Priceline Hotel: Priceline - Name your own Price Harder to find?

Andrew In Florida
By Andrew In Florida,

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SOLVED: use BiddingForHotelRooms.com for easy access to the Priceline Name Your Own Price bidding form


This is a legitimate question.  If you haven't tried using it lately,   is the "Name your own price feature" for hotels getting really hard to find on Priceline?

Maybe it's my browser, or I'm doing something completely wrong.   I used the tool extensively in 2017, and when I returned recently I can only find the options sporadically.

The link titled "Name your on price" at the bottom of the page simply take you to the home page.    Searches take you to the generic search form.    The "Name your own price" option only appears rarely in the list of check boxes at the upper left that say "Your Best Ways to Save".   On the few times I see the option,  there is a 3rd checkbox below ExpressDeal or Member Deals.   More often than not... it's never there.    I've tried the feature "Signed in" and "SIgned Off".   I've tried  Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge. 


I even tried to check the help section in priceline.   Ironically,   the links in the help section are broken and even say,  "oops something went wrong."

According to pricline,  this is the link that should work:

So, I offer my question.   Is PriceLine discontinuing the service for hotels? Am I missing something obvious? 


EDIT BY THEREUARE: for those looking for the Name Your Own Price feature we have added this site BiddingForHotelRooms.com to provide easy access to the priceline bidding form and added this link to the top of this post.

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PRICELINE's Name Your Own Price is still available... use this form to access: BiddingForHotelRooms.com


I always use (and you should too :wink:) the board's BiddingHelper.com tool which is the easiest and most consistent way to access the NYOP bidding form (it's the default view after doing your search). 


Not only is it the easiest way to access the NYOP bidding page, but in the same search shows you PRICELINE EXPRESS and HOTWIRE prices too, which can be used to help determine a maximum bidding price to make sure you don't overbid.


Let us know if/how we can help with an upcoming stay.



Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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Is that what is supposed to appear on the 3rd tab when I do searches?

It's always appeared blank (no longer how long I wait) since I started using this site in early 2017.   Only the Hotwire and Pricelne Express Deals tabs ever populate. 

I've often wondered want should have appeared there.    No joke.  I've done thousands of searches here, and never seen anything on that tab.


I'd upload a picture to show you, but the 1st and 3rd tabs of the search results have never shown me anything (ever).

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Oh.  Must be firefox bug.   After rereading your comment, I tried chrome \\ and by golly... I do see that the framed search page now.

I wish I would have known that last year.  It would have made much of the booking process easier.   It might be the UBlock plugin.   I'll have to whitelist better bidding.

Honestly,  with the page blank....  I'd just go to "Express deals to see price aproximations" then jump of to Priceline to start bidding in the region at 8% less than the express deal price directly on the Priceline site.  

If you do go to the priceline website on a PC Browser, it's getting really hard to find the name your own price option.    It's obvious with the Android App.   And, you've managed to frame it consistently.     It's hard to find externally from their own site, which causes me to wonder if they plan to discontinue "Name your own price" on hotel like they did for airfare in 2016.



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It's definitely my adblocker.   I did have  "www.betterbidding.com" and "betterbidding.com" whitelisted already though.

When I shut it off completely, I can see the priceline in th iFrame or however you capture it.    Do yo happen to know what URL or address I need to whitelist to get the priceline frame to appear?  

I'm years out of Web Application Design, and it's not worth digging through HTML to try to figure it out.   Thanks!  (Your response was helpful, though you may have thought it was obvious.   I'd always wondered why both the 1st and 3rd tabs were completely blank.)

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8 minutes ago, Andrew In Florida said:

I'll have to whitelist better bidding.

Please do... but for that you may also need to whitelist BiddingHelper.com.


If you're still having an issue with any of the tabs at BiddingHelper.com send me a PM and i'll help you troubleshoot.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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Thanks!  That worked.   I never knew what I was missing.

I"m still curious if PriceLine is making moves to restrict or pull away from bidding.   However, it could just be a bad site upgrade, and a team that doesn't care much about the traditional website anymore.

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Last week I tried to book a car via NYOP. This page does not work even with AdBlocker off when generic car search works just fine.
I called Customer Support few times. They are saying it still should work on webpage and app.

I downloaded the app. NYOP option is not to be found in PL app.

I agree, it seems like PL is moving away from NYOP to become a generic travel search engine. If that happens PL will be useless for me.

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I think Priceline's web team is just really lax.  (IE:  PC,  desktop-broswer,  PC/Cromebook  Style Web Browsing).   The features are easy to find on the Android and Apple Priceline Apps.   And,  The moderator (admin/developer of this site) seems to know the trick to frame with an embeded link to the  name your own price tool.   I challenge anyone to go into the site at the main web page and navigate to a "Name your own Price" page.   I find the link in the footer by the copy rights, and most of the links in the FAQ/Help don't go to the page as intended.

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23 hours ago, yugi said:

Did they dump NYOP completely? I don't see it anymore anywhere on a start page. The link in the footer just points to /hotels page.


I was the first to report this, and I have a "Half-Answer".    The feature is there for folks who know how to "Link to it" or who use an App (Android Application or iPhone Application for a tablet/phone).    Whoever maintains their web presence has broken their navigational model.  The links don't work (not even in the help page about the feature).  And, they seem to have removed almost every easy-to-find reference.    I get equivalent deals on HotWire Hot Deals about half the time in half the locations.  

The easiest way to get to it is indeed to use the framed links on the board.   The developer who maintains this knows the API (Application programmer Interface) and the locations of the screens which are now buried on the  HTTP Web Pages.   


For a while, the hotel search would intermittently (and very irregularly) include an option for name your own price on the left beside the regular search results,  Express Deals and then "Name your own Price".     However, it only showed up about (1 in 20) search for me with no rhyme or reason.

As to why Priceline has disconnected the features for PC Users  (probably older folks with more money and a greater ability to travel) in favor of  Phone Apps  (geared at younger folks with less money who are probably cheaper)... who knows.      A working website costs the same as a broken website to maintain.    The only difference is a couple hours of labor, and leadership who is smart enough to use their own product from time to time.    My best guess is that they either don't care,  did this intentionally, or they have grown to a size where they are too dysfunctional to maintain their  core business functionality.

I did have to tweak some settings on my ad blocker to get the frames to show up on the admin's site at BiddingHelper.com.    The tool is really handy.   I had to whitelist  (make blocking exceptions on a screen in my Adblocker) for  biddinghelper.com, hotwire.com and priceline.com for everything to show up properly. 

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If you are absolutely opposed to using BetterBidding,  this link will take you to "Name your own price" after you supply the "Number of Rooms" and "Location":


If you drop the "?" it defaults to the normal search.  


I assume that the "RefId" grants an affiliate a minor commission.   If you use BetterBidding, it would be preferable to us the links embedded in the site.

If you just stumbled across this using a Google Search,  that link will solve your problem... until they take it away.

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