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I just took a taxi from the Airport to French Quarter on 13 September (yesterday)

and the rate is still $28.00 but the fuel surcharge is $2.00. I have never been to any

other major city where the taxi rate is fixed. The sign on the window with the charges

did not seem new but with hurricane Ike they may hike the surcharge again.

Regards, Keoni

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One major difference i noticed between the flat rate fares in NYC (JFK-->Manhattan) and New Orleans is that the JFK fare is per ride, while the New Orleans fixed rate is tiered depending upon the number of passangers.

Miami also has some fixed rates from the Airport to various points (Downtown, Cruise Pier, etc)

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FYI -- There's also a city bus for $2 (the E-2 route) that goes from the airport to downtown's central business district (Loyola & Tulane), which isn't too far from most hotels. Depends on your comfort level regarding city buses and navigating within a new city (vs being dropped off at hotel door).

Also the bus runs only on weekdays, so no direct Sat-Sun-holiday service (on those days, it goes partially to downtown, requiring a transfer). Might be worth investigating as Nola is a rip-off vs most cities in airport transportation costs (i.e. $19-20/person now for shuttles based on one-way-RT or $14/person if 3+ are sharing a cab).

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