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  1. I tried again, I see the hotel listed now when I scrolled down. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I was able to figure this out and use it yesterday for the identity of hotels in Boston. In your opinion do you think LMT is similarity priced as waiting to get a bid accepted on priceline for 4 star?
  3. As i should have before i asked, I searched and found out the answers to my questions! Thanks ! :)
  4. Hello, In your educated guesstimate is it better to bid when I am closer to the date I'm traveling then further in advance (for July) as I'm currently doing and not having sucess. I'm trying to bid on the same area (Boston downtown/ Faneuil hall historic district), my hotel dates needed is July 21-24 . I'm going to a conference and cannot risk getting a hotel too far away so I don't want to a bid in any other area in Boston. How do you think i should proceed. thanks
  5. Hi Arron, Thanks for your welcome and suggestions. It's such a bummer i booked this and my appointments changed. I've wasted $210. on stupider things in life, but it just seem so wasteful to have this booked room. I called the hotel after i won the request, and they were very pleasant and helpful when i requested the concierge floor in the new tower, a king size bed, and quiet room away from the ice & vending machines. They noted all my preferences and said they will try hard to accommodate my requests, and "look forward to my visit". They used that Regular paying customer friendly lingo. The only time she knew i was a discounted booking from price line is because i told her at the end of the conversation asking if any of my requests are jeopardized because of how i booked and the price, and she said NO. I thought Very nice for that price in DC! I'm always in hotels (business, and conferences) I was just in Atlanta over the weekend and I never have a problem using a different credit card from the one that got used for a reservation, and the names are different on my cards (maiden name for when i check in the hotel for business expenses) and I always use my married name card to reserve the room. So i will double check, and make sure that would not be an issue. Besides, from my understanding priceline does allow you to make a reservation for someone.
  6. (Dupont Circle - Woodley Park) Marriott Wardman Park Hotel Washington DC Aug 18, 19, 20 I won on Priceline $70. a night for Aug 18, 19, 20. I will accept any $$ offer since my plans have changed and I'm not going to use this booking.
  7. Is there any way to change travel dates for a hotel room I bid on. I have a Priceline hotel room for $70. a night @ Washington Marriott Wardman Park hotel (3 stars) for Aug 18, 19, 20th 2009 My appointment dates have changed, am i truly stuck! I want to call the hotel, Is there any special way to ask the hotel for a voucher to change to a future date? Do you know if it's transferable to someone else?
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