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  1. Thanks to this thread i have booked numerous times using Last Minute Travel. While the hotel i used most of the time was not a mystery hotel, the rate was unbeatable. And i never had a problem with the booking. They almost always gave me a room even when it was "on request". Recently, i booked a hotel for Scottsdale. It was a mystery hotel and when i clicked on book a car rental, they showed the hotel name in the summary page. Also, after finding the hotel i wanted using the method in this thread, we decided to call and book. When we called and told them which mystery hotel we were interested in, they immediately told us the hotel name. so i am thinking, this is a third method of finding out the mystery hotel name, just call and say you want to book it ( give them the description from the website ). however, both times we called, we were on hold for a long time. thanks again.