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  1. I should have checked hotel ID on LMT, yours is wrong. It is Doubletree Suites by Hilton- Gallery One 2670 East Sunrise Boulevard Fort Lauderdale Beach Area Fort Lauderdale FL 33304 USA You can check the photos too. That number you had it is not a hotel ID. It is 1034450.
  2. I got this hotel page: Omni Shoreham Hotel 2500 Calvert Street N.W Dupont Circle/Kalorama Washington DC 20008 USA You can compare the pictures, etc. Btw, I noticed that mobile site LMT gives up those hotels just like that. Used my iPad to browse. And of course lots of pictures too revealing, you can see logos and even names. I wonder, is that a bug or feature? :)
  3. I am paranoid person, :) so unless it is clearly stated that cancellation is free until someday then assume the worst. :) I've chickened out yesterday and booked at LMT. Still unconfirmed because one day (05/09/2012) was "on request". And used to be all available. You're right, I should have done it sooner. Thanks again, slruud. Btw, if you make a booking by phone, can you pay with Paypal?
  4. Ideally it would be no more that 160 per night. I would like to keep total price with taxes below 1500$. Ideally. BTW, is there any way to find out about strikes or protesters (mentioned a lot in reviews)in that area? We are travelling with small child and if something like that wakes him at 2AM I will turn into berserk instantly. Thanks again for replies, I'll do my clicking a lot.
  5. Actually, it is a great find, thank you very much. :) I will bid for couple of days more and if not lucky - book on LMT. It is cancellable but they do charge you for one night and that is something my conscience could not live with.
  6. Hello, guys and gals! It seems that I desperately need your help. :) I need 4* hotel at the Financial district and my dates are fixed, so I am stuck with Saturday check-in. Hotwire is not offering anything for those dates. It is kinda suspicious and I cant even guess price range. So I was bidding (using your links) for couple of days now, reached 178$ and still nothing. Today priceline didn't even show that "Median price in this area", usually it is 269, but today it is just empty $. Huh? Does it mean that they don't have inventory? Too early? Too late? High demand because of the Mother's da
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