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  1. The hotel is likely to be the La Quinta Inn Manhattan. Mixed reviews; available at $139.99 if booked direct.
  2. Yes, I know it's an overbid but prices during this period in HK are high and my friend wanted me to bid in a jiffy as she was desperate for a room! Tried booking the New World Renaissance direct for $176 inclusive of taxes but could not get availability. Tried $105 first bid as this was within the 'budget' of $150. Did not want to risk other places as she does not like the Eaton. Check-In Date: Friday, April 14, 2006 Check-Out Date: Sunday, April 16, 2006 The Kowloon Hotel 19-21 Nathan Road Kowloon Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  3. Please also let us know the areas you have bidded on as well as star levels so that more input can be provided.
  4. Please check and let us know whether hotels in the following PL zones are acceptable: MTW, MTE, MTS, UM-CPS. We can then advise further if needed. For the benefit of members of this board, do you think you could post your Priceline / Hotwire wins for San Francisco? Thanks :)
  5. Have read that of late some hotels like Extended Stay now charge extra for 2 beds if the room was won on Priceline. Another place I can recall is the Venetian which also charges extra for more than 1 bed. Though it can be said that Hotwire is cashing in on it, paying for 4 people guarantees 2 beds. This cannot be guaranteed on Priceline and is always "subject to availability". IMO if there is an opportunity for the hotel to make more profits, they would consider implementing this charge.
  6. Slruud, seems like sub $40 is now possible, depending on dates. See THIS recent Hotwire win for Dec at Crowne Plaza. Should be able to do better on PL. Have to agree with the shuttles and parking bit. With parking it's $10 a day and with the shuttles it's usually not that frequent - so doesn't work out well.
  7. $159 offer valid for reservations booked between 11/7/05 - 12/1/05 for travel between 11/20-11/22 and 1/1/06-1/31/06 at Grand Hyatt New York. Click HERE to book. Enter Special Offer Code NYCTVL
  8. Unlikely to score below $40 for 3* bids in DL especially for extended stays, probably due to DL 50th Anniversary.
  9. Excellent deal but very risky for out of town travellers without a cancellable backup. Just curious if you had any alternative plans if bidding didn't work out (e.g. hotels full)?
  10. Just curious to know whether there are any Resort fees to be paid in addition to the rate you paid Priceline? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the update :) $30/day seems steep (not sure if it's because of the young renter's fee) but maybe it's just the rates in Orlando. I usually rent in the West Coast where rates are like $17-$20 per day.
  12. Was $265 the total including fees and taxes? Do you think you could post your successful bid price per day to help future renters? Thanks :)
  13. It is a risk biting the bullet but from my experience last month bidding for a friend, I noted that prices dropped approximately 5-7 days from the actual date of stay in my case.
  14. For those who intend to bid in Fullerton area, you might want to check rates at Wyndham Anaheim Park before bidding as this hotel has now come up on PL as reported elsewhere. Low rates of $59 on some dates, so PL might not save you much.
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