Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access Rate per night: $75.00 Nights:2 Rooms:1 Tax recovery charges & fees: $22.35 Subtotal: $172.35 Trip total: $172.35 Wish me luck with my stay! :)
  14. Got my money back! Budget sent me a message: I am sorry for all your concerns in this matter and you are correct, the taxes were included in your rate. I have advise the appropriate area and they are working on this issue, you should be receiving the credit shortly. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Budget Customer Service Yay! I checked my credit card, and the credit of $15.75 is there!
  15. I just got off the phone with Budget (twice) and Priceline. I called Budget first. The agent that answered the phone first tried to tell me that I was charged the extra money because I turned in the car about 30 minutes late. She somehow completely missed the fact that I ended up turning in the car almost a full day early! This was a 2-day rental for 2/14-2/16, and I ended up returning the car on 2/15. I asked her how Budget would have known that I would turn in the car late at the time when I was picking up the car. Her next excuse was that Priceline only paid Budget $45.58 so the difference is what I still owed on the car. Nevermind the fact that her math is completely off, but why would I be getting in the middle of a Budget-Priceline fight? She was pretty rude when I kept asking questions and told me to call Priceline. No problem. I am home sick today, so I can play this game all day. I called Priceline next. The agent that helped me was very nice. He told me that the only reason I would be charged extra was if I rented a car seat, GPS, etc. I didn
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