NJ Jersey City Hyatt Regency

By blindman,

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Bargain of the century

I can't believe no-one has posted a review of this hotel!


Literally next door to the PATH train at Exchange place, FEET away. 15 mins to NYC 34th Street.

Ferry also with 1mins walk.

On its own pier jutting out into the Hudson the view of lower Manhatten will blow you away!!

Reception is on the second floor (wierd!) but the escalator will take your luugage (or the porter will)

Free shuttle to local places.

Staff efficient and friendly.

On the 9th floor there is a Ballroom. Get the elevator, walk through the ballroom to the balcony. Catch your jaw as it drops when seeing the view.

More expensive option.

Book a meal in the Vu restaurant, ask for a table with a view. Spend an evening ( and lot$$$$$) having superb food,service and view.

Room has a Queen. Internet access all the usual stuff and is very well maintained.

At $35 +taxes this is the steal\bargain of the century!

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  • 4 weeks later...

This practically new hotel, located right on the Hudson across from New York, should be dubbed the Hyatt Regency "Vu". Only the restaurant here is called Vu at the moment, but it would be a fitting title for the entire place given the dramatic views of the Manhattan skyline at every turn.

I believe all rooms have at least some sort of Manhattan view, with the best going to those on the highest floors with the lowest room numbers (which are closest to the water). The view from odd numbered rooms on the north side is of Midtown, including the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. From the even numbered rooms on the south side, you get the Financial District, as well as the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, and I believe most on this side can see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as well. (The south side rooms get substantially more sunlight.)

The rooms are good-sized, particularly by New York standards, and exceptionally comfortable. As you walk in, there's a round mirror above a very small, decorative couch, then a spacious bathroom with a particularly large curved granite countertop. The outstanding beds, very firm but not too hard, have an unusually tall headboard of nearly six feet. Across from that is the television atop a cabinet containing a refrigerator and safe. There's also a large L-shaped desk, two office style chairs, and a lounge chair with ottoman. All the wood has a rich, dark brown finish. The upper range, traditional business class decor is fused with a modern, sophisticated accent.

There's also a very attractive exercise room and pool with guess what? A great view! While working up a sweat on the treadmill, I was able to gaze at the buildings and lights of the Financial District, the Jersey City ferry going back and forth, and even the Staten Island Ferry traveling in the distance. Weight equipment is limited, but there are plenty of aerobic machines, and everything is from LifeFitness in excellent condition. The small pool isn't really adequate for lap swimming, however.

As one would expect, the Vu restaurant has a wonderful, panoramic view. The buffet breakfast that I had on a Friday was not that great, however, although the service was fine - perhaps the weekend brunch is better. Vu is on the third floor, past the lobby lounge across from registration and the handsome, stylish bar, both good places to sit and...enjoy the view!

The Exchange Street PATH station is right outside the hotel

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  • 3 months later...

Just returned from this hotel which was a discretionary trip just to 'try it out' and have first-hand experience to give/advise the board (we live about 2-3 miles from the hotel).

The hotel itself is beautiful and if you're not used to seeing the NYC Sklyine everyday you will love the view from the hotel's walkway (surrounds the hotel) as well as the view from your room.

However, as i have said in the past the area is a busy financial district during the week (often refered to as "Wall Street West") but is extremely quiet on the weekends. So quiet in fact that many restaurants and coffee places in the immediate area don't even bother to open on Saturday and Sunday.

My wife and i took a long walk on Saturday afternoon and upon returning to the hotel we sat in the lobby for a bit before heading back to the room where my wife took a nap and i watched some TV. We then took a quick swim in the pool which is a little small but served our purposes well as we just want to go in for a quick 'dip'. I was somewhat disappointed that there was no hot tub as i was really looking forward to a soak, but i guess it's a 'business hotel' and they feel they don't need it. After the swim we walked to a mexican restaurant which has a hoboken location (and we frequent often) but just opened up a branch in Jersey City. After dinner we strolled back to the hotel and relaxed a bit more. This morning we were too full from dinner to eat brunch at the hotel restaurant so we just layed in bed for awhile until packing out bags and heading home.

I called the concierge about the free shuttle mentioned in the review above but was told that no shuttle service to the immediate area existed. Not sure if they discontinued it or if it's just not available on the weekends.

Overall this is a great hotel for somebody that doesn't want to stay (or spend the money) in NYC as transportation options are convenient and plentiful, but be forewarned that on the weekends (and i imagine late nite mid-week) there is not much around and you might even have trouble finding a place to buy a cup of coffee or a soda outside of the hotel premises.

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  • 2 months later...

Just returned from one night and I echo all of the above comments regarding jaw dropping views for us lowlanders not used to the NYC skyline. Also, FWIW, valet parking at the Hotel is $30 per night but

there are nearby lots that are cheaper. In addition to being steps

away from the PATH train you are also 1/2 block away from a light

rail train station. Discovered a BJ's discount shopping club and shopping mall within a short few blocks walk that has a pretty decent food court for those folks looking to eat outside the hotel. All in all, for less than $50 per night this rates as the besthotel deal I have ever experienced! Also, front desk was courteous and very friendly and didn't seem to care I used priceline to score a cheap room!

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If you want to eat outside the hotel i have two recommendations:

The Baja: (117 Montgomery St) i've mentioned on this site before, do a search on the board... the only thing to order is the Baja Special and ask for all the shrimp to be grilled. Margaritas (on the rocks) are great too. The 'special' is $23/pp and if there are 4 or more you should order it for one less than is in your party. If you don't go for the 'special' the steak fajitas are marinated and very good.

La Conguita: corner of Grove St and Bay St (walk to the Grove St PATH station and make a right, 2 blocks down the street on the left.... 351 Grove St) This is a new find for me and the service is poor but the food is very good and very cheap that i go with the right attitude and deal with their lack of service. Empanadas for $1, Cuban, Chicken, or Steak Sandwiches for $4-5, or for a more complete meal... breaded or grilled chicken served with rice, beans, and plantains... $8!!! Their grilled chix is a little dry, but the 'chicken steak' (as they call it) is fried and very good. If you speak any spanish it will help :)

If you're thinking about going to the Neport Mall food court, La Conguita is a MUCH better choice.

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I am a local and used to live in Hoboken, which is a great, small little city with vintage/original architecture. It is also the birthplace of Frank Sinatra and some folks consider it to be the birthplace of baseball. There is a fantastic music club (Maxwell's, see maxwellsnj.com), and many restaurants and bars along Washington St., the main drag. All of this is a short walk from the Hoboken PATH station, Hoboken is only 1 mile square!

Jersey City has changed a lot and improved a lot - the area where this hotel now sits was once a vast wasteland - but Hoboken imho has far more character. Of course, with NYC right across the river, why waste your time in Hoboken, I completely understand. But, thought I'd offer this as an alternative to people thinking about going to the *mall* for food.

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Regarding the Baja mentioned above:

I have arranged for BetterBidding members who are staying at a nearby hotel to get 10% off of their meal.

Additional info can be found here: 10% OFF at The Baja in Jersey City

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  • 3 months later...

Just returned from a two night stay at the Jersey City Hyatt. I could not have been happier with our experience at this hotel. We arrived quite early, about 8:30 am, to check-in. A gentleman at the front desk apologized because our room was not available yet, which we expected, but did a "pre-check-in" so that when we returned we would only need to pick up our key. I asked him if he had us in a double or a king room, and he told me that I could have whichever I preferred. We checked our bags and headed for the city. At 3:00 pm, we returned and picked up our key from the same gentleman.

The room was above my expectations. It was clean, modern, and spacious. The king bed was super-comfortable, and the giant desk was also a plus. (High speed internet is available for $9.95 for 24-hours.) The city view was especially beautiful at night. I was also quite pleased with the size of the bathroom, which was large by any hotel standards.

The PATH station is literally twenty steps from the lobby door. Another 6-7 minutes ride to the WTC station. This was actually more convenient than I expected, except the morning that we had to catch a 7 am plane at Laguardia. We must have arrived at the PATH station just minutes after one train left, because we waited twenty-five minutes for the next train. I was halfway expecting the wait, though, since I had read several posts addressing this. In my opinion, no big deal; a small price to pay for my $38 room.

On Monday, Dec 20, NYC experienced their coldest day yet this winter. The wind chill factor was -3 F. Wow, being from Atlanta, my husband and I have never felt cold like this!! We were literally numb from head to toe! But you guys have a beautiful city, and I am so glad I was able to take advantage of such a bargain at the Jersey City Hyatt. I would totally recommend this hotel for couples, singles, and families who want to visit the city without going broke. The room was great, the service was friendly, and the view is stunning. We enjoyed our trip, and look forward to visiting again very soon.

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  • 1 month later...

I am not an expert in this area. I was just there a week ago for the first time. The hotel valet parking was about $31 per day. The hotel did not mention anything about the hotel self parking at $15. I did find a self-parking lot at $15 a day, but that was by the day. So coming in on one day and checking out the next day was $30. The parking attendent was helpful enough to suggest that the lot is open on Sunday. So no need to pay for two days. I checkded in on Friday, checkded out on Saturday and got away by paying for one night of parking at $15.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Just came back from my stay at the Hyatt Regency Jersey City.

First of all - it was really a steal and I don't want to complain about anything. Just some remarks:

It is not true that every room has a view of Manhattan (either the South or the North). There are some rooms which do have no Manhattan view at all due to the non-rectangle shape of the building. On the right side of the hotel, there is some kind of ledge which prevents the rooms in the landward half of the hotel from viewing Manhattan. All you can see from those rooms is Ellis and Liberty Island.

I called the hotel ahead and asked to be put on an upper floor - which I got but with the drawback mentioned above. So make sure to ask for a room with Manhattan view explicitly. Unfortunately, they had no other non smoking rooms available so I couldn't move. I imagine the nightly view of Midtown must be breathtaking.

Checking in was smooth, Priceline was mentioned but not with a negative attitude.

Rooms are OK, especially compared with NYC.

Public transportation is easy, the only drawback is that the unlimited ride MetroCard (which btw. has increased to $24 yesterday) is not valid on PATH trains (but the pay-per-ride card is), but hey - investing $3 a day pp. to get from and to that bargain is still more than just affordable. The PATH station at the WTC site is HUGHE (I wonder for what reason) and you have to walk quite a distance, especially if you have to reach i.e. the A or C train.

If you should have booked a rental car with Hertz - the location is in the same parking garage as the parking lot for the Hyatt (I mention this because I had problems to find it w/o asking someone of the hotel staff. The small booth is not visible from the outside and there is no Hertz sign.

Will definitely stay there again.

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The Jersey City Hyatt is indeed a remarkable deal and coming home at night to that glittering view is wonderful. I have these two comments to add:

Although it is a four minute PATH ride to NY, you are in a different state and long distance telephone rates are in effect. We made three short calls to NY, one of which was a voice mail pick up that cost $10. The total phone bill came to more than $50. We pleaded ignorance and they very kindly eliminated the charges. A local prepaid long distance phone card is probably a good idea.

We took a shuttle from the hotel to LaGuardia @ $35 each. After going flat out for six days, it was a relief to not to worry about PATH connections. (By the way it was quite sobering to find the PATH train runs right through the hollowed out ruins of the WTC site)

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Just got back from the trip to NYC. Staying at Hyatt on the Jersey side was the best experience. It's a steal fro the price I bidded for ($47 a night). The PATH train that is right next door from the hotel will take you to WTC station in less than 5 minutes. The hotel room was very nice and the view was spectacular. I could not get the room with a full Manhattan view, but was able to get the one on the 8th floor with partial view of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty ... GREAT VIEW. I had a great time there.

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  • 1 month later...

Just a few points to add from my recent stay (23-29 Apr 2005).

Room was exactly as described above regarding fittings - but some items are now starting to turn just a little shabby through wear & tear in places (eg the bed covering had three small holes that looked like they were probably cigarette burns). This room was on the second floor, with the Midtown view.

Reservation was described as pre-paid at check-in, not Priceline explicitly.

Only ate breakfast in the restaurant - yes the buffet is a bit overpriced at $16.50, but there is enough there to stoke up for most of the day. This price looks a bit lower than some other reviews I've seen, but this may either be a genuine reduction or the others were considering the total price. Staff very attentive in the restaurant and elsewhere.

Wired internet is still $9.95. I could also pick up the wireless network from the lobby one floor up. Daily rate is the same, but there is an alternative plan of $3.50 for 15 minutes and 10c per minute after that. Might suit people just doing a quick e-mail check etc. Wireless reception varied from good to weak so probably wouldn't be available in a floor further away from the lobby.

All in all a steal for $51 a night - a price that may now be in the past, but may yet come back.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hyatt Regency on Hudson River four day stay was excellent. Arrived at about 7:15 AM on Friday May 6 and was immediately given a room facing South. View was of Southern tip of Manhatten, Statue of Liberty and V. Narrows bridge, a magnificant view. Saw fireworks over Liberty Park one night. Enjoyed hotel swimming pool one evening after heavy walking!

Never ate at hotel or wandered around NJ at all. Ate all dinner meals in NYC in financial district. I recommend Frances Tavern and Giovanni's Atruim restaurants. Access to NYC midtown/uptown was best using Path to WTC and then E or C subway uptown. Used E to get to Penn Station (Amtrak) on way out of NYC because it is closer than using Path to 33rd. Path to WTC takes only three minutes, five seconds. Found that use of Path to 33rd from hotel was terribly crowded even up to 10 AM.

Arrived in NYC at PA Bus depot 6:20 AM, used E subway to WTC and Path to get to hotel. Purchased 7-Day Metrocard in bus terminal and 20 ride Path pass in Path station and the two of us used exactly 20 path rides!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Self-park is in a building down the street - so I felt pretty comfortable about leaving the car overnight. Walk to self-park is approx. 5 min and IMO is well-lit and safe. Suggest getting instructions on how self-park works on check-in. Parked 8 days from May 20-28 and paid $120 via my AMEX credit card. :)

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  • 1 month later...

Just returned from a 2night stay at an incredible price of $48 per night.

Prior to our stay here, we spent 3 nights in Manhatten so it was good to get a different perspective . The view from our room towards the Statue of Liberty was great and we loved seeing the boats and water taxis coming in and out of the dock. We thought it really interesting to be in this area which was described by staff as being the "New Financial District".

Our room was looking a little tired and could have done with some new carpeting and bed linens but I"m not complaining.!

We found the staff to be pleasant and had no problem getting a non smoking room. We had drinks and a sandwich in the Vu Bar one evening and loved the View and the ambience.

We are glad that we stayed here but also glad that we had spent the first 3 nights of our trip at the Hilton New York as we found the Path plus the Subway to midtown did take up quite a bit of time (only 3 minutes to the financial district of course). We went to the Theatre on our last night in NJ and rushed out because we didn't want to be after 11pm when the Path becomes less frequent. Of course if we were a bit younger, (We're retirees!) with lots of energy we probably woudn't have cared at all.

We were due to leave NY from Penn Station but discovered that our train went via New Jersey Penn. so we were able to change our tickets and had a really easy trip from the Hyatt to the Amtrak station .

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Stayed here 3rd-5th July, though this time had to pay $77per night :)

Checked-in at 13:00 with no problems. Asked for a high level even numbered room and was given room 710.

This was almost on the front corner and gave a good view of Statue of Liberty and downtown Manhattan.

Room was spotless, staff very friendly and concierge gave me a plan of Jersey city + a list of the restaurants in the area.

Used Theruare's recommendations for bars and Restaurants in Hoboken (again) and was not disappointed.

Bumped into some friendly locals at the Texas Arizona bar :)

Watched the 4th July fireworks from the pier (Access to the ballroom floor 9 was restricted) at the front of the hotel,not too crowded, then went to our room to watch the last 15 minutes, could see 2 locations.

Could only get a 12:30 'late' checkout, had asked for 14:00.

Took the PATH train to WTC and then the E subway + airtrain to JFK, cost $8.50 ea and took about 11/2 Hrs. with not too much hassle with two suitcases.

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Your review almost matches mine lol.

Anyway, we stayed for $78/night from June 24 to Jul 8 (two weeks) - so hey you would have been there too mr! And we were on the same floor as you, and in the same place for the fireworks lol


Firstly, I was very impressed by the hotel. To get to the hotel, we too the Airtrain to the last stop from JFK, then took the E Subway to the WTC, and then got the PATH across (either PATH train stops at Exchange Place), then it was just directly opposite the path door in to the hotel!

First thoughts of the hotel were great. The doormen continually open the door for you on entering, and will take any luggage you have to your room on request, though we denied this, since we could manage to take it up the escalator. We had used 1800-CHECKIN at JFK, so we just had to pick up our electronic keycard. We were on room 718 (so a few doors down from you!).. It was odd though, I guessed at the phone on checkin we would be at room 718, simply because I looked at the phone number on the public telephone, and considering it was in Queens, it was (718)- XXX XXXX.. and I was like "hmm.. 718", ironic huh!

Anyway, the room was very nice and spacious. Had two double beds, with headrests, 3 pillows, and very very comfortable duvets. Each room has an electronic safe, fridge, coffee maker, cable TV with on-demand movies, closet with iron and ironing board, telphone and individual climate control. The bathroom was also very nice and clean, with a bath, nicely rounded basin area, and, suprise suprise, a toilet lol. The house keeping ensured all the amenities were replaced every day too, and we always gave a standard gratuity of $2/day.

The Vu restaurant was also very nice, but a little pricey for two Irish visitors, so we just got the odd drink or two there and enjoyed the.. well, view, which was spectacular! Our room had an amazing view too, of Lower Manhattan (Downtown, Financial District and Battery Park City), and of Liberty. We got a good view of the July 4 fireworks from the Sundial area in front of the hotel too, where we could see all 7 of the shows. There is also a pier to the side of the hotel, where a lot of people gather during the day, whether to chat, to sleep, to sunbathe, or to eat.

In terms of shopping, there is a small Mall beside the hotel too. We got the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail up to Pavonia-Newport, which is directly beside a large shopping mall with a movie theatre which was useful in the evenings (and to see War of the Worlds when it came out!). The Light Rail is now up to $1.75 a trip, $3.50 return, up from the $1.50/$3 it was at the beginning of my stay.. think it changed around the 6th of July or so? The PATH literally takes 2mins to Ground Zero, where the E train can take you literally anywhere around Manhattan.. it's a great line. You can stop at 42nd St, to be right in the heart of everything in Times Square, or simply walk around and explore the bargains in Century 21 opposite the PATH station at Ground Zero. Staff were also very friendly, and like yourself (above), we too were only granted an extension to 12.30, which we accepted.. but ended up leaving at 11 anyway, so we left our luggage with the staff who curteously marked it for us and stored it until we returned with our ticket number.

In terms of food, there is an excellent restaurant directly opposite the hotel, in what looked like a financial building (the one directly opposite the PATH). It's called Rosie Radigans, and their prices are VERY reasonable, portions are very large, and service is great. They also offer a very cheap take-out service, which is useful in the evenings.. but they are only opened in the weekdays. If you go, tell them the two (girl and guy) from Ireland told you about them!! It really is a wonderful place, and even has a bar too

We also took the light-rail down to the Liberty Science Museum which was nice, and has an IMAX theatre which was a very good experience I have to admit.. I enjoyed the 'Mystery of the Nile' movie a lot!

With prices gradually going down again for this property, I would HIGHLY recommend it. You can't get any better of a deal for this quality of hotel anywhere else in the area. It is just ideally located, the staff and rooms are wonderful too. I took a picture or two with the camera when we arrived of the room, and have some of the view etc which I will upload to Real Hotel Photos once they are developed and I scan them in. I do think the walls may be slightly thin though, I dont know.. but I could have swore I heard a couple 'at it' on July 4th night above our room.. and we could hear a wedding party one night, but it's nothing too loud that will disturb your sleep!

Wonderful place, enjoy your stay!!


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  • 1 year later...

Stayed (again) Thursday 24th August - Sunday 28th August 2006.

Checked-in at 15:00 asked for a high floor near the river, got Room numer 823.

This gives the uptown view from the window, Empire State building etc.

On reflection this high floor may not be the best as it is under the ballroom and airconditioning units. Luckily no function in the ballroom though we could hear the A\C on the Friday night.

Did not eat in the Hotel at all this time, used the gym though, pool is very small, only has 3ft depth.

Usual high standard of furnishings, decor throughout the hotel, staff very friendly and helpful.

Could only get a 'late' checkout of 1pm on the Sunday.

PATH was inconvenient on this visit due to (assumingly) weekend maintenance on both Saturday and Sunday. We waited 30 minutes for a train to WTC on Saturday (should only be 15 max). Sunday we were luckier and caught a train quickly. Worth getting a schedule from the station to time the departures.

Also on the weekend it's less convenient to get into Hoboken (should you wish to meet friends :) ) as there is no direct train.

All in all another pleasant, cheap stay.

I'l be back :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Stayed 24-27th August (sorry Blindman - too much to see but mainly too disorganised to fit that beer in).

We managed our entire 11 night holiday through PL and this was undoubtedly the best deal. Our second best PL deal ever in fact.

A very nice hotel - I've seen a few comments about it looking a bit shabby but thought everything was nicely up together, quiet and clean. Nice big King bed, and complimentary half-bottle of Chardonnay in the room - what's that all about? Oh and the view :) - yes it does appear all the King rooms look towards midtown, but downtown is just as spectacular.

To/from the hotel was a minor inconvinience, but well worth it for the saving, and I'm sure a nicer room than we'd have got in Manhatten. PATH was efficient and safe; in the end being on holiday we always took a $15 cab from midtown to WTC and went from there as the midtown PATH was a bit convoluted. Just to re-iterate though: we'd decided to get a cab from Grand Central to the hotel but hadn't really taken in the fact cabs will negotiate a special rate for this (outside NYC limits) and will want $50-60. In the end we took a cab to WTC and then the PATH. Not fun with luggage at the end of a long day, but okay. Didn't fancy repeating at the end of our holiday so moved to a EWR flight ($40 in a towncar seemed reasonable).

We ate at Vu on our late arrival and enjoyed it very much. Great view, interesting menu and reasonable price for a hotel restaurant with the setting. They were also offering a free glass of wine or dessert with an entree. :)

Another thing to stress (be aware rather than fear): I know it's been said but the area is deserted at the weekend. Nowhere to grab breakfast, but Vu will do you a take-out coffee and muffin for $5-6 (not a bad option to "eat in", vs. the $22 buffett).

All in all, a great hotel for a break, and a great deal for New York. What more could you ask for. Thanks BB!

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  • 1 year later...

We had a 4 night stay at this hotel in May 2008, and were not disappointed in the least here! Things started off quite well when we arrived on a Monday morning at 11:00 am, expecting to just be able to park our bags. Since this was a Priceline booking, we expected nothing more than being told that our room was not ready. Instead, the desk clerk told us the room we wanted (non-smoking king) was available immediately, and we headed straight up to our 5th floor room. There was a decent view of the lower tip of Manhattan from our room, but no matter, as we went outside to see a wonderful view of the New York City skyline.

As I mentioned, the location of the hotel was fabulous. The proximity to New York was perfect, as the hotel is located literally right next door to the Exchange Place PATH station, which is only one stop away from the World Trade Center PATH terminal in Manhattan. It's also ideal if you fly into EWR, and you can take the Skytrain to the EWR train station, a NJ Transit train to Newark Penn Station, and PATH to the hotel. For under $10 a person, you can get to the hotel very cheaply. You're also just a few more steps away from the LRT line that takes you to some of the other places in Jersey City and Hoboken.

The room itself was quite spacious, and likely twice the size of a comparable Manhattan room. Our king-bed suite had a huge desk and sitting area, and we did not at all feel crowded. The room was kept clean, the bathroom was nicely sized and clean, and the housekeeping staff earned the tips we left them.

The only problem we encountered was that we had a room that was adjoined to another one, and we could clearly hear through the door our neighbour loudly complain to the front desk about all the supposed inadequacies in her suite. Luckily for us, the hotel staff moved her out that suite, and we encountered no other issues noisewise other than people talking in the hallway.

Proud to be Canadian!

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  • 9 months later...

My fourth (and possibly last :) stay) March 20th 2009

The room has been upgraded a little with an large LCD TV and shinier faucets etc.

The gym has been revamped with the treadmills now facing away from the view!

Nice touch were the free headsets to use with the equipment.

Staff as usual superb. View as usual superb!

One minor point now.

On a weekend the only place one can get to on the PATH ticket easily is WTC. To get to 33rd St you have to go via Hoboken (no change of train) which adds 15 mins to the 5 minute journey.

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