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  1. The 4 star boutique is most likely The Citizen, but what could the 3 star be? Hot Rate Downtown Sacramento Area boutique , free breakfast, parking, biz and fitness centers April 15-17
  2. Is this the Holiday Inn Express SFO South or North? Thanks for posting this. I look forward to your reply!
  3. Thanks, Colfax. I'm aware that there are better deals to be had with 3 and 4 star hotels, but I was hoping that the 2 star was the Holiday Inn Express. In addition to great reviews and nice rooms, The H.I. offers free parking, comp breakfast, a beautiful pool, and backs up to the bay. Just wishful thinking on my part. I'll probably end up at Doubletree, Hyatt or Embassy which is what we usually win and those are fine choices, too. I'll be sure to use the PRICELINE link. Thanks again.
  4. 2* SFO Bgame for 8/09/09, Shuttle, comp brkfst, bus, hi-spd, laundry, golf & tennis Thanks for your help!
  5. You might try the Ala Mar By The Sea. It's on Cabrillo, across from the beach and a block from Stearn's Wharf. It's little dated (like Motel 6 I suppose) but charming, and they offer complimentary continental breakfast. The Motel 6 is just like any other Motel 6. It's not directly on the beach either. It's about 2 blocks behind the Santa Barbara Inn. Ala Mar By the Sea: http://www.alamarmotel.com/
  6. I also won 7/09 to 7/11 in another post at the same rate, but wasn't sure until now where the team would stay. (We're heading down early) I bid $65 on Sorrento Mesa, rejected Opened a new screen thru BB's PRICELINE link and successfully bid $70 for Sorrento Mesa and East County.
  7. :) I hope you like kids. We'll be there for the weekend with my daughter's entire softball team, their parents and siblings! :)
  8. I've been trying for 3 days now with no luck, but finally struck it after exhausting all my free bids. I added Coronado as a free bid figuring that I'd never hit that area with $70 (but I kept my eyes closed and my fingers crossed). San Diego Sorrento Mesa 2.5* Country Inn and Suites 7/09 to 7/10 and added 7/10 to 7/11 for same price
  9. Yes, you should expect to pay around $200 for a 3* in the summer. Santa Barbara is verrrry crowded around the Fourth, so you're going to be lucky to find anything. There are a few motels on upper State Street that are not within walking distance, but may have some availability. They are definately 1.5 to 2*. You might also check Goleta and Carpenteria.
  10. I just returned from a Saturday night stay at Grand Hyatt SF (Union Square East) and left my car at the St. Mary's Square Garage at 433 Kearny Street. We left the car there @ 4:30pm Sat. and picked up Sunday @ 1pm. The charge was $7. I still can't get over it. We had planned on Barting in from Millbrae, but this was much easier.
  11. I can't completely remember my bidding method, but I started at $65 for 4* USE, rejected. Then added Cathedral Hill and $72, rejected, then added Lombard and $75 rejected. I go a little confused after that, but opened a new window thru BetterBidding's PRICELINE link and somehow got to $85 which I'm extremely happy with. To save money on parking, I figure that I'd either leave my car at Millbrae BART or at a friend's house on the Peninsula and BART it into the city.
  12. I just got back from the Venetian yesterday. After getting the room on Priceline, I called the hotel directly and requested 2 queen beds with no problem. As there were four of us, I had the others stay away from the desk while I checked in. No need for the $20 trick, our room in the Venetian Tower was lovely. The maids always honored our requests of extra towels when they saw the cash in our hands! :)
  13. I will be planning a trip to NYC in July and know nothing about NY. Why would you split a Priceline bid? Are some days of the week cheaper than others?
  14. First try. Was trying to get the Hilton again after booking 3 rooms thru PL just under and hour earlier. :)
  15. Will do. I booked the Doubletree rooms within an hour. I didn't get a confirmation from Priceline on this one so I'm not sure exactly how much time elapsed.
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