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  1. Hi We are trying to bid on a hotel in Toronto, with no luck. We noticed a better deal using the new PRICELINE EXPRESS as I also have a promo code saving 10%. Bringing the price down to about $99 The dates are March 29 - April 6th, and the hotel we are trying to figure out is a 4 star, downtown Toronto South with these ammenities: Pool, pets allowed, restaurant, business center, fitness center and bed choice available Any suggestions? Once we try to bid we will use the BB PRICELINE link Thanks
  2. Thanks so much for the heads up Kinet! We didnt really want to stay at the Sutton (we have before and its ok just not as central as we wanted) for the end of May. Now that we know its closing and employees are very unhappy I'm glad we aren't booked there. I doubt that any issues you have while there would be dealt with
  3. Can anyone help with what hotel this is? 4 Star downtown West Fitness, Restaurant, Business, Spa and Internet Recommended 75% I am thinking it may be the Sutton Place and we prefer to be down lower
  4. Im wondering if they are currently basing room inventory for the whole month. It seems like all of May is high yet there is only the one big conference. I check several sites and so far not really much luck anywhere. Kicking myself as the Hyatt was $111 and we waited too long to book. Im not a fan of the Metropolitan or Delta Chelsea so I would prefer not to go down to 3.5 I dont mind the Radisson on the waterfront but I dont think you are as likely to win that one.
  5. I know. And there is another site I use (LMT) and for some reason about a 3 week period in May the prices are high, yet before and after they aren't too bad. We will wait a few more weeks but if prices don't come down we will stay in Niagara Falls or something (obviously not an option for you)
  6. We have been trying for May 29-June 2 for quite a while now. We are already up to $110 and nothing. I have no idea why prices are so incredibly high for May all of a sudden. Normally I have no trouble finding a hotel for $100 max. Good luck
  7. you arent the only one. We've been trying for several dates and no luck ( I have another thread) We've pretty much stopped trying to bid on priceline
  8. Aside from PL I think tripadvisor is the BEST site out there. We went to Miami last year and we were looking for hotels. All theese places looked fine on websites but the pics were so scary. Some I literally gasped looking at the pics - blood on the walls, sheets ripped to pieces, brown toilets, Im shuddering just thinking of it LOL there is no way I would have been able to stay in a room like that
  9. hahha so unless it changes today or tomorrow, you can throw that^^^ idea out. I checked again today and the prices for May didnt go lower. In fact I think some for June actually went higher :)
  10. Deleting cookie, temp files etc didnt work. Restarting the computer did BTW..just a thought. I did a lot of research before and seems like prices (at least for Toronto) go down by the month. I looked at the prices for March 30 then compared them with April 1 and March was much lower. I copied down some prices so I will try testing it out tomorrow as its the first of the month
  11. This is a great find..only having an issue now (and a friend wass having the same problem on the weekend) No matter what dates I put in for hotels Im not getting a result. Everything is saying results not available. Flights, etc all work fine Suggestions? I contacted the fb page for LMT but not sure if they will reply
  12. Yes and for whatever reason there isnt one hotel offered in the downtown
  13. Cool...I didnt realize this site was associated with Travelocity as well. I saw a few secret deals there but was leary as I didnt know anyone who used it. Are there any lists to possibilities as to what hotels you are getting?(like there are for Hotwire/Priceline). We were thinking of bidding on a 3.5 star as no luck with Priceline. There are 2 available and from what I can tell it looks like Travelocity deals with 3 hotels that are 3.5 in toronto (Delta Chelsea, the Metropolitan and umm forget the 3rd, I think it was a hilton garden). Sadly the icons are the same for both and I would much prefer the Met over the DC
  14. Really we are not picky. Sheraton is probably our best option as its closest to every thing but other than that its not important. I guess for now we will stay with 4* and then drop down if need be. I know the 3.5 is the Delta Chelsea and to be honest Id almost rather a 3 star instead. I guess for now we will keep bidding ( or is that a waste of time if we dont go much higher than say $85 for now?) Thanks for the help
  15. Either way is fine to be honest. The south is a bit easier for the last portion of the trip (June 28-July 1) but for the first part its not a big deal. We were adding in north as I saw a few people had won the Marriott on Bloor for $55 (although they bid in November) What is your suggestion? Also we can always wait a while, its not like the trip is in the next month
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