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  1. I'm not sure what to call this, because it's the first time I've seen a "Deal Rehab" page. That phrase was in the URL, not the page itself. A few days ago, I did a bid for $75, through a BetterBidding PRICELINE link, because I could see the Silver Cloud Stadium was a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal. However, there was no bed choice offered. I really wanted the 2 Queens room. When my $75 bid failed, PRICELINE unmasked several Seattle downtown options, including the Silver Cloud Stadium, and stated it was a 2 Queens room. Certainty on this point was much appreciated, so although I perhaps could have gotten this for a lower bid, I accepted the offer. It's very convenient for what I am doing on this visit, but parking is expensive ($29 valet). I realize that for the location, that's an expected price, though.
  2. I was searching for my October Portland stay (I was trying various days, and I'm not sure what date this came up with), and I saw a Priceline Express for a 3* Downtown hotel with the text "Hint: You've stayed here before ;) ". That told me it was the Marriott Courtyard, as I think that's the only 3* Downtown hotel I've stayed at with Priceline. I've been trying searches since, and I have not seen the message again. Has anyone else seen that?
  3. I ended up renting a condo. I did have an interesting counteroffer experience. I bid $75 (after trying lower bids) for 2.5* in the Downtown and German Village zones. Although there was a $92 2.5* in GV and an $89 3* in Downtown, on Priceline Express, Priceline NYOP counteroffered with $96.
  4. Right now, the German Village zone is missing from Columbus, OH for NYOP. There is a hotel that shows up on PRICELINE EXPRESS in the German Village zone that looks to me to be the Comfort Inn (but obviously a guess).
  5. When I checked out, I got an itemized receipt that said the room rate was $92.50. So maybe I would have won at $93. Very nice stay at a well-located property.
  6. I chose the zone OR - Portland (Downtown) from the list, but note that it is now called Downtown Portland City Center / South Waterfront District. I bid through the Priceline link. I saw a 3* on Priceline Express that varied between $105 and $107. I deduced it was the Courtyard By Marriott Portland City Center, so I thought it was likely I would win it on a bid. I worked upwards, and at $80 I got a counteroffer to bid $106. I used a rebid zone, and I waited 2 hours and then overnight and so on, but finally I went from $92 to $94, and won it at $94. Note that this is not the same as the Courtyard by Marriott on the other side of the river, but it's clear from TripAdvisor that people do get them confused. I saved a lot over the website price. However, for me, this is still very expensive for Portland remembering how it was in the past, but so it goes. Also the fact that I wanted to be Downtown rather than in the Convention Center zone definitely raised the price. Hotwire was quite a bit more, so I wouldn't save that way, and no reasonable hotel downtown showed up on any direct site for a cheaper price.
  7. This is 4*. The rate on the website is $89/night, so it's not an enormous savings. However, I had to be sure of getting a 24-hour shuttle. Thus, I didn't feel comfortable bidding on Priceline. Also note that with an AAA membership, the rate is $67/night, and as it can be canceled, that would be a pretty good deal. But I'm in Canada and don't have a car, so that was a no-go.
  8. Sorry about that - I tried to edit, and I couldn't change it. Also, I tried to paste the list, but it would not paste. Trying again (it worked). This is the same as the current 3rd set on the list, I think. The pet-friendly, in combination with everything else, made me quite confident. Free parking Pet friendly Airport shuttle Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access Accessibility Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Accessible parking Roll-in shower
  9. I've rented apartments on two different trips now for New Orleans, but I understand if a hotel room is more to your taste. Note that prices can really vary by weekend vs. weekday, and by whether there is a large event in town. What do you see on Priceline Express or Hotwire if you look at May 4-7, and May 7-9 separately? On LMTravelClub.com (join with a promo code - Google for the latest), I see Aster Crowne Plaza (on Canal Street) for $118/night.
  10. What I ended up doing was using the IHG Friends and Family program with a specific friend's link to get a room with two double beds at Holiday Inn Golden Gateway for $98/night (+ tax). In this case, I needed certainty of getting two beds, and this hotel is nicer (I think) than the Opal.
  11. The Serrano is 3.5* on some sites, and 4* on others. With LMTClub.com (current free join code is JOINCLUB2014), it is $218/night for your dates. Close to Market, but not south of it.
  12. It's not a thrilling choice, but it works. I booked the Opal with a CheapTickets 20% off code (FALLFUN), which allowed me to ensure I get a hotel with two beds. I chose a cancellable option that worked out to $95+taxes/night, so it's possible that I can find a better deal before January. I'm sure there are good 4* bargains with bidding, but the fact I can't be sure of two beds is stopping me.
  13. I discussed this stay with my daughter and we decided that to ensure harmony on this mother-daughter trip :), we`d go for a room that was guaranteed to have two beds. So I have booked a private room with two beds at the HI Hostel Downtown at 312 Mason (super-central location). I`ve stayed there before and it`s clean and pleasant. I think it was highly likely that we`d have been at least able to get a rollaway, if not two beds, with the Pickwick, but this way we are sure. Sometimes PRICELINE EXPRESS choices have a bed choice option, so I`ll take a look now and then, as I have a cancellable booking. By the way, I monitored the price and I saw prices ranging from $80 to $85 to $94 to $110 to $160! Some of these are in USD, and some in Canadian dollars, but I`m not sure which is which at this point. So all I can say is buyer beware.
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