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By MTmommy,

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I have not tried to log-in to TOBB for some time; probably a year or so.I just tried today and I can't believe she banned me. The last communications I had was regarding a post of mine she deleted because I mentioned my spouse rebid after I failed. As someone who was an early contributor to her site all I can say is that it is pretty sad she is so bitter and narrow-minded and focused only on her little affiliate fee.

I am willing to bet the "real" reason she banned me from her little world is that I 've been posting here exclusively. I bet she just fumes when she sees posts on betterbidding.

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To all of the TOBB banned club-WELCOME

I have been banned for several months, and quite frankly don't care. I have posted numerous posts here and hopefully helped many others in securing bids and figuring out a bidding strategy. I support this board and encourage others to do the same. Some of the posters to this board are "travel and price experts", though I am not one of them. I continously learn from the posts and thank thereuare for all of his help and mostly for the civil professional manner he moderates this board.

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I recently was banned to - which makes no sense b/c the only people they are hurting are themselves. I can still see the rates and get the help I need, I just can't post my hotel reviews which would only help them. Too bad for them - and I'm going to DC this weekend and staying at the grand hyatt and hyatt regency - both in capital hill - and I'll post the reviews here when I get back which will help you guys! Love this board! :)

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It is with great pride that I announce that a couple days ago I discovered that I have finally been banned from TOBB. :) I have not posted there in many, many months, and I'd made my intention to never post there again clear to the Administrator. I did, however, recently make a post critical of TOBB and its Administrator on this board (in this thread, in fact). I know I was not banned before I made that post. In case there was still any doubt, this proves that its Administrator reads this board, and I'm guessing a few others, in search of what people might be saying about her. Can you say egomaniacal? I just find it funny that she banned me knowing darn well that I'd never post there again. It would be like a boss calling a former employee up six month after they quit to tell them they've been fired. :)

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Senoreit - oh yes - She DEFINITELY reads this board. I was not banned until I made a post about her here too! I have two different ID names between here and TOBB, BUT she clearly identified me and promptly banned me!

However, it's pretty easy to figure out how to get around even my IP address being banned if I want to check over there for anything! Like you said, I'll never be posting there again, and its her loss on account of the many people she has banned, and quite frankly, I hope she *is* reading this because she should know that her actions only make Better Bidding, all that much better! :)

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:) Can I join the club?

I was banned tonight by TOBB for daring to enquire whether priceline.co.uk bids could be discussed and then questioning her removal of the enquiry. I knew from watching her bullying other people that it was dangerous to put my head above the parapet so did so as politely and constructively as possible.

There are obviously benefits for all concerned in having established conventions for structuring posts of winning bids, hotel reviews and requests for assistance. Clear & friendly conventions, guidelines, standards? Yes please. Rules & sanctions - keep them to a minimum if you want to be effective.

I do appreciate the time & energy required to run a board with as potentially large a scope as the topic warrants and have no expectation that anyone should donate time and money to support such a service. Perhaps the reason TOBB isn't interested in supporting priceline.co.uk users is that they are less likely to use their affiliated link. If so, fine, just be honest about it. If there's a recommended link here that doesn't disadvantage me for paying using a non-US credit card I'll definitely give it a try for my next bid.

Anyway, I'm really happy to have ended up here instead and to see it's growing steadily. I'll do my best to spread the word. Hopefully it won't be long before it contains more current & more useful information than the other site.


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I was banned today after my second thread ever. IP banned, can't even view the site after removing cookies. Even after being banned, you can google the right stuff and look at cached pages, you won't actually be touching the site and you can see enough to know how bidding is for a particular city. Very weird, I took her suggestions, got a room, thanked her, but couldn't go through AB because I have my PC configured to block all ad sites (bfast, doubleclick, etc). I sort of want to know why I was banned, but not enough to bother to email her.

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I have viewed this other bulletin board and although my momma always said that "if you can't say anything nice about someone, don't say anything at all". But I must admit that the tone of that board reminds me of the scene from the film "Oliver" where the main character finished his bowl of gruel and asked the headmaster of the orphanage for "more".......we all know what happens next......

I'm of the age that I dont care to grovel in attempt to post for the benefit of others, and don't like to be "talked down to", so things are just fine here..... :)

on that note, I will zip my lip and just say "sorry mom" :)

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Wow.....what I can I say about the Na*** on TTOB.

After numerous run-ins and such, I have had enough and went looking for another board to post. It seems to me that the only thing the bi***** ahhhh Sheryl wants is the click credit for booking your priceline stay.

Last month I posted a winning bid on TOB. She went back through the list from her kick backs and when she noticed I had not placed my bid through her, she berated me on the board.

I am pretty sure she lives in Texas but she knows more about South Carolina (my home state) than the freakin SC Chamber of Commerce. Of course she does know more about everything than any one person in the world.

Earlier this week someone emailed me the link for this site and helped me figure out who TOB moderaotor's is/was. Back in the day I was pretty active on the newsgroup Rec.Travel.Air. There was a person named Sheryl on there who was the most arrogant b*** I have ever seen. For about 3 years she tried to run the place until she was pretty much kill filed by everone. Search Google for Sheryl and Rec Air Travel and see the entire story. It is pretty humerous. After running RTA into the ground, she started TOB and now has Na** powers over there. Oh well, the past is the past.

Last year I did 121 nights on Priceline Hotels and have alreay booked an UK Vacation this summer via Priceline. I will also go back and add some winning bids to help build the database.

I travel the Southeast USA on business and have a fairly good knowledge of SC, NC, GA, VA and AL hotels. I spend most of my time in the Carolinas so if you need any info here I will be glad to help if I can.

Anyway thanks for the board guys.......

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As one can see by scrolling thru this thread, i try my best to stay out of this discussion and let the discourse take its own path... without my outside influence.

However, please be respectful of words that others may find offensive and tailor your posts accordingly.

We want everyone here to feel comfortable and a lot can be said for a community whose members choose to take the "high road".

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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Interesting to see that so many have been banned from that other site. Nice to have company. I look forward to using this site & contributing to our collective knowledge. Not sure why I was banned other than I booked one hotel using the link she prefers & did not use it for a car rental. Anyway, I'll use it from now on here.

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Hi everyone.

I too have used TOBB before, until she too decided to ban me.

I posted a request for bidding advice for a resort in whistler bc. she recommened a bid of 180.

I felt it was way too high and i got the room for 140. I tried using her "stupid link for cash" system, but the damn thing did not work and kept pushing pop up windows to my browser.

Next thing I know she has banned me from the site, but without providing any reason.


I think she is a real ****! (Sorry for that but I really do)

Never going back to her site.

And BTW you should learn a little about computers. I can change my IP in a blink of an eye.

p.s. i hope you have to go out a get a real job soon!!


Anyone else think she sucks?

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Another dissatisfied client. I recently booked two trips using TOBBs help, used the link for one, couldn't get it to work for the other when I bid from work. Now I'm banned, sent an email to you know who and no response. Not surprising. This looks like a great site. Oh well, I can always lurk there, I know how to use google caching, and how to find free anonymous proxies. Will post results here.

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tobb on life support?

first let me appologize up front. sorry for the all lower case typing. my left arm is in a sling so it's one finger typing for me.

i'm new here, but i have visited before, and i think this place is great. i'm in the process of doing some research for summer travel. over "there" there seems to have been extremely limited assistance for the past month based upon post responses and "limited board coverage" posts.

i can't help but wonder if it's due to declining postings, which i can't help but wonder if they're due to "the attitude."

it's a shame really, as the extensive base was great for...sharing information, altough it hasn't seemed to be that way for some time now. i guess tobb is proof that "absolute powers corrupts absolutely."

anyway thank goodness for betterbidding. nice respones. nice information. nice attitude. i may not contribute much, as i do not travel much, but i will when i do.

i'm going to miss sheryl. hah!

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