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I would like to try this method myself, with my Norwegian VISA, but there is one thing that concerns me....

Could there be any problems upon check-in at the hotel, given the fact that your ZIP code and City is not correct?

Also I'm fairly certain that they will hear that I am a non-us citizen... :)

Best Regards


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I have heard of nobody ever having a problem.

Besides, the person checking need not be the one who paid for the reservation. I could make a reservation (using my own US credit card) for a friend of mine who is non-US, and there would be no problem... as long as the name on the reservation was in the name of the person checking in.

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Hoping someone can help. Have tried this card a number of times and cannot get it to work. My requests are failing due to card being declined.

Has anyone had success with this card and if so how.

Currently I have my profile updated to show my full address in the 2 address lines, my actual city is in the city line, with CA and 99999.

Don't know what else to do, about to give up on this.

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I used CIBC Aerogold VISA card for priceline; it didn't work. I guess many others have faced the same problem. Next, I used the Citibank Mastercard and it worked. Just wanted to share this info.

I posted my full Canadian address in line 1 and line 2. For the city, state, and zip I used some random places (Maine worked for me).

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This is my first post here. I just made my first purchase on hotwire for a rental car. I have Canadian Tire Mastercard which would not work, kept directing me to verify my card and then refused it. I ended up paying with the card through Pay Pal. Got a car from Avis and saved $76 US based on their site price.


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