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  1. Hello, I am interested in looking at LMT. I have learned the systems for Priceline... takes research and practice. I can not figure out how to get into Tourico's website. I get the home page, it wants user name and password. To sign up it wants a travel agent ID Is their a different website .. I used the links that BEAV posted but they take me to specific destinations, so Im unable to search Tourico for Mexico hotel deals. Thank you for helping me. Amy
  2. I won the Jersey City WEstin at 170$ for 09.13.11 through 09.23.11 There were some days on hotwire where no 4* price even listed Priceline rate at over 400$ too.
  3. I am of for another work trip to NJ/NY I got the Jersey Westin for 159$ Sept 11 Worked so hard to get the same the rest of the next two weeks. I believe it almost impossible to do priceline for extended stays. The day rates fluctuate so much that they do not want to lock it in.
  4. :) Im so jealous..... But very happy for you Enjoy the Westin... Jeez I paid a lot for the Hyatt.
  5. Well, I wish I would have found this forum before I bid 178$ night and got NJ Hyatt. after seeing all the crazy prices listed on Travelocity, Expedia etc of 300$ night I thought 178$ would be rejected. So I am bummed I paid so much to see others getting the Westin and W for low 100$'s. I LOOOOVE the Westins and W hotels. They are new, hip and Trendy. I never stay at Hyatts, I think of them as being old school and prob dated... And I certainly didnt know about this rezone bidding, etc. I have always been able to figure out the "top Secret" hotel and hot wire stuff by cross referencing areas, ratings and amenities. I thought I was crafty.. lol Oh well, my company pays for it. They wanted me to stay at the Sheraton Lincoln tunnel that was the same as my Priceline bid. Thats why I picked the price. I think Sheratons can be gross though....... Can someone make me feel better, besides seeing that the Hyatt NJC is going for >300$ on regular sites... ho hum.. Amy
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