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  1. Hi again! It's been a while! I'm looking at a 4-star ESB zone hotel on Hotwire for 7/24-7/27 for $157. The amenities listed are... Boutique Restaurant Business center Self-service Laundry Internet I can't seem to match it to any on the list. Any idea? Maybe 70 Park Avenue? Thanks! April
  2. Piretta, just to clarify, there are not 19 "rebid" zones. I think dahammer was pointing out that there are 19 zones total. Your only rebid zones are those that only have 3.5 star and below. Feel free to confirm which zones are actually rebid zones here on the board. That's a very important concept, and one that you should be sure of before bidding!
  3. Actually, and please correct me if I'm wrong, thereuare, this has been reported in this thread as the Intercontinental Buckhead. It's not listed as a customer favorite, but don't those change quite frequently?
  4. First bid of $70 hooked the Intercontinental. We stayed here this time last year and loved it. This has to be one of the best values in Atlanta. Price on the hotel's website was $179. Taxes and fees brought my total to about $87.
  5. There is truly no way to target a specific hotel in any bidding zone, but especially one like Downtown where several hotels are reported regularly.
  6. There is no way to absolutely avoid the Sheraton, as it has been reportedly won in at least one 4* Downtown bid. If you could not be satisfied with ALL the hotels on the hotel list, you should reconsider using Priceline's Name Your Own Price product.
  7. Priceline wins are non-refundable. Very few, if any, have had luck otherwise. This reiterates the need to check and double check info before clicking "Buy My Hotel Room." Also, please post your win in the appropriate forum.
  8. You'll love this hotel. My husband and I spent one night there January 2005, and they were very good to us, despite our cheap Priceline reservation. The hallways and common areas show a little wear, but our room was comfortable and attractive. Enjoy your stay!
  9. My husband and I are going to NYC in June for a three-day getaway. This will be our second time in the city. I'm looking for suggestions for a good steakhouse to have dinner at before we see Beauty and the Beast! We are staying at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, so a restaurant in close proximity to our hotel would be nice. We are looking to spend no more than about $50pp. This trip is a little out of the ordinary for us, as we didn't bid on Priceline for our room. We won a sweepstakes drawing, so our airfare and accomodations are taken care of! Now I've just gotta find somewhere nice to eat! Thanks for all your suggestions! April
  10. It's unfortunate that you are so unhappy with your assigned hotel. However, this is the risk that one takes when using Priceline's opaque service. A standardized rating system doesn't exist, so the only standards Priceline must conform to are their own: 3 Star hotels will have the following amenities: Remote Control TV with Premium Channels Telephone with Voicemail Radio Alarm Clock Iron and Ironing Board Hairdryer Business Services 24 Hour Front Desk Restaurant Room Service We have heard of several folks who disputed charges UNSUCCESSFULLY. I'm not sure I've ever heard of some one doing that successfully, except perhaps if they were walked to another hotel upon arrival. Priceline is certainly not for everyone. Good luck with your trip.
  11. Congrats on winning your hotel room! Hopefully you've already reported it to the board here! Yes, just call the hotel and make your requests. I've found, of course, that the nicer you are to the reservations agent, the better your chance of avoiding the "Sorry, you have a Priceline reservation and I can't take your request" line. Be sure to restate your requests again when you check-in. I've always been given the room that I've requested, but I'm sure not everyone has had the same luck. Good luck.
  12. Sorry! I forgot to add the amenities. They are the same as is listed on the hotel list.... Restaurant Pool Fitness Internet Business center
  13. My husband and I desperately wanted to stay at this hotel on 4/29/06 to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The price on Hotwire was $390. The hotel's own website priced the rooms at $209. The difference was $181. My Double the Difference claim was accepted in three business days, and I've been refunded $362. The total comes to: $390 + 57.38 tax = $447.38 - ($362) = $85.38 I might have been able to beat tis on Priceline, but I didn't want to risk getting another hotel. I've driven past this hotel many times, but have never stayed there. I emailed reservations to request a king non-smoking room. They immediately emailed me back and confirmed my requests. We are looking foward to a beautiful stay. This was somewhat risky, but paid off.
  14. Actually, it's not illegal. It is a binding contract into which you entered voluntarily. I understand your situation. Unfortunately, Hotwire's business model is built on the idea of NO CANCELLATIONS. This is preceisely the reason they are able to offer such low rates. I wish you luck, but unless you just happen to get a one-in-a-million Customer Service agent, I have a feeling that you won't win this one. It's a surprise to me that they even considered allowing you to reschedule the airfare.
  15. I saw a post on FlyerTalk.com about this mistake fare. ATL-HNL, $79.90. It was only available for a couple different seven day periods, and I jumped on it. They have honored it, assigned seats, sent confirmations, etc. For $250 all in for both, they are pleased to say the least. By the way, it was not a Priceline bid. I bought the tickets throug AA.com.
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