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  1. Started bid at 77, then 82, then 87. Thanks for the great site :-) Take care.
  2. Started at $79, offered to re-bid for $91, increased to $81, rejected, increased to $86 accepted. Total Price, including fees: $107.34 Regular price at hotel with AA discount, $141.00 plus taxes.
  3. Hotel was listed at $149 per night on website. Bid $65 first bid accepted.
  4. $62 .... 2011-01-21 One Night, accepted first bid. Off to donate!!!! Thanks. Mark
  5. 3.5* Columbus (North) Sheraton Suites, $67 ... 9/11/09-9/12/09 (1 rooms) There is a BIG Footbal game on this weekend, so this is a great price, I think. Thanks for the help. Mark
  6. 3* Renaissance Vancouver Hotel April 6, 1 night $95 1st bid accepted (I don't have a lot of time today). Took 2 rooms. Hotel listed priceis $289. Mark
  7. 4* Manhattan Jan 31/07 to Feb 3/07 Grand Hyatt $121 plus 72.49 in fees Total for 3 nights 435.49 I wanted to stay in Mid town, so that opened a lot of possible bid areas. All bids were rejected up until $121. Bids were: 101, 106, 111, 116. Hotel lists this property at $289 per night plus tax. for these days. Take care. Mark
  8. 4* Boston Downtown Hyatt Regency Jan 28, 3 nights $71 per night, 37.07 taxes and fees total price $250.07 for 3 nights. Bid 60, refused, suggested that I add $17 and rebid Added 1 zone, bid $66, refused Added 1 zone, Bid $71 accepted. Mark
  9. Toronto 2.5* Downtown $85 accepted May 24 1 night I wanted to spend a max of $120 and it HAD to be downtown. I worked up through 4* to $120, then 3* to $120 all rejected. At 2.5*, $80 rejected, $85 accepted. Best Western Primrose. INcludes free high speed access. I used SavingsBarn.com to start the process. As always, thank you for your help and service. Mark
  10. Hello; I would like some help please. I need a room in Downtown Toronto. I bid up on a 4* to $120 with no luck. I tehn re-tried on a 3* up to $110 (I could only find 2 re-bid zones. I would ideally like to: a) Keep it in downtown and :) Keep it under $120. I am willing to move down in star level, but I don't know how to do that. Thanks. Mark
  11. Bidding Successful -- Toronto 4* Hilton $96 accepted. May 2nd 2 nights Rejected bids: 61, 66, 71, 76, 81, 86, 91, 96 accepted. Total with taxes and fees US$230.64 for 2 nights, approx cdn$131 per night, over cdn$100 per night cheaper. The cheapest rate at Hilton.com was cdn$239 plus taxes per night. I used SavingsBarn to bid. Thank you for the help. Mark
  12. Hello; Could you please help with a strategy for Downtown Toronto May 2, 2 nights. I would like to pay $110 max. Thanks. Mark
  13. 3* Dallas (Arlington Grand Prarie) Hilton $65 per night 2006-03-27 to 2006-03-31 Followed instructions (thank you) and using Savingsbarn as a start, started bidding at $50, refused up until $65 accepted. $48.51 fees, etc.. Total charge 4 nights: $308.51 Thanks, now I'm off to paypal to make a donation. Mark
  14. Man oh man, I haven't been doing to well at this lately. Sorry. I've replied to the NYC post. Also, sorry for switching up the threads on this one. OK, so Hotwire has a 3* for $79 per night. It is a different hotel than the ones listed for priceline, but given that, I think that keeping it under $79 would be a good start. Thanks. Mark
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