Anyone ever try to book PL rates direct through the hotel?

By jenndon,

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The closest we came to such a scenario was when we stayed at a Summerfield Suites for a week using Hotwire. We needed an extra day in town, so we asked the desk manager if we could add a day at the Hotwire rate. He said okay since it was off-season (winter), but that in peak times, he could sell the room at their higher rates and for us not to expect the same deal.

Note that this was probably a case where he could get a better rate directly from us, than if we booked another night through Hotwire who would get their fee.

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My husband travels to Paducah, KY for business occasionally. The only hotel he likes in this small town is the Courtyard/Marriott. He always booked directly with them until they raised their rates to over $100. His company will only pay up to $100/night so he had to look elsewhere. He called the Courtyard and explained that he would like to stay there, but can only pay up to $100/night. They would not agree to that so he used Priceline and got the exact same hotel for $60.

The next time he had to make a reservation he called Courtyard and explained the whole situation (he can spend up to $100 if they will let him or he'll continue to use Priceline and get the room for $60), again they told him they could not reserve the hotel room for $100. He continues to get it for $60 on Priceline each time he travels! It's so strange to me, the Courtyard could make almost double on his room each night if they agreed to his offer. More money for Priceline I guess!

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I decided to extend a stay and was willing to accept the hotel rate for the convenience.

Then they wanted to move me to another room, and since they could not meet the PL rate, I went online and bid for one night only. I figured if I had to move anyway, why not save the difference?! Interesting thing at the time, I had my confirmation from PL before they had the reservation, so I (cheerfully) went to the front desk with the information. Always glad to help! Oh yeah--it was referred to as "the internet"!

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