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  1. Frequent user of PRICELINE name your own. First time to use HOTWIRE blind. For a stay of Aug 9-11 for 2 adults and 2 children, it was $212 Boutique Hotel Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Even when traveling with family we've never gotten burned with Priceline (requesting 2 beds), but I bid up to $150 on PL and it wasn't worth more of a risk, so I took this one with the guaranteed space for the 4 of us.
  2. For a 4 star hotel 3/11/10 for one night I started my bid at $110 Times Square. Added free rebid UES at $120 Then added MTE at $130 Opened new window for MTW at $120 and it was accepted -- Sheraton NY Hotel and Towers. Always hate it when my first bid is accepted, LOL. But we're going to the theater, so it will be convenient. Used Better Bidding PRICELINE link to start the purchase.
  3. Just won the Marriott Union Station in Downtown St. Louis. I started at $55 and used free rebid zones, and even began to include 3.5*, and finally got this hotel for $79. I used the board's PRICELINE link.
  4. Just wanted to close this thread out. We didn't end up making any sort of advance reservation for this trip. We were driving and weren't sure how far we'd go (and in fact ended up in Hagerstown MD).
  5. Thanks for your help Aaron. So, just as with the Priceline board (which I've used a lot), if I book a hotel, I can/should update the thread with the amenities etc and that helps you identify it in the future? Also, I think I read somewhere that I should write down the amenities before I bid since I can't access them again once I get it, right? And one more question -- are all amenities always listed. So if I come across a 2.5 star hotel that also has a gym, can I assume that is NOT the hotel listed?
  6. I am looking to book a hotel in the Harrisburg area for one night on 7/2. I have used Priceline a lot, but am mostly unfamiliar with Hotwire, so let me know if I need to present the info differently (as separate threads or what). There are two hotels coming up that I'd like help identifying. 3 Star Hotel in Central Harrisburg, $60. Amenities shown are pool. laundry, and internet access. 2.5 Star in Central Harrisburg, $52. Amenties pool, complimentary breakfast, laundry, golf nearby. I'm thinking that this might be the Quality Inn, knowing it's in the area.
  7. I did use the PRICELINE link I meant to say that :)
  8. I would start your bid in a separate window. Start with $110 in TS and either MTE or MTW (whichever you like best). Then go up to $115 adding in the next one (MTE or MTW) You can rebid to $120 using a free rebid area. Hopefully that will work to get you a 4 star room in either TS, MTE or MTW. Any of those areas are great for sightseeing.
  9. Also-- One note. When you bid 3* -- it's actually 3 star and up, SO you might start with 3.5 stars first. Then add in 3 * as an additional zone (which will still bid up through 3.5 *). I have stayed in 3* properties there, but that was before they added the 3.5* level, so I'm sure that most of the properties I won are now 3.5 star -- and they were perfectly nice.
  10. Love NYC hotel rates in this economically depressed time! Just bid today for a last minute overnight in NYC. 4 star Bid MTE, $100 Added TS (still $100) Added free rebid UEW $115 -- accepted Grand Hyatt Never stayed there, but I'm not complaining at all.
  11. The dates are in the subject line -- just one night at 4/14/09.
  12. Started in Times Square, 4 * -- $95, rejected. Added free rebids (105, 115), rejected. Opened new browser and started at $95, 4 * in MTW, rejected. Added free rebids (105, 115) Accepted -- $115, Sheraton NY Hotel and Towers. It's a good location and I am happy because it's a big hotel, so I'm pretty sure that they will be able to fulfill my 2 dbl beds request. Used BB PRICELINE link.
  13. Just wanted to close this out. Ended up going with Priceline (and will post results on that board as well). The Hotwire room had gone up from $129 to $219 as of today, so I knew that Priceline was the way to go. I ended up with MTW $115 -- Sheraton NY Hotel & Towers
  14. Thanks -- very helpful! We've actually used Priceline for our family of 4 two or three times, but only for one-night stays. We figure that we can cram in for one night. But as I said, even in NYC, they've been able to give us 2 double beds (I call ahead and ask, although they don't guarantee even at that point). I know that I'm in the minority (and my kids are small -- although getting bigger now!) But I think that I might try this. I might play around and see if I can get it a lot lower on PL and risk it again. Isn't that part of the fun?
  15. I use Priceline for NYC several times a year and have never been burned. The rates are incredible now, so we're going to try to stay a couple of nights in the city for Spring Break while hubby works, so he doesn't have to commute. Since there are 4 of us, and it's for 2 nights, I'm not sure that I want to risk Priceline (although I've only stayed in one hotel that wouldn't have accomodated all 4 of us). So I'm looking at Hotwire. If I put in 4 ppl, I assume that the hotels that come up are booking me a room with 2 dbl beds? I see the Sheraton (per other inquiries) here, for $129, which is a pretty good rate (but then I think that I could get it for less via PL probably). So-- Compare the two booking services: Can I cancel the room on Hotwire or not? Room for 4 people guaranteed on Hotwire? How do the fees compare, because I know that a $125 room on PL really is quite a bit more than that with the fees. If there's another thread that answers this, feel free to point me there, but I looked at the general Hotwire info and didn't see it. I'd just appreciate hearing from someone who uses both.
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