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  1. Last minute trip. Express Deal Price was $43. The "Name your own Price" usually accept a 95% price bid of the Express Deal (5% off), however they didn't accept $39, $40, or $41. Must be because it's already so low. So, we saved $1 off the Express Deal Price. Charge was $42 + tax for $52.02 for a three start with breakfast. We've stayed here before. 12/1/17 - $49 1/27/18 - $43 2/9/18 - $53 Over the last year we sometimes got "Country Inn and Suites", but not since they finished remodeling. I suspect they only offered the deep discount during the disruptive construction
  2. If you are absolutely opposed to using BetterBidding, this link will take you to "Name your own price" after you supply the "Number of Rooms" and "Location": https://www.priceline.com/hotels/startOffer.do? If you drop the "?" it defaults to the normal search. I assume that the "RefId" grants an affiliate a minor commission. If you use BetterBidding, it would be preferable to us the links embedded in the site. If you just stumbled across this using a Google Search, that link will solve your problem... until they take it away.
  3. I was the first to report this, and I have a "Half-Answer". The feature is there for folks who know how to "Link to it" or who use an App (Android Application or iPhone Application for a tablet/phone). Whoever maintains their web presence has broken their navigational model. The links don't work (not even in the help page about the feature). And, they seem to have removed almost every easy-to-find reference. I get equivalent deals on HotWire Hot Deals about half the time in half the locations. The easiest way to get to it is indeed to use the framed links on the board. The
  4. I think Priceline's web team is just really lax. (IE: PC, desktop-broswer, PC/Cromebook Style Web Browsing). The features are easy to find on the Android and Apple Priceline Apps. And, The moderator (admin/developer of this site) seems to know the trick to frame with an embeded link to the name your own price tool. I challenge anyone to go into the site at the main web page and navigate to a "Name your own Price" page. I find the link in the footer by the copy rights, and most of the links in the FAQ/Help don't go to the page as intended.
  5. The PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for this hotel directly was $110. I booked this for $99/night using a discount from a prior night. The total was $325.26 total for 3 nights.
  6. I booked 3 nights at La Quinta Inn Tampa Bay Pinellas Park Clearwater at $57/night for a total of $215.79 with tax.
  7. When the prices drop on these, they REALLY drop. I'm waiting for the real deals to beg picking up in May.
  8. I used the Better Bidding 5% off Priceline Coupon. Paid $60/night for a total of $147.68. This is about the best price you can get over spring break. On June 23rd, 2017, I got this some hotel for $34/night. The real value is about $45/night, but I'll take it. They do serve a good breakfast.
  9. HOTWIRE Deal for a 2.5* for $54/night. Came to $133.56 total. This is slightly north of the Savannah, GA metro area. Intend to use it as a waypoint to visit the light houses on Tybee Island and Hilton Head.
  10. I booked this two 3 day weekends in a row. Any time can get a Suite with a kitchen near the water for this price, you kind'a got to go for it. The PRICELINE EXPRESS price was 75.
  11. I'm normally a $50 hotel guy, but when I can get a 4 star for $74, I go for it. Suspect parking will cost me. This hotel is available for 67% off this weekend and again on 5/18/18 to 5/21/2018. We'll see what it's like.
  12. Booked 2 nights for a total of $133.7 ($53 each) after applying a HOTWIRE FLASH20 promo code for an additional $10. Stated prices was $63. Hotel zones in HOTWIRE are a little weird and less defined than in PRICELINE. I performed searches for Pensacola, Destin, Milton, Crestview, and Defuniaka Springs. All are about within 10 miles of the panhandle coast. If you search all three and don't care about being exactly on the water's edge, there are some deals to be had. Prices will soon shoot up on the Panhandle and drop for the rest of Florida when the winter season ends. I'm ta
  13. Booked 2 nights for a total of $134.80 ($52 each) after applying a Hotwire Coupon code for an additional $10. Stated prices was $62.
  14. Used Flash sale FLASH20. Actually paid $64, for 2 nights, but $20 off drops that to $54.
  15. Have a 3 day weekend off, and this is a fair value at $42/night. Total comes to $154.94. The only reason to go to Homestead is to jump down to the keys during the day. We have a Florida State Park Pass, and John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is fairly close to this. It's one of the nicer state parks we've found in Florida, and we'll just come back to the room to crash at night.
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