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  1. Did they dump NYOP completely? I don't see it anymore anywhere on a start page. The link in the footer just points to /hotels page.
  2. I won't book it unless I know what is it. There is Ocean Breeze Inn for $7 more, which looks similar, and there is Blue Seal Inn for even less.
  3. Dates: 11/24-25 Amenities: Near beach, Smoke free rooms, complimentary breakfast, internet access Price: $49 No Tripadvisor rating. Thanks.
  4. Right now I'm at $69 in my bid for 3* in Ventura. I'd like to stay below $100 including taxes.
  5. I'm bidding for 3* in Ventura for 11/25-26. There is also 3* in Ventura on Hotwire for the same dates for $92 with the following amenities: Beachfront, fitness, pool, restaurant, laundry, internet, and 3* tripadvisor rating. My guess it's Crowne Plaza.
  6. I was bidding for 3* in Santa Barbara, and went up to $83, received a counter offer of $101. My guess for $90-91 I'd get that. I've also seen the above mentioned hotel in Carpinteria on HOTWIRE, but I don't know where is it. I prefer a hotel close to the beach. Yesterday I started to bid in Ventura, which looks like a good alternative to Santa Barbara.
  7. The dates are 11/25-11/26 And I think I will probably try Ventura instead of Santa Barbara. Tried to bid on PRICELINE for Santa Barbara, but with no luck so far.
  8. 3* hotel in Santa Barbara (Carpinteria) Amenities: Fitness Center, Pool, Internet access Thanks.
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