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  1. I count 7, possibly 9 rebid zones under 4 stars in Phoenix. The questionable zones are the following: Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). PL doesn't seem to have any 4 star hotels listed; but, somehow it's coming up as having a 4 star hotel on the re-bidding website. Metro Center Area. Has the opposite issue. Seems to be only reporting up to 3.5 stars on the re-bidding website; but, the Brixton Hotel Phoenix North is showing up, as four stars, on PL. Which is more correct?
  2. I don't think it has to be a conspiracy for it to fail as a coincidence, that a maximum SAVE 60% PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal, lingers on the site well past its due date.
  3. I had originally tried 4 nights, than I tried 3, than 1... same error. The cynic in me thinks that this is deliberate false advertisement. It wouldn't exactly take a genius application to be automatically alerted to such expired deals for immediate removal from a front facing website.
  4. I actually tried to use the, 5% OFF PRICELINE EXPRESS DEALS COUPON listed on this site. I figured that perhaps they wouldn't allow stacking such deals; so, I tried from a refreshed browser, as well. Neither seemed to work.
  5. I noticed that, on 3/30/2018, there was a great PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal posted on Priceline... for a 3-Star Hotel in Central Scottsdale, at $74. Based on the 9+ Guest Rating, and the, "SAVE 60%;" this hotel appears to be, "Residence Inn Scottsdale Paradise Valley." However, when attempting to book, I receive the following message: "Please note: Pricing and inventory changes often and the deal you selected is no longer available. However, we still have the following deals below." However, the same PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal pops up, as purportedly still available. It doesn't make sense that they would continuously post a Deal, over a month out... that somehow is already booked up? Are Express Deals only good for booking a week or so in advance? Or, is this just a PRICELINE glitch?
  6. I called back and asked for the billing department, and they stated that only the hotel manager handles billing issues. Fortunately, they said that the hotel manager will be back tomorrow. So, I think I'll just try back tomorrow. It's really annoying nonetheless. Any check-in agent should be able to reverse duplicate charges made in error. That's just basic front desk 101, right? It's funny... this is why I stay at corporate hotel chains like Marriott, to avoid these types of pitfalls. Hopefully, they'll resolve it just as soon as they see their error. - That is, if they see it as an error. Now, I feel like I should have complained about the broken heater, after all. I'm usually a stickler, but I figured I'd let the broken heater issue slide. Now I recall why I'm not the type to ever let anything slide. - Never can be sure that you won't need the extra ammo in a pinch. They would probably have refunded me for that complaint, to begin with... which would have inadvertently fixed the otherwise unknown double billing issue.
  7. A pending credit card charge from Marriott, which initially seemed to be just a customary hold, actually posted for well over $100, when I already paid in advance through Priceline. I called the hotel and the manager is out. What is the best way to resolve being double billed? I.E. Being billed by both Priceline and then the Marriott for the same night, which was already paid for through Priceline. Should I just wait for the manager to come back from vacation? Should I send the hotel an email? Should I call Marriott Corporate? Should I call Priceline directly? Should I just dispute the charges? Is this just a case of an inexperienced check-in agent, not finding the correct reservation, and then just creating a duplicate reservation? Wouldn't that be the kind of information to go over with a new guest, so that the prospective guest would be aware of the room rate that they would actually be billed, in order for the prospective guest to make that purchase decision, in the first place? Regardless, I ultimately received a bill for zero dollars. How then, can one very well be double charged for the room, when the reservation was was already paid for in advance? - I would gather that bill for zero dollars is just ancillary, for possible add-ons, over and above a guest being separately charged for the the rack rate? If anyone has had any experience getting these types of issues resolved, please share. I know that this is something that shouldn't be difficult to get resolved, once the hotel manager takes a look at their double billing. But, is there a way to get it resolved prior to the hotel manager getting back from vacation?
  8. i just went ahead and rebooked the Marriott West Mesa, since I left a charger there. Fortunately, the room we have this time is nice and warm. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the tip, I'll try that from your PRICELINE link and report back.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I just stayed with family last night, even though I'm allergic to everything. I just didn't want to stay at the Clarendon, so I wasn't willing to chance it. I also didn't feel like staying at the same Marriot Mesa property again, as the heater wasn't working very well. Do you guys know of any surefire strategies to further narrow down another corporate property? I'm willing to look at other zones, up to about $100, depending on the star level.
  11. This thread should be closed. There was no advice given, and I'm not aware of where they decided to stay.
  12. Thanks a bunch for those tips. I would accept any corporate property, as I prefer corporate hotel chains. So, Westin and Hyatt are both fantastic options. What bidding strategy on Priceline would one need to avoid the Clarendon? To wit: I'm used to bidding up to the strike price. But, I don't know how I would get the correct property if say, the preferred property has a higher bid than the other option in that same zone. Would I just start bidding at $72? Also, does the Priceline overlap deals with Hotwire? I.E. Is the Westin on offer at Priceline, as well?
  13. Looking for a 4 star hotel in Downtown Phoenix for tonight. Preferably a Hyatt, Hilton, or Marriott property. Last time I stayed in Downtown Phoenix I got the Hyatt at $76. So, looking to confirm a similar deal like that exists before bidding. As an aside, is there a way to bid and check, more than once in 24 hours? Thanks for your consideration.
  14. Just wanted to confirm that this rate still works for this property, as of last night. However, there are four rebid zones that do not have 3.5 stars; so there's no need to use North Tempe, nor East Mesa. A safer strategy is to start at 3.5 star West Mesa, in this case bidding at $47, and then proceed to add $2 to each of the four rebid zones that are 3 star and below; up to the strike price of $55. Thanks for the tip.
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