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Newbie: It really is easy. I just tried it. I used the link you provided to Disney. I clicked on "buy" the second hotel down, 4 star @ $95 per night. Then in the browser you will see a long line, then hotel ID and the number 7266. Write this number down for any of the hotels you click on. Make sure you write the star rating and price, then the hotel ID number beside it, to help you keep track.

Then open a new tab and click on BEAV's original post with the tourico holidays link. In the browser for that link you will see another hotel ID number, delete that number and replace it with the new hotel ID, for instance 7266 like I just tried.

Bingo! The hotel on the LMT site listed as 4 star, $95 per night, hotel ID 7266 is the HILTON ANAHEIM, 777 Convention Way.

Hope that helps you out. Cut/paste and print these instructions and have them by your computer and follow them. You will get the hang of it really quickly.

Another neat trick is to click on the map. The map is usually hovering right over the hotel in the "bird's eye view." Many times you can see the hotel sign right on the hotel or try using the arrow buttons and swing around the view of the hotel until you see a sign.

Hope this helps,


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I am interested in looking at LMT. I have learned the systems for Priceline... takes research and practice.

I can not figure out how to get into Tourico's website. I get the home page, it wants user name and password. To sign up it wants a travel agent ID

Is their a different website ..

I used the links that BEAV posted but they take me to specific destinations, so Im unable to search Tourico for Mexico hotel deals.

Thank you for helping me.


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You have to click on this specific link:


It opens to the Indian Creek hotel in Miami (the url will contain the hotel ID 5256) and you are set to go from there. Just paste the opaque hotel ID from the LMT site in place of 5256 and hit enter. The opaque hotel will pop up on Turico and you'll know specifically which hotel you are bidding on in the LMT web site. Good luck!

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I am looking at booking with lastminutetravel.com for the first time. Thank you to all for the great tips on identifying opague hotels. I wanted to be sure that no one on this site has experienced trouble after booking a hotel through lastminutetravel.com. I have read several complaints about the parent group, Tourico, cancelling reservations before customers arrive at their hotels or hotels being completely booked when guest arrived (and these situations were NOT with "on request" reservations). I am looking at booking what appears to be a Ritz Carlton for an upcoming October trip. Can anyone share your experiences, either positive or negative, about using lastminutetravel.com? Thank you!!!!

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I've had nothing but great results on about 8 separate bookings in the past year. I've read others with problems, but they seem to be the typical issues that arise wherever you book on the web. I was particularly pleased because we booked hotels in Paris and Venice last summer and got great rates for the specific areas we wanted to be, and had zero issues on check-in and were treated well, despite the fact we had saved over US$100/night on best price I could find for the hotels. I have noticed that some of the LMT "deals" are actually close in price to the rack rate on the hotels own web site. I am taking a trip to Napa/Sonoma with my wife in February 2012, and booked the Hilton Santa Rosa through the Hilton web site for $107/night, no prepayment. The LMT site recently had the opaque price for the exact hotel at $110/night. Deals seem to be hit or miss, but when you hit, what a great deal! I also statyed at the Hilton O'Hare last Thursday, right on the airport property. Rack rate on the web site was $299/night. LMT had the exact room for $74, and I was upgraded because I am a Diamond VIP in the HiltonHHonors programn. Good luck!

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You have to click on this specific link:


It opens to the Indian Creek hotel in Miami (the url will contain the hotel ID 5256) and you are set to go from there. Just paste the opaque hotel ID from the LMT site in place of 5256 and hit enter. The opaque hotel will pop up on Turico and you'll know specifically which hotel you are bidding on in the LMT web site. Good luck!

Unfortunately, I did use this exact link. Pasted the Hotel ID (located after I clicked BOOK IT), and the site then comes up with a new page asking me to sign in.

I cannot seem to locate the link for "MORE INFO" on LMT site. Could someone please assist?

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I just tried accessing the www.lastminutetravel.com web site on IE from my office computer and it works fine, although the LMT web site appears to be going almost retail in its listings. I'm monitoring hotel stays in Santa Rosa, CA for the April 7-10th timeframe, and when I clicked through today on LMT it had nearly all retail properties, just a couple listings that were opaque where you could "look behind the curtain." Wish I could help more, but since my office computer often has difficulties accessing certain travel web sites, I can tell you it worked fine for me today.

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Whichever property you're viewing on LastMinuteTravel.com, jot down the hotel ID number you see in the URL address.

Then click the link below and replace the current ID number with the ID number of the property you're trying to identify.


I am drawing a blank...

The hotel I am looking at is 3.5 stars, Fort Lauderdale beach area, which comes up as $122 for my date - 12th May. The only # I can find in LMT for this hotel is 16399 but when I go to the Tourico link and insert 16399 in place of 5256 I get nothing. I am missing something.....

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I got this hotel page:

Omni Shoreham Hotel

2500 Calvert Street N.W

Dupont Circle/Kalorama

Washington DC 20008 USA

You can compare the pictures, etc.

Btw, I noticed that mobile site LMT gives up those hotels just like that. Used my iPad to browse.

And of course lots of pictures too revealing, you can see logos and even names. I wonder, is that a bug or feature? :)

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I got that too, but I am looking in Fort Lauderdale!????

I should have checked hotel ID on LMT, yours is wrong. It is Doubletree Suites by Hilton- Gallery One

2670 East Sunrise Boulevard

Fort Lauderdale Beach Area

Fort Lauderdale FL 33304 USA

You can check the photos too.

That number you had it is not a hotel ID. It is 1034450.

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Thanks to this thread i have booked numerous times using Last Minute Travel. While the hotel i used most of the time was not a mystery hotel, the rate was unbeatable. And i never had a problem with the booking. They almost always gave me a room even when it was "on request".

Recently, i booked a hotel for Scottsdale. It was a mystery hotel and when i clicked on book a car rental, they showed the hotel name in the summary page.

Also, after finding the hotel i wanted using the method in this thread, we decided to call and book. When we called and told them which mystery hotel we were interested in, they immediately told us the hotel name.

so i am thinking, this is a third method of finding out the mystery hotel name, just call and say you want to book it ( give them the description from the website ).

however, both times we called, we were on hold for a long time.

thanks again.

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Once again I have been using this site to book hotels for our vacation to Colorado and New Mexico via Hotwire and Priceline in late August early September.

After discovering this thread I decided to have a look at LMT for hotels in Albuquerque,NM (3 nights) and Santa Fe,NM.(2 nights). The information and links provided by BEAV in the first post was straight forward.

In Albuquerque I had already decided upon the Best Western Rio Grande which I know, from feedback on this site, shows up on Hotwire at $74 per night ($260.78 inc fees & taxes). LMT listed the hotel at $79 per night ($266.49 inc fees & taxes).

After encountering problems trying to book online I called LMT direct. The Sales Rep quoted a price of $263.46 inc fees & taxes. The LMT rate included continental breakfast which the Hotwire rate did not. Also the LMT rate is cancellable upto 3 days prior to arrival. Best Western quoted $351.51. with no breakfast.

The Santa Fe hotel booking was interesting. A 3* hotel near the Plaza was showing as a secret hotel at $99 for a Junior Suite.Using the Hotel ID number it turned out to be the Lodge at Santa Fe. This hotel was on my shortlist so I decided to book it.

Unfortunately I had to interrupt my session and when I logged on a couple of hours later the hotel was no longer showing on the list for Santa Fe.

I mentioned this to the Sales Rep when I called to book the Albuquerque hotel. I gave him the details I could remember of the secret hotel,(location, cost and room type) and he identified it as the Lodge at Santa Fe.

I know this hotel shows up on Priceline which would only get a standard room. The LMT total for two nights for a Junior Suite was $228.34. The hotel website was showing the total for 2 nights as $317.35. Again this rate is cancellable upto 3 days prior to arrival.

Confirmation emails for both bookings arrived in my inbox as I was talking to the rep.

Thanks to wayne99 for the previous post advising calling LMT direct.

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The link below waives the $50 membership into the LMT "Club". When you join the club, it applies an additional member's discount over the usual LMT rates you find on the regular LMT site. Also, when logged into the LMT Club, the identities of all hotels is displayed - no opaque listings. Aside from creating a username and password, nothing more is required to join the LMT club.


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