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  1. Thanks. I will definitely ask for help from here before bidding next time. I think it's still an OK deal anyways. I still saved about $80 and from the reviews, it seems like a nice hotel in a nice location.
  2. wanted to score the Red Lion and I think I bidded a little too low for it. Ended up with the Renaissance Seattle Hotel which from the reviews sound OK, but not as good as the Red Lion. I bidded $95 right away and priceline accepted it. This is my first bid. I was going along with the other bids posted on this site for the Red Lion and found that $95 has worked for others before. Any advise to a beginner?
  3. My TD VISA worked very well today. I took the advice and used WA for the state and 99999 for the postal code and placed my complete address in the 2 lines provided. No problems so far!!! bid was accepted and charged to my credit card already.