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  1. I think that I just saw the point of bidding through the link on TOBB. Other than them getting paid for it. I think that allows the mods to see all accepted and rejected bids. Which allows them to have a much better idea of what bidding strategy to recommend.
  2. I have failed with many combinations of 1, 2, 3 and 4 nites for 3/10-14 at up to $120 within the past 2 weeks. I have backup reservations at the hotel for the other nights, but continue to try PL. Looks like it shows up in HW at $179. Seems like this hotel does a lot of business with PL.
  3. I was banned today after my second thread ever. IP banned, can't even view the site after removing cookies. Even after being banned, you can google the right stuff and look at cached pages, you won't actually be touching the site and you can see enough to know how bidding is for a particular city. Very weird, I took her suggestions, got a room, thanked her, but couldn't go through AB because I have my PC configured to block all ad sites (bfast, doubleclick, etc). I sort of want to know why I was banned, but not enough to bother to email her.