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  1. Linked to PRICELINE via this site. Started bidding 4* Boston Downtown at $65 and kept re-bidding with new re-bid zones to $125. Won Westin Boston Harborfront $125 per night 3 nights July 6-9 Taxes and service fees $59.99, Total $434.99
  2. I haven't committed to the Springhill yet.....here's what I tried today on Priceline via SavingsBarn: 2 Rooms arriving Aug. 14 departing Aug. 18 Jersey City 3* Bid $90 - rejected re-bid with Elizabeth $95 rejected Went back in Secaucaus-Meadowlands 3* Bid $70 - rejected re-bid with Jersey City $75 rejected re-bid with Elizabeth $80 rejected Any advice for a further strategy for tomorrow?
  3. I'm getting pretty nervous at this point......I'm leaving for Cleveland tomorrow morning at 5:00 am so I won't be able to continue bidding between tomorrow and Tuesday night when I get back. If it was just my family alone to think about I wouldn't mind leaving things right to the last minute but I've got another family to think about. I would hate to lose the opportunity at the $113 rate with the Springhill Suites which requires a 14 day advance booking by waiting to try and get a little better location. Maybe I should go ahead and book that and live with the consequences. What do you think.
  4. What about Secaucus....I know there's a relatively easy commute each day via NJ Bus into Manhattan and I've heard good things about the Crowne Plaza.....what would the best strategy for getting the Crowne Plaza be?
  5. How much of a hassle would it be to just drive to the closest PATH station and park there?
  6. I have 7 people in my group and I don't want to have to do any splitting. I would certainly accept either the Courtyard at 2 1/2 * or the Candlewood Suites which I have read good things about. Why do I want to avoid staying by the airport is it the traffic? I know that the Springhill Suites is a pretty nice property and has all of the amenities that we're looking for.
  7. I've been frustrated in my attempts so far. Been bidding $90-95 hoping to get 2 rooms for 4 nights, Aug. 14-Aug. 18. I like the idea of being close to the PATH eventhough I will have a vehicle I don't want to navigate Manhattan by car. I've been using the Elizabeth re-bid zone, is that correct? I'm hoping to get the any of Doubletree, Hyatt or Courtyard. I have a "just in case cancellable" booking at the Springhill Suites Newark Airport at $154 per night although right now I could book at the non-refundable 14 day in advance rate of $113 per night. I'm tempted to do that, especially given the free parking, but I'd really like to get into the Hyatt and would be willing to pay up to $120 to get in there. Can I please get a step by step strategy. Thanks so much.
  8. Started with the Independence-Beachwood 3* $40 - rejected Added Downtown Re-Bid Zone $45 - Accepted Crown Plaza City Centre - 2 Rooms - $45.00 each, 2 nights.
  9. What is the specific re-bid zone you mentioned.
  10. Travelling to New York this summer, arriving August 14th and departing August 18th. Would like to stay in Jersey City at a 3* preferrably the Hyatt on the Hudson but would also accept Courtyard or Doubletree. Require 2 rooms for 7 people, 3 of them 18 yr. olds. Am looking for a price below $90.00 per night for each room. Would really appreciate a bidding strategy and some pointers in terms of getting the two rooms with 2 double beds. Thanks.
  11. Please note that I received a $10.00 cash reward on this reservation. Since it's my first time I'm not sure if this is normal or what but I have to send it in and they supposedly send me a check in 4-6 weeks.
  12. Thanks to your bidding strategy and the good fortune of my wife still having the Mastercard that I had told her to get rid of I got my two rooms, for two nights (plans changed), my Cdn. Visa was not being accepted. Bidding went like this: Independence/Beachwood, Airport and Airport Vicinity 3* Initial bid $40 - rejected - added Downtown re-bid $45 - accepted for the Airport Marriott on 150th St. - this hotel lists for $150 per night and up. 2 rooms X $45.00 X 2 nts = $180 + taxes and fees $36.68 - Total $216.68 Many thanks - GO BROWNS!!!!
  13. It won't accept my Canadian Visa Card, can somebody help?
  14. Yes I'd take a 2 1/2* in Independence/Beachwood and Airport Area. I wouldn't want to go lower than a 3* Downtown. So, Independence/Beachwood - looking for 3* to max. of $55 or 2 1/2 * to max. of $50. Airport area - 3* to max. of $55 or 2 1/2* to max. of $50 and Downtown 4* to max. of $60 or 3* to max. of $55.
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