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  1. If you bid again you may or may not get the same hotel at the same price - there's no predicting. Also - if you bid again you have another PL service charge added to your overall cost. I had a co-worker bid for and win a hotel in San Francisco for a business trip. I bid the same dollar amount and star level as her win and within a few minutes of her bid but got a completely different hotel - it happens. Also - the "Add a Night" feature sometimes stays available for days or weeks after your win but it won't always yield another night. You can log in to PL and go to the My Trips tab. If it's
  2. Yes - that system is becomign the norm in hotels that update their overall operational systems regularly. Ands much to their credit... when i stayed at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero in San Francisco a few years ago (a PL stay) they not only cheerfully reversed those charges when discovered them halfway through my stay - they also offered me a free dorm size fridge to store my own cold items in and delivered it to the room an hour later. Don't know if any of you have tried the little soft sided zip up beverage coolers but I bring one on all my longer personal trips. It fits in my suitcase e
  3. If you're not looking for In/Out privileges for your car and don't mind self-parking and walking a few blocks after you leave your luggage at the hotel you should be able to find parking for about $18 - $22 inclusive per 24 hours. I stayed on a PL bid last January at the Villa Florence and was able to self-park in a garage a block of Market - between Elllis and O'Farrell IIRC and it had entrances on both streets.
  4. Was looking last minute for a place adjacent to New Brunswick. Only one 2.5 * among the options so I wanted to be careful about the free rebid and didn't play with small increments as I don't have time to bid again after 24 hours. $42 first bid was rejected and got this property on my second bid at $52. Your Offer Price: $52.00 Extend Your Stay Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $52.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $15.36 Total Charges*: $67.36
  5. I stayed overnight recently inthe Scranton area unexpectedly. Long drive back to NY state from NC and decided to stop late at night. Tried the Country Inn and Suites which was sold out but judging by the common areas it appears to be very nice indeed. I ended up at a place across the street - the "Countryside Inn". Similar in name only but at $50 or $55 per night it was a bed and it was clean enough.
  6. Started at $47 and used three rebids. At $50 level was advised that $13 addition to my bid would guarantee a win. Added $1 to bid and won the Hilton. Was hoping for the Westin but this will be just fine. Your Offer Price: $51.00 Extend Your Stay Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $153.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $30.44 Total Charges: $183.44
  7. Indeed they are! Best restricted rate is $256 per night and best unrestricted is $269. I was thinking that $115 seemed just a tad high but apparently not.
  8. Did two bid series for 4* and 3* for Long Beach area with Long Beach itself as the target. No success with bids at up to $120 for 4* and $110 for 3* Started over for Newport Beach area with any 4* in the general Orange County area as the real target. Struck out trying for Newport -Huntington beach with a few free rebids at up to $115 and then added Costa Mesa (only other zone with a 4* and close to the work site I'll be visiting). Hit immediately at $115. Your Offer Price: $115.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $345.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $53.16 Total Charges:
  9. I just used the Extend Your Stay option for a trip to NYC this past weekend. I had won the Millenium Hilton (across from WTC site) for a Sat/Sun night stay several weeks ago and decided about a week before the trip to add Friday night. Sure enough.... due apparently to adequate availability it allowed me to add the night at the same rate I paid originally ($121 per night).
  10. It's safe and convenient to highways but it's a pretty ratty and worn out property. Don't hesitate to demand a different room if the first one is not up to snuff. I have a friend who had some family members stay there two years ago due family emergency (funeral) and cost considerations. A few of them had very problematic rooms but the front desk did transfer them - no problem. What frosts me is that they're calling it "University". By Syracuse standards (a small city with distcintly different zones) it's definitely not a University area property. That said - you can get to the campus in ten
  11. I just used the Extend Your Stay option today for this same stay at the Hilton. Was able to add Friday night on to my existing Sat/Sun stay for the same price. Nice... now I get checked in Friday evening and get the entire day in the city Saturday instead of hassling with a long drive down very early Saturday morning.
  12. Started my bid process for 3* downtown (only area zone with 3*). failed at $35 and worked my way up to $43 with three rebids but no luck. Backed off and waited 48 hours then started new bid process. began at $50, no luck, did rebid at $60 and finally scored at $64 with only one free rebid remaining. I'm surprised I had to go this high but suspect that Spokane has limited number of hotel rooms and perhaps tougher to get great deals. Best direct book online rate through the Red Lion web site was $104.95 per night for same dat.e
  13. I just did a failed first bid and then less than 48 hours later did the same process again - this time with a win. "Free rebids" are still very useful but the reduced wait time makes things even better Example: I need one night in downtown Spokane WA in June. There are 3* hotels in the downtown zone and that's my desired star level. There are three other zones for Spokane - all of which are 2.5* or below. First bid series: Downtown at $35 for 3* fails... add other zones one at a time and work my way up to $43 but have now run out of free rebids so I wait more than 24 hours. Second bid series
  14. I just used the Add a Night / Extend Your Stay feature for the first time. I won the bid last week and decided today to see if I could add on a night at the beginning of my stay. The option was still there when I logged in to My Trips at PL. I'm staying at the Millenium Hilton in lower Manhattan on a Saturday and Sunday night and wanted to add Friday. That hotel caters predominately to a Mon - Thurs business clientele. I was fairly certain I'd get the Friday night at the same price and indeed I did. Last night I also started a new bid process for a different trip less than 48 hours after my f
  15. Seaparate bids will always raise your overall cost unless you luck into gettting a lower winning bid for some of the days than for others and it ends up offsetting the extra fees. The priceline "processing" charge was $5.95 last tie I kew but now they bundle it into "taxes and fees" - it may even be higher than that. Every separate winning bid incurs the charge. IMHO it's pretty risky to bid for one night, hope to get the "extend your stay" option and then expect that the nights you want will be available and at the same price. This condition: spells out the risk - the fact that they offer
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