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  1. Thank you. Just playing around with airfare dates and seeing what is best bang for buck. Those dates did not work out but that would be a GREAT price for HDM! Thanks for help
  2. Hi I need to know what hotel this is on PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal: 4.5 star 9/10 CSL EAST March 25-28, 2017 $117 was $279 parking fitness centre restaurant indoor/outdoor pool thanks
  3. Thank you for your help. Since I had to hurry up and make a decision, I ended up booking a hotel using our RCI points instead. I have kept the HW icons and your answer for future use. HOpe this helps others, as well, when looking for a 4 star in Charleston, SC. Can hardly wait for our trip. Again, Thanks for your help. D
  4. The price is $111 US (says $269 on other sites). The price/hotel remains the same for different one night combos: 15/16, 16/17 and 17/18. As well: HW doesn't seem to use the "historic district" just "downtown" which makes me a bit nervous. We need historic district as my husband has ALS and mobility is an issue. Thanks, D
  5. The price is $111 US (says $269 for other sites) This same hotel is available for 15/16, 16/17, and 17/18 combinations as well. Thanks.
  6. Hello there: I need help identifying this Charleston 4 star downtown hotel October 15 - 16, 2012 $110.09 per night CAD (says lists on other sites for $267) 4-star Hotel in Downtown Charleston This Hotel features the following amenities: Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center Accessible for the blind Accessible for the dea Free Internet Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower It's rated 90% on HOTWIRE Reviews. I hope it's not the Marriott as I have read reviews that this is not really downtown and that HW has miffed a lot of people by offering this as downtown. We need front row centre hotel as my husband has mobility issues and we want to be able to rest up in hotel before venturing out for evening again. Thanks again, D
  7. Newbie: It really is easy. I just tried it. I used the link you provided to Disney. I clicked on "buy" the second hotel down, 4 star @ $95 per night. Then in the browser you will see a long line, then hotel ID and the number 7266. Write this number down for any of the hotels you click on. Make sure you write the star rating and price, then the hotel ID number beside it, to help you keep track. Then open a new tab and click on BEAV's original post with the tourico holidays link. In the browser for that link you will see another hotel ID number, delete that number and replace it with the new hotel ID, for instance 7266 like I just tried. Bingo! The hotel on the LMT site listed as 4 star, $95 per night, hotel ID 7266 is the HILTON ANAHEIM, 777 Convention Way. Hope that helps you out. Cut/paste and print these instructions and have them by your computer and follow them. You will get the hang of it really quickly. Another neat trick is to click on the map. The map is usually hovering right over the hotel in the "bird's eye view." Many times you can see the hotel sign right on the hotel or try using the arrow buttons and swing around the view of the hotel until you see a sign. Hope this helps, D
  8. I thought I had closed this topic but, apparently not. Since I did not get a straight answer to my original post, I ended up booking the Marriott Bloor Yorkville on Hotwire - still using your link, of course. We got a great deal. This is a great hotel if you can get it for a great price. An amazing weekend in all, City and Colour topped it off. Gotta love Hotwire. Hotwire and Priceline are especially great when you can get help in identifying hotels you are uncertain about. D in Muskoka
  9. London South - September 9 - 11, 2011 Hotwire $65.33 per night Icons: Suite 3 star London South Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Centre Pool Business Centre Laundry Hi Speed Internet Kitchenette Sorry but I'm confounded. This doesn't match any of my research. Need your help. Trying to book for my niece's wedding. Need two rooms. Thanks for your help,
  10. I still have not decided whether or not to book this as it how now risen to $116 per night and I really don't want the renaissance hotel. Too many people say that hotwire bookings get substandard rooms. Not for me. Thanks,
  11. I think you may find that it's the Travelodge on Bayfield Street in Barrie. Hope this helps
  12. Actually, I just tried the other suggestion of clicking on the hotel, then adding an activity and BINGO it reveals the name of the hotel. No more guessing. Amazing....!
  13. I really don't know how I stumbled across this, but I have. Anyway, here's a link that lists loads of LMT hotels as listed on Tourico Holidays. I have been looking and cross-referencing all day for Toronto, Ontario. There are a few listed here, but this is not an exhaustive list. Anyway, glad to share this: http://www.touricoholidays.com/exclusivede...location=europe http://www.touricoholidays.com/exclusivede...sp?location=usa http://www.touricoholidays.com/exclusivede...location=mexico http://www.touricoholidays.com/exclusivede...latin%20america http://www.touricoholidays.com/exclusivede...p?location=asia http://www.touricoholidays.com/exclusivede...ation=australia http://www.touricoholidays.com/exclusivede...location=canada Hope this helps, Your fellow frugal traveller aka "champagne taste on a beer budget"
  14. Looking at Hotwire: March 24, 2011 - one night Toronto, Ontario 2 adults/2children I get this: $81.00 4* Toronto Downtown WEST Smokefree Fitness Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Centre Hi Speed Internet I think it's either the: Inter-Continental Yorkville Renaissance Sheraton Centre All of the above contain "smoke-free". I would like to get the Hyatt Regency (anyone know what to look for or have received it lately on Hotwire?) Thanks for your help,
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