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  1. OK...I won, really! Since I had so much time I started low..$75 used rebidding zones to $97 (plus $2 a night bonus for total of $99 a night) and I won the Venetian! So with the room and the resort fee, I got the total for $119 per room. Cool, thanks for the help and yes, I used your PRICELINE links. Do I need to post this win anywhere else to help others?
  2. Just discovered something when using Lastminutetravel.com, when I go to the site on my cellphone and I guess it is a mobile browser (don't know much about that). the hotel names are NOT hidden. I tried with my computer and my cell open at the same time and the prices and it the discriptions are the same...just the mobile version has the hotels named. Maybe everybody already knows this but it is new to me and was much easier than trying to find the id #'s, etc!
  3. I am planning trip to Las Vegas for my husband's birthday. I have invited his siblings along to surprise him. Since I need 4 rooms, I was wondering if there is different strategy for bidding for four rooms at one time. I am HOPING for a 5* on the stip at the cheapest price I can get. Here is info... 11/17- 1120 (Thursday - Sunday), 4 rooms with one couple in each room. I would like for us to be in same hotel but we don't necessarily have to be near each other in the hotel. I would prefer a 5* on the strip (North or South). My max bid per room is in the 120 range but would really like to get it much lower as I know the resort fee will have to added on to winning bid. Thanks for this site..I have been "watching" it for awhile but my first time posting and yes, I use the links. Thanks!
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