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  1. Hi. I am looking to book a hotel from Aug. 24-27 and entered those dates into hotwire for a quad occupancy. A *3 in downtown came up with suite, laundary, kitchenette, and internet, for $109 (reg. price $123.48.) any idea what this is? Also, a *2 is listed with breakfast, internet and business centre. Any clue? Thanks so much.
  2. Decided to go up to $54 and it made the difference. Won Holiday Inn Harborview $54 a night, March 16-19 using savings barn. I mostly followed your strategy, although I started at $40, not $30 as I figured that was useless. (so I upped each bid from your strategy $10) Thanks for your help. This seems like a pretty good deal. Same hotel seemed to be showing on Hotwire a couple days ago for I think $77. Happy to have this taken care of.
  3. Oops... right I see my error, just because there is no 2.5 * in one area but there are higher rated hotels, I could get bumped up to 3 stars (in Miramar). The FOUR rebid zones are: East County, Escondido, National City and San Ysidro. If these bids are unsuccessful, I would then want to try to bid *3 up to $60.
  4. Okay, why don't we start with 2.5 stars. Willing to take Downtown, Coastal, Old Town and Coronado (no 2.5 stars). Will go up to $52 for this star class. Looks like there are 5 free re-bid zones. Thanks for your help!
  5. Just to clarify, in addition to downtown and coastal regions, I would also be willing to stay in old town, coronado, and mission valley (last choice) regions. I would prefer a 3 star room but am willing to go down to 2.5 and 2. Hope that helps!
  6. Hi. I am hoping to bid on a room for March 16-19 and I'm looking to find a good deal (price is the #1 factor). My preference would be to stay downtown or in the coastal region, but would consider others nearby. I am hoping to find a decent hotel for under $60/night. Willing to stay in a *2 but obviously would prefer higher quality, if possible. Hotwire is showing a *2 in Mission Valley for $45/night, so I am willing to pay a little more than that for a better area. Can someone suggest a bidding strategy, or am I too all over the place in my options? Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated! Thanks! Tracey
  7. Just wanting to report that my group of 4 has decided to rent a vacation condo instead, as we were too nervous to get stuck with a room with one bed. Thanks for the assistance anyway!
  8. Hotwire does allow for quad in your search, however not much is turning up in the results. I have not bid on priceline as the rest of my party is too concerned that we will not be able to get two beds. I just wanted to ask rpinadk a question.
  9. Hi... Just wondering how you were able to ensure 2 beds. We are four people going to Montreal and are worried that we will get stuck in a room with a king, by using Priceline and Hotwire. Hotwire seems to be showing rooms at the Sheraton for for us for next weekend too. Any help is much appreciated.
  10. Right, I haven't used priceline in a year, and forgot about this strategy. Got ya. Will report back my findings.
  11. Hi again, Just to clarify, I am only interested in the downtown zone. (as stated in my first post.) Thanks.
  12. Hi, I am looking to bid on a 3 or 4 star hotel for the above dates for DOWNTOWN area only. My maximum bid for a 3 is $80 and for a 4 - $90. Looking to start bidding tomorrow. Can you suggest a bidding strategy for getting the best rate (if possible). Thanks so much.
  13. I have another guess for you for Hotwire (does not seem to match up with your list) 2.5 stars in Montreal with Boutique Hotel Complimentary Breakfast Pool(s) Fitness Center Any guesses?
  14. What dates are you both trying for? I'm hoping to try bidding soon on the weekend of July 7, and am hoping to find something under $90 too.
  15. Okay, so I followed your bidding strategy and all bids were rejected. (Kinda surprised that we couldn't get the 3* for $60.) Anyway, I went to Hotwire and booked the Delta for $69/night. Today the price is back up to $74 to I am pleased. Thanks for your help.
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