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  1. I think with your budget you will not win a 4 star in London mid week. You will need to consider staying slightly further out or your star level. Do you have any prices from conventional means? What are the best rates you are getting quoted? In my experience getting a room midweek in London for 150 pounds is good never mind 150 dollars. You may want to add Finsbury to give you a chance at the Hilton Islington which would be fine for getting around. There has been the odd success for low ball bids but not a lot. You seriously need to consider your options IMO.
  2. I always understood that you could not do this via Priceline. I think this is what Powerplantop is saying - if you did book via this (wishing to drop off at a different location) then you more than likely would have a costly problem when you tried to drop it off at a different location and any savings you thought you made would be wiped out.
  3. I would have to agree that Westminster would be my preferred area too if you are going to see the sights. There are a few that spring to mind but there is little history here so it is a risk. The hotel that sprung to mind was the Marriott County Hall but from what I can see the map does not extend that far. I think Riverbank Park Plaza is out of zone too. The City Inn would be in zone. Kingsway Hall is another option but it could be the Thistle Trafalgar Square, which gets very mixed reviews. I think the Apex City is out of this zone but another good choice. I really don't know which one this is and as thereuare says it is a big differential and in my opinion you can get a hotel that you know is ok for that price. You are arriving on a bank holiday weekend and there will be little going on in the "city of London" (the business are - will be dead) but there will be plenty of tourists. Prices for hotels are cheaper at this time and the Apex City can be got for under
  4. Hi We stayed in this hotel a few years back during the London Marathon weekend before I had ever heard of Priceline and we paid well over
  5. I believe you would do better to get a flight into Newark rather than JFK if you are looking to stay in New Jersey. Thereuare will know more about this as he is a local.
  6. An hour flight means getting to the airport an hour or more prior to departure, paying parking and then train or taxi into the hotel when you arrive ( may need 2 if there are 5 of you). It probably takes about 2.5 hours out for an hour flight. If you like driving and there are enough of you to share driving but still be comfortable then I would consider that particularly if cost was an issue. Depending on your plans you may be able to get a better deal on Priceline further from Manhattan if that works. For 2 couples and a teen I would also want 2 rooms. Good luck
  7. Tarmac, It Wimbledon rather than Wimbleton just in case that causes a problem in searching for info. I would suggest that you are not going to get anything near for less than a fortune. Stay somewhere central and take public transport would be my advice. If you don't have them already, I would recommend you get tickets. It is a great place to visit and not too far from Central London. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/tennis/4092134.stm Southfields is on the district line. Have a great time! Hope the sun shines on you. Blueskies
  8. You may want to check out the Marriott Courtyard on Upper East side that has been getting v g reviews and is just above the $200 budget if you pay in advance. It is a bit further out but still accessible. You can book this through the travel links on this page. Recommend you read the reviews on Tripadvisor.
  9. Just to get you started we did a three night trip last year to DC (our first time there) and booked the St Gregory Suites direct in the "Dupont Circle" area I believe for 2 adults and 2 kids. We got a AAA rate of below $200 for a suite with a bedroom with 2 Queen beds and a sofa bed in the lounge and a small kitchenette. We did a lot of walking as the metro was a bit away and the weather was good. Nobody going around at the weekend (October). I see that the St Gregory comes up on Hotwire and you may want to consider if you want to try Hotwire for more than 2 occupancy or just the two rooms on Priceline. Depends on your kids ages and level of independence, I suppose. Looking back now we probably would have been able to secure 2 rooms via P/l for a similar price but we were happy to get a hotel with all we needed with good Tripadvisor reviews. we took a taxi to and from the airport and to get back once after a long day walking but otherwise we walked to the sites or took the metro (to Arlington). Hope this helps.
  10. Dougie, you can bid after 24 hours now, no need to wait for 72 hours. If you want to use UK Priceline (due to you being UK based) then you can donate through Paypal to the site in recognition of the assistance you receive. Alternatively you can use the US website and simply insert a USA Zip code of your choice, it does not matter. Obviously this way (US through Savings Barn) does not cost you anything. Blue Skies
  11. 1Bob, I have found this problem too. Have you tried travelsupermarket.com or UK sidestep? Londontown is another one I use some times but I think they add on tax or something unlike most other UK sites. Good luck. Blueskies
  12. Hilton used to list a spa but no laundry listed so unsure. Sorry can't be more help. Perhaps a local can help.
  13. Gary, Courtyard - It's part of the Marrriott group, a bit lower grade than a Marriott Hotel but with nice extras like free internet and breakfasts. If you are interested in reading reviews on this property then here is the link to trip advisor - this hotel only opened a few months ago. Very good reviews. http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-...y_New_York.html Please remember to use the betterchecker route to support the board. I stayed in the upper west side recently and really enjoyed that area. It is much more residential. I would certainly snap up this deal. Even if you are not sure and want time to think the rate is cancellable, nothing to lose. Good luck. I stayed in a couple of Courtyard brand hotels recently and they were excellent. I don't use 24 hr room service and need a bar and someone to turn down my covers at night so this is great for me - a good clean safe place to rest for the night.
  14. Hi Gary, Have you used the hotel checker link? Looks like you can get the Courtyard on Upper East side (your preferred area) for within your budget ($299 + tax and free breakfast) and its cancellable too. There is a Santa Claus!! Remember to book through the BB travel links. Blueskies
  15. Flowergurl got the Grand Hyatt for $180 on one of your nights if that is any help. Do you mean you want to be anywhere central in Midtown, downtown and Central Park area or do you really mean anywhere including further out? Do you have a back up plan? I am looking for the same dates as you but am waiting it out a while longer with acceptance that my back up is a reasonable option. Good luck
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