Priceline Hotel: 5* Las Vegas (Strip) Venetian

By ibh02,

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Hi guys,

How much should I bid for the dates Dec 22-25?

Looking for 5 stars. If I split this into Dec 22 and Dec 23-25, and I try 5 star... I will still get the same hotel right? Venetian.

otherwise, I'm looking for 4 stars and hoping for MGM...

my budget $100 / night

For some reason, when u go to price line and type in $80, for 5 star, it doesn't say low chance. So there's a possibility of getting it

Please comment.


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You have a lot of time so you can bid and rebid especially for the 5 star with all the rebids.

Looks like the first couple of nights could be had at the lower rate as the website says $169 which normally means a priceline bid of $99 will get it.

There is an element of chance in all your bids but What could the worse Scenario be - You have to move and spend a couple of nights at the Bellagio!! I know that may not be ideal but you have to give up something to get the prices. Otherwise you need to look at booking conventionally.

Don't really believe $99 will get it for second two nights but with a rate of $219 on their website perhaps you would be able to get at a reasonable amount. If your budget is tight and you don't want to move then I would look at 4 star level. Thats just my opinion. I am sure there will be others out there who will be able to help you.

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I don't really want to split the bid because of the chance I won't get the same hotel but the only 5* listed in Las Vegas in the Strip area is Venetian so if I do rebid, I'll probably get the same hotel.

Actually, I don't mind whatever hotel as long as it's 5* and I can get it at $100!

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I would say that it is very unlikely that you would get the whole stay for that budget but that is my opinion and it is up to you to decide whether you would prefer to look at 4 star or raise your budget (if that is possible) to get a 5* or just keep trying in hope that you get the whole trip for $100 + taxes + fees (with a cancellable back up).

Good luck whatever you decide. Have fun in Vegas!

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If you are bidding at 5* level and get the venetian (most likely) you will have a King bed and Queen Sofa as a minimum. However if you want to request a two Queen room you will be asked to pay extra on most occasions. I think its $30 extra per night. The rooms are very large but there would be no privacy. Certainly when we went there was no problem getting a room with 2 Qs but we did have to pay for it.

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Just to add to Blueskies' comment, the switch to a room with 2 Queen beds would be based upon availability, but i dont' suspect you'd have too much trouble for your dates since it's a slow time in Vegas (but mention for anyone else reading this thread)

Let us know how you want to proceed and we'll advise accordingly.

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If you notice - on priceline

For 5 Stars - Avg Rate

Dec 22 - $169

Dec 23 - $169

Dec 24 - $219

Dec 25 - $199

Dec 26 - $120

So do you think I can bid $99 for Dec 22 and 23... I think it's possible right. I actually might start at 79 and use free rebids and go up to $99.

Dec 26 hmmm how much do you think I can bid on price line? for 5 star... I'm just aiming venetian

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