Bidding for someone else on PL?

By Phaelon56,

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My girlfriend's son and his girlfriend are 22 and 21 years old respectively and have expressed an interest in going to Myrtle Beach for a few days during their spring break. They're not partiers and just want to get away for a few days. Being students, they're on a limited budget and I'd like to give them a three night stay in a nice hotel as a gift. Can I bid and buy the room on PL and put his name in the field as the guest? Also... once he arrives (assuming I can do this), he'll have a Visa check card with a few hundred $$ in his account but he does not have a credit card of his own (a good thing!). I've used a Visa check card to cover incidentals on many of my hotel stays but just want to ensure that he won't have a problem doing this. Do PL's or the hotel's rules allow them to require a credit card even if the room is prepaid?

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I would confirm all of this via an email to Priceline, but my understanding....

I don't see any problem with the above scenario, EXCEPT it's up to each hotel to determine what they require at check-in (check card, credit card, cash, etc).

If we think about the hotel's reasoning for requiring a "deposit" at check-in, it's to make sure they get paid for any incidentals, so i don't see MOST hotels having a problem with a check card. It will boil down to how much they want to put on "hold" in order to guarantee they get paid for any candy bars out of the mini-bar:)

If you trust him enough, worse case scenario is i see you giving the hotel you credit card nubmer to cover any incidentals OR he deposits a large sum of money into his check card account to make sure that there is enough to cover whatever the hotel feels necessary to put on 'hold' (it's oftne some outrageous figure, like $200/day). Remember also, that anything they put a "hold" on will not be accessible for him to use around town.

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I am always getting rooms for other people and I put their names in the field as guest. There has never been any problems but normally I am using their credit cards when making the bid. I suggest that after you get the hotel you call and tell them your requests and concerns about the credit cards. For example, I always call the hotel and request a no smoking room and two beds.

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I've purchased rooms for other people with no problem on Priceline and Hotwire. You can use your credit card, but put their name in the "guest" area. The two aren't cross-referenced at any point, nor does the hotel request to see the original credit card.

As to using a check card (like a visa check card), I've not seen a hotel refuse to take that at check in. As long as they see the visa on it, they've always been fine.


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I reckon having seeing this someplace on this board.

I'd ask it anyways- can one bid for others (family, friends etc). How will that work, since the card is in my name, and the reservation perhaps in their name.

Anyone has tried this, and came across any issues in doing so?

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