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  1. bargainshopper, I have no new clue how TOBB found out my friend didnt use "the link" nor does my friend. Frankly, it's crazy! Maybe they provide a message to her saying "soandso@aol.com has used supported your site using a link you provided, blah, blah, blah." I dont know. Even if she were to find out someone didnt use a link, so what - dont go and get on the person's case about it. Oh well. I have yet to bid on priceline lately - havent had a chance to post a winning bid yet. We live in florida and so much has gone on lately we havent had the time to go away for relaxing weekend. :)
  2. A lady I work with told me that she posted a winning bid on the OTHER site and was asked to go to her "inbox" for a message from the one and only. The message was asking why my friend didn't use "the link" they provide to bid and why she didnt feel the website earned her support. Can you believe that?! That WACKO has now resorted to the lowly task of checking each and every bid to see if the members are using the link to support her or not and then getting on their case when they don't. I was so :) when I heard that! Diane, my friend, doesn't feel like using the link ever - why should she support someone like that? Why would anybody after finding out that they are being watched on a board? If I were her I'd be thankful for the support I did have. What happened to "it's better to give than to receive?"
  3. how about when we post a bid we post in the "topic title" the priceline zone, and in the "topic description" the bid information? maybe that would make it easier to just scroll down and see something like this: WDW Vicinity *resort $69, wyndham palace 2-22/2-23
  4. :) Yeah! I made it! Actually I have been banned twice! Am I eligible for some type of plaque or something of the sort? I got banned the first time for defending myself in a post and the second time for defending someone else in a post. Before I got banned I had the privelege of having posts deleted because they were "off topic" and once when asking for bidding help I was scolded because I didnt reply RIGHT away and the icing on the cake was my trip was canceled before I could bid... I was told I "wasted" their time. I defended myself and so did a lot of other TOBB members - can you guess what happened next - my post was removed!!!! :) WOOHOO! Your site is AWESOME! But could I make one suggestion (maybe it has been suggested - I just found your site and am still reading through it)? I frequent the hotel section - could they be arranged by cities or attraction areas?
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