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  1. Hotel was fantastic. Great rooms and service, and for a 2 1/2 * it far exceeded expectations. Last year was The Alex which maybe was a 2*, rated a 3* by PL, egads! And work has been paying for my Hilton full rack rates, so personal trips are always investigated and booked through BB web site!! Love the site!
  2. Nice price and hotel on Hotwire for a late booking in Anchorage. Previous years have had regular hotel prices down this time of year, but no longer. Glad to have won a nice hotel for the price! Amenities listed include Free parking, Free breakfast, Free internet, Pet friendly, Airport shuttle, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Business center, Internet access
  3. Nice price for the hotel in the fall. Was just goofing around and not thinking the bid would take but glad it did. Here's the details: $151.00/night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:2 nights Room subtotal:$302.00 Taxes & fees:$70.36 Total charged:$372.36 Ammenities: Free Internet (in Public Area) Pet Friendly Spa Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center
  4. New zone in Des Moines (Fairgrounds - Pleasant Hill) and nice last minute price. Breakdown as follows: Room Price: $46.00/night Room Subtotal: $46.00 Taxes & Fees: $12.97 Total Charged: $58.97 Top Amenities listed as follows: Free WiFi Indoor Pool Spa Pets Allowed Restaurant Non-smoking Rooms
  5. Hotel turned out just as expected, with the staff very helpful and friendly. A bit worn down as expected and clearly not a 3* PL class, but clean and acceptable lodging for the night.
  6. No, prior to purchase there were only the 4 amenities I listed. Afterwards, the list expanded beyond the additional items you noted.
  7. The only good thing about this "win" is that I get to add a new hotel to the PRICELINE EXPRESS listings on the Big Board! Not sure this hotel is really a 3* but I've been booking on the BB site for many years and understand the good and bad with trying to ID the hotel prior to purchasing. Arriving after midnight so I only need a clean bed. Initial amenities reported were: Business Center Restaurant Airport Shuttle No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Let me know if you need full amenities reported after win. Summary of charges are as follows: Offer price:$122.00/night Adjusted room price (bid) with Hotel Fee Credit: $122.00/night Number of nights:1 night Taxes & fees:$29.97 Total charged today:$151.97
  8. Agreed, and glad this helped update the listings. Checked again online after the win, and the price had gone up on the Hilton web site to 167 pounds per night! Always surprised when the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal so outperforms the current deals offered elsewhere!
  9. Had booked this hotel via Hilton web site (at nearly US$185/night) but was checking Board and PL and PRICELINE EXPRESS and this deal popped up with a 5% discount for PRICELINE EXPRESS. This is the precise hotel/location we wanted to book and the BB web site helped narrow down the choices. Always fun to get exactly what you want. Deal broke down as follows: Number of nights:5 nights Room subtotal: $500.00 Taxes & fees: $143.00 Taxes: $143.00 Priceline Coupon:- $25.00 Total charged today: $618.00 Savings: You saved 42%* Amenities were listed as follows: Non-Smoking Gym Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center Nice win, and as always, all bids and wins are made through the BB web site PRICELINE links!
  10. PRICELINE EXPRESS had a 3* deal for $74 so tried a bit lower through PL and voila, bid accepted! Nice property with standard prepaid rate of $99 for this "off-season" booking. Amenities listed were as follows: Shuttle Non-Smoking Restaurant Handicap Accessible Business Center
  11. Amenities included: Business Center Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities Nice price compared to many web site prices in the ranges of $170-$190/night!
  12. Had been looking at Hong Kong hotels and prices for my Hiltons had gone up despite a China Sale through August 18th. Bid 5*, then 4* and it looks like a nice property. Prior trips I've stayed on Hong Kong Island and thought Kowloon might be a good choice for this trip. Here's the information: Offer price:$141.00/night Adjusted room price (bid) with Hotel Fee Credit: $141.00/night Hotel fee:$0.00 Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:4 nights Room subtotal:$564.00 Taxes & fees:$88.72 Total charged today:$652.72 Amenities listed on bid page included: Free Internet (in Room), Shuttle, Gym and Restaurant. Looks like around a 20-25% savings over other prepaid rates online.
  13. High prices for BTV one day rental on October 18th, but PRICELINE came through at nearly 1/2 price for my National or Dollar rentals online. Avis Standard size car. Details as follows: Daily offer price:$35.00 Number of days:1 Taxes & Fees$14.36 Total charged:$49.36
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