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  1. This is interesting. PRICELINE EXPRESS had listed Free Parking as one of the amenities for this hotel. After checking into the hotel, I came to know that parking will cost me extra at CAD 10/day. The reservation generated by PL does not show the amenities, so the hotel does not need to provide those amenities. Additionally, the staff showed me a printout showing that although they list "free parking" they also mention that they will charge for parking. I called PL. They talked with the hotel and found out that they will indeed charge me for parking. PL gave me two options: cancel and get full refund (not possible as I had already checked in) or get 20% refund of the room rate (CAD 73+73 = 29.20). They said that they will open a dispute and the process will take 10 days. This is bad as I had booked this hotel based on free parking. The location of the hotel is not ideal as it is far away from the falls. It takes 10 minutes to drive to the falls and the adjoining business district.
  2. Amenities: Indoor or outdoor pool, Restaurant, Free parking, Free Internet Guest rating: 7.0 CAN$ 73 per night Total: 167.70 Hotel fee (charged at checkout): 8.48 It is a bit strange that PL says free parking in amenities, however, on the Best Western hotel webpage it says 10 per day parking. I will email PL and clarify. Use the PRICELINE EXPRESS link. Thanks.
  3. Started the bid at USD 100, and got it at USD 120. There is a similar PRICELINE EXPRESS listing (USD 127/night) of the hotel around the same price. Total cost: USD 562.00 (2 rooms) Thanks for the help! Used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link. :)
  4. Thanks for the advice. Decided to stay near the city in Cambridge. Your guess about the PRICELINE EXPRESS was correct. Using that as a start, I thought that I should Name My Own Price. Bid on PRICELINE and I got the Le Meridien Cambridge-M.I.T.
  5. I would greatly appreciate if you could help ID these hotels: Check-in: June 14, Check-out: June 16 2 rooms Using PL express. 4* Cambridge - Harvard - MIT Amenities: Pets Allowed, Restaurant, Fitness Centre, Free Internet, Business Centre USD 127/night Guest rating: 8.0 (Guest favourite) 3* Waltham Amenities: Indoor or outdoor swimming pool, Pets allowed, Fitness Centre, Free Parking, Free Internet, Business Centre USD 85/night Guest rating: 8.0 (Guest favourite) Do you think it is a good idea to stay outside Boston downtown and save money on hotel and parking, rather than staying near downtown such as Cambridge? We will have a car and will park the car in a Boston parking garage. Or will the cost of parking (if we go in and out) nullify the savings? Thanks for your help!
  6. Can you please help ID the following 4* hotel? Looking for 2 rooms for June 14-June16 Cambridge - Harvard area 95% recommended Amenities: Free Internet, Pet friendly, Fitness Centre, Restaurant, Business Centre Accessibility: Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom USD 131/night TA rating: 4/5 Given hotels are very expensive during this weekend, I found this hotel to be reasonably priced and close to Boston downtown. I will have a car. Other option is stay out of town (e.g., Waltham) and drive into Boston. Park in a parking garage and roam the city. Hotels in Waltham are significantly cheaper. I will save about USD 250 for the weekend. Thanks for your help!
  7. I decided not to use Hotwire for booking a hotel. I used a local booking site in India. Also, I thought I should save some money and stay in a heritage building hotel costing much less than the 4* hotel.
  8. The amenities listed were: Pets allowed, Free Parking, Free Internet Guest rating: 7.0
  9. 2 rooms. 1 night. Total cost: USD 183.38 Not very excited after I saw the reviews online. It is one night only and has free parking and free Internet. Should be fine, I guess. BTW, I tried to bid for a 4* hotel. Started from 65 and stopped at 77. I had noticed the PRICELINE EXPRESS 3* hotel for USD 77. So, I thought I should save some money and book the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal instead of going any further on the bids. Used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link. Thanks.
  10. Used the PRICELINE link. Started bid from USD 40. 2 Rooms and 1 night. Total: USD 131.46
  11. Clicked on the links. The per night rate is USD 144. Thanks for your help.
  12. Please help me ID the following hotel in Udaipur India 4.5* Dec 21 - Dec 24, 2013 Facilities: Indoor pool USD 445 total stay Says 74% off original price. Thanks.
  13. I was interested in the 3* hotels in downtown or Arlington, but got this hotel instead. Priceline said we "upgraded" you, but given the poor reviews it may not turn out well for me. Commuting will be an issue, given that metro stations are not within walking distance. They offer free shuttle to airport and metro stations; hopefully, it should work out well. Used the PRICELINE link.
  14. Followed up on the the thread you mentioned. The price in USD is 78/night.
  15. Did not use Hotwire for this trip. Instead used Orbitz to book room at Nathan Hotel, HKG.
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