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  1. Play your money, take your chances. Using the Bidding Helper tool, on Priceline Express, there was a match for the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge for $166/night, which I was looking for. I thought I would see if I could get it at a lower price through the NYOP window, and bid at $140. Was countered at $165, which I figured was the Marriott anyway. Turned that down, and using one rebid zone, I won the Even Hotel at $145. All in, it was $362.26, and the Even's site was $383.72, so I saved $21 if I had booked conventionally. Ah, I needed a room anyway, so I'm not that disappointed. The hotel is still priced right, and I can save my Marriott points for another time and get an idea of what this hotel is like for the next time I come to New York.
  2. I was targeting this hotel, because I am using my Marriott Bonvoy benefits to stay here for 6 nights prior to looking at these dates. Using the Bidding Helper tool, I saw a potential match for the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge at $166, with the following amenity set: Business Center, Restaurant, Indoor Swimming Pool, Free Internet, Indoor or Outdoor Pool, Fitness Center, Free Internet in public areas I tried the NYOP link to see if I could chisel the price down a little more. I started the bidding at $140, and was countered at $211. Using rebid zones, I went up to $155 without any luck, then decided I would take the the Express Deal. The all-in price for this 2 night stay was $467.76 after using the board's PRICELINE link and using the site's 5% Priceline Coupon. The Marriott was offering a prepaid stay for $861.89, so I saved 45.7% going this route.
  3. Yes, this is the first leg of the journey. Got too many moving parts still to cover the remaining legs. Once I have more clarity, I'll cancel my conventional bookings and keep you updated on well I play the game.
  4. Saw a match for this hotel on Priceline Express for $92/night, and a match for $95/night on Hotwire. Using the PRICELINE links from this website, I was taken to the NYOP page, and decided to see how low I could go since I had a floor price. Started the bidding at $80, and was countered at $101. Using my rebid zones, I raised my bid by $3 until I was hit at $89. Including taxes and $10 travel insurance, the total amount charged for 2 nights is $227.08. The Westin's website offered a prepaid room for the same dates for $449.55, so there was a savings of 49.5%.
  5. After clicking on the site's HOTWIRE link, choosing the 2 bed option for the suite, I booked this hotel. It was indeed the Avenue of the Arts Hotel. Here's the final amenity set: Amenities: Resort, Free Internet, Pet friendly, Boutique hotel, Airport shuttle, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Golf nearby Accessibility: Accessible for visually impaired, Accessible for hearing impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking, Roll-in shower All in, and including trip insurance, the cost of the room was $422. I checked on the Starwood website, and the lowest price available for this room was $545, so savings of approximately 29%. Here's hoping my Platinum Starwood status gets me some of the requisite perks.
  6. So I'm needing a hotel where two beds are a must, since my roommate doesn't want to share a bed with me. Looking on Hotwire, there's this listing with the following amenities: Free Internet, Airport shuttle, Boutique hotel, Fitness center, Pet friendly, Pool(s), Resort, Restaurant(s), Smoke-free rooms, bed choice 4.5/5 Tripadvisor rating, with 101-300 reviews I'm thinking this is the Avenue of the Arts Hotel, which would be ideal for us seeing as how we are attending a wedding and reception that is literally being held next door. Does the board concur?
  7. In doing some research for a split bid, I came across what seemed to be a familiar hotel for me. Given the pricing for the dates and that prices offered have been a little higher than historical averages, I didn't think I was going to get anything better. For the July 27 - August 1 time frame, I came across a listing for the Lower East Side for a 4* for $151/night with this amenity set: Free internet, Fitness Center, No Smoking, Pets Allowed, Restaurant Surmised that this was the Wyndham Garden Chinatown, and since I'm traveling solo (and no whining spouse complaining about having to pack up and move), I can make a hotel switch after my first three nights there. After applying the 5% Better Bidding Priceline Coupon and taking the $5 nightly trip cancellation insurance, the all in cost was $925.15. After hitting the button to buy the room, it was indeed the Wyndham Garden Chinatown. The lowest all in price on the Wyndham hotel site for a prepaid room was $1231.85, so I saved about 25%. Onto looking for a room the first three nights. Booked using the site's PRICELINE link.
  8. Yotel is a not an option because of the daily resort or facilities fee. I'm also trying to stay with a hotel that has at least a 4* rating on Tripadvisor, and I really don't enjoy the east side from midtown up, so Shoreham is out. Splitting my bid is an option, but I'll give it another week or so before I seriously consider that. I'm getting too old to want to schlep with my bags through the subway more than arrival and departure.
  9. When I pulled up the PL option again today on my iPad app, it showed that deal had sold out. The Holiday Inn-LES would not be my first choice, given all the traffic that comes with the Williamsburg Bridge, and the lack of a PRICELINE EXPRESS subway option to midtown via the F subway line without transferring. I can live with the EVEN Brooklyn, but would rather find something in Manhattan at the same approximate price point without being in the FiDi. I'll keep lurking.
  10. Forgot all about this thread. We wound up booking conventionally for this trip because of the need for a guaranteed two bed suite, and the opaque options weren't suitable for our needs. Thanks!
  11. Pretty sure I've got the EVEN Hotel Brooklyn here. Hotwire Hotel: 4* Downtown Brooklyn 7/24/18-08/01/18 Amenity set: Free Internet, Business center, Fitness center, Pet friendly, Restaurant(s), Smoke-free rooms 4.5* rating on Tripadvisor, 301-500 reviews. Think I've nailed this one?
  12. Thinking this might be the Holiday Inn - LES, which hasn't been reported to the board on a Priceline Express basis. On Hotwire, it looks like a match at $175. I first thought it may be the Wyndham Garden Chinatown, but they were offering a king bed, or bed choice assigned at check in, which based on past stays there, wasn't an option. There was some thinking it could also be the NobleDen, but there isn't a restaurant on site. Does the board agree with this analysis? Business Center, Restaurant, Free Internet, Fitness Center, No Smoking Rooms/Facilities, 8+rating
  13. Yes, these work. It wasn't until I looked again that I agreed with your hypothesis the Wall St hotel was the Holiday Inn. Was just doing some preliminary research. Will be booking closer to the year end. Thank you!
  14. Looking for the dates Jan 17-21, 2018, I came across this listing for 4 star hotel in Lower Manhattan in the Downtown-Wall Street zone. It was listed at $73/night, with the following amenities: Business Center, Restaurant, Free Internet, Fitness Center, No Smoking Rooms/Facilities 7+ rating, and 500 verified guest reviews. Thinking this is the New York Marriott Downtown. Agree?
  15. In case anyone is looking out for this hotel, it was recently rebranded as the Marriott City Centre Hotel.
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