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  1. PRICELINE EXPRESS DEAL 2A/2C Pets Allowed Free Parking Restaurant Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool Condo Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities
  2. Needed a hotel not too far from Bulls Game Saturday night. Marriott is $159 ($180 w/ tax). Hilton is $125 w/ AAA ($141 w/ tax). Checked Express Deal and there was a 3.5 star for $68 I suspected was the Hilton. Lots of free rebids. 4 star looks to be Washington Duke, and I bid i out using 6 rebids w/ no luck up to about $95 or so. 3.5 star - also 6 rebids. The express deal had disappeared, but I knew not to go over $68. STarted at $50. Immediately got a suggestion to bid at $67 and rejected that. Bid $53, $56 and then $59 and $59 was a winner. Hotel has a free shuttle so that's a plus! Reviews look great on Tripadvisor!
  3. We decided to rent by owner instead and found a house in Ocean Isle Beach for $140/nt.
  4. 2 adults, one child Following amenities: 3 star hotel in Myrtle Beach North Beachfront, Oceanfront, Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Laundry Facilities, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby, Children's Activity Program.
  5. I think that's certainly the most likely possibility that its Hotel Indigo. I just stayed there last week and I really liked it - though IMO it wasn't as walking convenient as the Renaissance, the parking at the H.I. was easier (under the hotel in a deck that the elevator goes straight to the room floors)
  6. Great idea! Hope it will be warm for you! Outer Banks are great!
  7. Lucky you. I just bid up to $65 for a 3.5* with no takers. I see the Marriott prev came up as 3* perhaps that's why? I'm not sure I'm willing to gamble getting the Brownstone...
  8. My best guess is Embassy Suites at Kingston Plantation. I've stayed there before on a Priceline bid (granted, a while ago).
  9. Thanks for the explaination. I'm pretty sure I did use the BB PRICELINE link! DH checked into the Hyatt Place and was impressed and thankful for my PRICELINE persistence!
  10. DH has a work thingy at the Marriott. He really wanted to be downtown, so I first bid Greensboro 3.5* - $68 - rejected added East - $71 - rejected and not offered another bid - took me to hotel purchase site - odd! Closed and reopened browser: Bid Greensboro 3* - $74 - rejected added East - $80 - rejected. New browser: Bid Greensboro West - $42 - accepted on first bid for the Hyatt Place. Happy with this win. Was worried about the Clarion! Hyatt is showing $89 for these nights, so $103 total for both is pretty decent. (as an aside - on Hotwire - a 3 star GSO-West property was showing for $39; and a 2.5* for $69 - the icons were nearly identical - shuttle, wifi, fitness, business, etc. except - the $39 listed "restaurant" and the $69 listed "breakfast" - any ideas on those for future reference?)
  11. I'm a PRICELINE veteran. Familiar w/ this strategy.... Using Greensboro NC - bidding 3.5 star downtown GSO, bid 3.5 star for $68. rejected. Then, added G-East and upped to $71 - then, got the screen showing what hotels are available and it won't allow me to rebid? I have two more zones (West & High Point - only have 3 star) - what gives?
  12. Granted, it's been a couple of years, but I've stayed at the Renaissance downtown and it was fine. I didn't feel it was "sketchy" at all. Asheville's downtown was fine - lots of cute restaurants, etc.
  13. I think you'll find that summertime in the mountains is just popular anyway esp on the weekends... you can check NC Travel & Tourism website though. www.visitnc.com
  14. The subject line should be edited - the Sheraton in Raleigh is most definitely in the Raleigh (downtown) zone and not the Durham zone - which is 30ish miles away.
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