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  1. Thanks and I will also use BB when I go for 3 rooms in Key West in the near future. P.S. La Isla in Hoboken was featured tonight on the Food Network on the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. ;)
  2. Started the bidding for a 3.5* in Zone 11 at $39.00, Not Accepted Added Zone 10, $40, Not accepted Added Rebid Zone 1, $41, Not accepted Added Rebid Zone 5, $42, Not accepted Added Rebid Zone 7, $43, Not accepted Added Rebid Zone 9, $44, Not accepted Added Rebid Zone 14, $45 ... Congrats, BID ACCEPTED for $45.00 + 13.24 (taxes + fees) = $58.24 :D 3.5* Doubletree By Hilton Orlando At Seaworld 10100 International Drive Orlando, FL 32821 Hotel is for one night only to be near the airport for the trip home. I accepted the offer to add a rental car to my hotel win, changed the itinerary dates for the car to include 8 days, scored a Full Size car at the Orlando Airport with Budget for $100.31 per week + $14.00 for the extra day and with taxes & fees, $177.26 all in.
  3. Ruffian, If you are only interested in finding a room for the night near the intersection of Interstates I24 and I75, this is a good option. If you are a tourist to the Chattanooga area, look at the post for the Reid House or any other 3,3.5,4 * property in downtown zone. Regards, Keoni
  4. $65 bucks per night puts you in Downtown. This Hotel has two parts, an Historic tower (dates back to service days as a Union Army Hospital during the Civil War) and a much newer part you will most likely be staying in. This is a great deal for the price!!!!
  5. Began bidding in Airport Zone (4) at $55 for 4* Not Accepted added rebid zone $60.00 Not Accepted added rebid zone $62.00 Not Accepted, requested I add $20.00 and rebid... No, thanks! added rebid zone $65.00 Not Accepted added rebid zone $70.00 Not Accepted added Hollywood $72.00 Whoo Pee!!! ACCEPTED!!! :) Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port Hotel 1825 Griffin Rd Dania, FL 33004 954-920-3500 Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $72.00 (USD) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Guests Per Room: 2 Number of Nights: 1 Room Subtotal: $72.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $16.18 (USD) Total Room Cost: $88.18 (USD) Regards, Keoni :)
  6. So, the bottom line is when your bidding process says you will be shown the price and all the taxes and fees on the next page, it is only the fees PRICELINE is charging you, not what the hotel may add on after the fact. You should be willing to live with whatever a hotel decides to add on after you arrive and this will be between you and the hotel because the bidding page gives you a generic warning that other fees may be charged by the hotel. Caveat Emptor!
  7. You both have missed the point. The purpose of this trip means I will spend most of my time AWAY from the hotel. I was seeking a property in the downtown area for a central location and 4*'s to increase the chance of getting a good quality property. The URL for this CONDOMINIUM R E S O R T is www.naplesbayRESORT.com. The title on the main hotel website is NAPLES BAY RESORT. When you click on the website tab "about us" the first sentence begins: Naples
  8. The title of the property is "NAPLES BAY RESORT " When checking this property's website they state there is a daily Resort Fee but I could not find anywhere on the website what that fee might be... I emailed Priceline for confirmation that there are no RESORTS in the Naples Zone, and that this property IS contracted as a 4* and not a resort and would breach their contract if they charged a Daily Resort Fee. So far the reply has been to provide the standard fine print that indicates once bid... no refunds, etc... I clearly understand the bidding process and that if I was bidding on a 4* and a Resort was also available in that zone, I might be upgraded to the resort, but that is clearly not the case here. Any guidance would be appreciated as once you arrive and the hotel asks for the Credit Card, if this isn't resolved beforehand, we're stuck.
  9. Previously bid several times for a 4* using low bids with $10.00 per night bonus cash from PRICELINE. Started bidding at $55 and using re-bid zones increased by $2 each bid and ending at $75.00 + $10.00 (bonus) = $85.00 <===== Not accepted 10/22/2010 Bid 4* Zone 8, Naples Central $70.00 + $10.00 (Bonus) Not Accepted re-bid Zone 1, $75 + $10, Not Accepted. re-bid Zone 2, $80 + $10, Not Accepted. re-bid Zone 3, $81,+ $10, Not Accepted. re-bid Zone 4, $82 + $10, Not Accepted. re-bid Zone 5, $83 + $10, Not Accepted. re-bid Zone 6, $84 + $10, Not Accepted. re-bid Zone 7, $85 + $10, =========> CONGRATULATIONS, BID ACCEPTED ! ! ! :) Naples Bay Resort 1500 Fifth Avenue South Naples, FL 34102 239-530-1199 $85.00 + taxes/fees $14.03 = $99.03 X 4 nights = $396.12 :) Aloha, Keoni :o
  10. Bid 3.5* Zone 9, Orlando Airport - $35.00 Not Accepted re-bid Zone 3, $37, Not Accepted. re-bid Zone 6, $39, Not Accepted. re-bid Zone 8, $40, Not Accepted. re-bid Zone 12, $41, Not Accepted. re-bid Zone 13, $42, Not Accepted. Used all the "re-bid" zones and decided to keep going added Zone 10, $43, Not Accepted. added Zone 11 $44, ===>> C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!! Accepted your bid! :) $44.00 + taxes/fees $13.11 = $57.11 Rosen Plaza 9700 International Drive Orlando, FL 32819 407-996-9700 I love this Betterbidding!!!! Aloha, Keoni :)
  11. Bid 3* Zone 3 Downtown, $51, Not Accepted, PL said to add $15 and bid again, I said No thank you. :) Bid 3* added Zone 2, $55, Not Accepted. Bid 3* added Zone 4, $58, Not Accepted. Bid 3* added Zone 5, $60, Not Accepted. Bid 3* added Zone 6, $61, ===>> C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!! Accepted your bid! :) $61.00 + taxes/fees $18.03 = $79.03 Sheraton Read House Hotel 827 Broad Street Chattanooga, TN 37402 423-266-4121 I love this Betterbidding!!!! Aloha, Keoni :o
  12. Started with 4 * and Zone 10: Seaworld - International Drive - Convention Center Began bidding at $55, not accepted added rebid zone 9 $60, not accepted added rebid zone 4 $65, not accepted added rebid zone 5 $67, not accepted added rebid zone 6 $68, not accepted added rebid zone 7 $69, not accepted added rebid zone 8 $70, ACCEPTED!!! :) Renaissance Orlando 3 nites x $70 = $210 + Taxes/Fees $37.26 = $247.28 Renaissance Orlando At Seaworld 6677 Sea Harbor Drive Orlando, FL 32821 Asked if I wanted to add a Rental Car. I bid $9 per day for a Compact, not accepted. Rebid at $11 per day for an Economy, ACCEPTED! :) Alamo Rent A Car $11 x 8 days = $88 + Taxes/Fees $69.20 = $157.20 I love BB. Aloha, Keoni :o
  13. Started process via PRICELINE link here on Betterbidding. Bid 3.5* Orlando Airport (MCO) $45.00 Re-bid Zone 1 $50.00 Re-bid Zone 2 $55.00 ACCEPTED! $55.00 x 2 (nights) = $110.00 + $22.68 (Taxes & Fees) = $132.68 Florida Hotel And Conference Center 1500 Sand Lake Road Orlando, FL 32809 407-859-1500 :) Checked hotel reviews from Priceline and many, many complaints that this hotel is a $27 or $30 taxi ride from the airport and also hits folks up for a daily resort fee of $11.00. Reviews are very mixed making this a crap shoot at best.
  14. :) WOO HOO! Another one bites the dust... Da Dah, Another one bites the dust! Used the PRICELINE link and bid as follows: Resort bid for Zone 1 $60 Nadda added re-bid Zone 2 $61 Nope added re-bid Zone 3 $62 Try Again added re-bid Zone 4 $63 Still going added re-bid Zone 5 $64 Not done yet added re-bid Zone 6 $65 I'm goin for it added re-bid Zone 7 $66 Still plenty of re-bids added re-bid Zone 8 $67 Yippy Ky Yay! Your bid accepted for the Hyatt Grand Cypress Goin to DISNEYWORLD! Regards, Keoni :)
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