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  1. Unless the Sheraton Suites star rating has changed, the 4* that now appears in Wilmington South Epress Deals is very likely the newish Westin, which is about a year old. Only other possibility could be the independent Hotel DuPont, which seems improbable with the price and zone. Not sure you'd want to mention in the list, but wanted to make you aware.
  2. Thank you for the info. A local told me about $35 from the airport to near the Hotel Royal at 1006 Royal St. I appreciate the firm info. My flight doesn't get in until 8:30pm so I doubt the shuttle is running.
  3. A lot. Check out the Priceline and Hotwire Calendar oF Wins search above. Search for dates something like 11/19-12/3, see what's been won and at what price. Check Hotwire for your dates and see what they are charging. Actually, the Hotwire rates for some areas don't seem tooo ridiculous. If you are new to the process, you might consider looking up here what those hotels MIGHT actually be, and then buy one using the HOTWIRE link here. Otherwise, check some of the General Tips on bidding here to determine the best way to bid. Make sure you use the links here so that the site gets a little income to stay in business. Post your result so everyone else knows what they may be looking at.
  4. Used the PRICELINE link here. Was initially hoping for the Renaissance in the White House area, but it didn't matter. Last minute, didn't start bidding until 2pm on 10/24, the night before the Marathon. Bids: 4* $76 White House area $81 added rebid zone $86 added rebid zone $91 added Dupont Circle (knowing it had 4*, just needed a room) $111 with taxes and fees. Perhaps it could have had for less, but didn't have the time to play around. Wasn't my thing, and not thrilled with the bed. It seems to have a reputation for giving small rooms to Priceline customers, but who can complain for a decent hotel in DC at that price? And we found free parking around the corner.
  5. I know there is NEVER a guarantee of the hotel likely to be won. In the past 6 months or longer, the Tampa Grand Hyatt seems to be the most commonly won hotel won for 4* in TPA Westshore. That seems to have ceased recently, with many wins at the Intercontinental. There seem to be no Grand Hyatt wins in the past month. I anticipate a stay either 10/8-10/11 or 10/9-10/12. Of course, I'm asking because I like the Grand Hyatt (I have 2 free IHG nights to use if PRICELINE is unlikely). I suspect the lack of winning bids may be due to the completion of the road construction at the exit for the Grand Hyatt. Does anyone have any thoughts, advice or more information?
  6. Sorry for delay in reply. Spouse found a deal on that Brooklyn Holiday Inn Express through Travelzoo for an average of $89/night - can't turn that down. Not sure if this site links to Travelzoo or if the code could have been used by going through here to get to Holiday Inn, but of course he didn't since he doesn't pay attention to what I'm looking into :)
  7. This is Gay Pride Week in NYC, and the 40th anniversary of Stonewall so there's been a lot of overseas marketing. Only 1 person has succeeded in getting a Priceline room for Wed 6/24, and it was booked well in advance. We have a cancellable reservation at the 2.5* Holiday Inn Express Brooklyn Downtown which works out to a Priceline equivalent bid of about $142.50 (sorry, husband made the reservation so it wasn't through your link). We could Hotwire the same hotel for a little less, but Intercontinental hotels has a direct-buy special Buy 2, Get 1 Night Free promotion until July 3 (of course, they aren't saying which hotels are available to use the free night). This hotel is adequate for our needs. Our destinations include the Lower East Side (Orchard St between Houston and Delancey), the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge, perhaps Coney Island, perhaps 5th Ave in the northern Park Slope area, perhaps Williamsburg. It remains to be seen whether we would want to be in Manhattan, but should we want to, I'd like to get an idea if it even sounds possible. Thanks for any thoughts!
  8. Thanks for the heads up on street parking - we'd been able to do that at the Union St. Holiday Inn Express, but didn't recall it being possible at this one.
  9. Others might want to be aware that this hotel could have been direct booked through Holiday Inn Express (which looks like it's a partner here with a direct link on the support page Tab) at a nonrefundable rate for only a few dollars more than what it is when HOTWIRE fees are figured in, which would allow more flexiblility in selecting non-smoking or smoking rooms, and possibly other amentities. We've stayed here through PRICELINE before, and they definitely put us in the smallest, although still completely adequate, room.
  10. Sorry, I'm an idiot. 6/12-14/09. Can we delete this thread, or move it to the Hotwire forum? Through Hotwire, I selected a 2.5* in Brooklyn with Breakfast and High Speed Internet as amenities for $93/night. Received Holiday Inn Express Downtown Brooklyn 279 Butler Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11217 I don't like this one as much as the hotel on Union St (this is a few blocks further away from a favorite bar and paid parking was a necessity), but it'll do the job just fine. Used the HOTWIRE link here. Hope this helps resolve the dilemma of what the 2.5* Hotwire hotel in Brooklyn is.
  11. We're trying to get the Union Street Holiday Inn Express or Butler St Comfort Inn Brooklyn Bridge. Husband's bid rejected at $55, mine rejected at $80. I'm not sure how to rebid this due to the low star level available in any zone. Any suggestions? Thanks, Erin
  12. Grand Hyatt was great as other reviewers wrote, but one little detail is necessary to add. I did not perceive any Priceline discrimination (maybe from one room service person), but the staff knows what you paid. Or more precisely, think they know. I was told by two staff members I got friendly with that some people get the hotel for $25/night. I don't know how one gets it cheaper than the usual minimum Priceline rate of $46 (as of this date). I suspect the records they see are what the hotel gets after Priceline fees are taken out, or what the hotel's profit is over the basic expense of just having the room sit empty. They also mentioned that a few Priceline or Hotwire or other discount system customers are among the most demanding they have, among those who most commonly want something for nothing. That might just be perception. But be a good guest & make sure you tip. Even though room service already charges a 22% server fee, throw a couple bucks cash their way (they don't get it all, everyone's 22% is actually averaged & divvied out equally over a weekly basis and the phone order-takers and possibly bartender have to be tipped out). The $3 room service fee is all the hotel's.
  13. I'm an idiot. I've been staying at the Grand Hyatt Tampa for $51/night for a week, through 2 different PRICELINE purchases. Didn't have the option to "extend my stay," possibly because I did once already. Used the PRICELINE link here for this purchase, too. I needed another day. Assumed like a moron that I would get Hyatt, since that is the one usually won in this zone. There was even a Priceline warning that due to same-day purchase not all hotels in the area may be available. I bid starting at $51, finally got a hotel at $69. Probably should have stopped bidding based on the unusual price increase. Hyatt showed vacancy, but $50 more than their usual weekday rates. Intercontinental Tampa. I forgot there were even other hotels in this zone. Dumb. It's not worth moving, paying the extra day on the car and paying for a new one-way ticket back. Leaving. All my own stupidity, but at least others will know that Intercontinental came up recently, on a same-day booking, and plan accordingly.
  14. Things changed, and I needed to extend my stay at the Grand Hyatt for 2 more days, so add the nights of the 20th and 21st., still at $51. Not sure it does BB.com any good on an extending an existing stay, but I went to PRICELINE through the site's link.
  15. I did use the PRICELINE link. Did something not work?
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