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  1. I'm booking for 2 ppl only Details for your 3-star hotel in Bellevue North - Redmond Hotel Details Check in: CheckInDate:Fri, Aug 4, 2006 Check out: CheckOutnDate:Sat, Aug 5, 2006 PricePerRoom:$86 per room per night Hotel Amenities Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access
  2. sorry, it's double occupancy, if I wanted to fit 4 ppl, it'd be 2 rooms :)
  3. I would like to fit 4 ppl in a room.
  4. Aug 3-6, 2006 budget is $100 per night. I'm looking for the highest star level I can get. What price level should I start with and because I'm trying a 4 star, I will have a couple of free rebids. Downtown 3* - how much should I bid? What are the chances of NOT getting Holiday Inn... Should I try 4* and see if I can get that? Bellevue - 4* - Should I try bidding for a 4*? Should I split my bidding? Thanks for your help...
  5. if our budget is around $100-150 USD a night? What star can we get? What we are trying to do is set a $50USD max per person ceiling... so if we can get a room for $100USD, that might work
  6. we are currently in the planning stages and will not bid yet. Although, we are thinking if it's better to just go through regular bookings through company website or through priceline. Although the problem with priceline is , it only guarantees 2 ppl and that might be a problem I'll probably go traditional then. do you think it's possible to get $100 USD on priceline for those dates? I can just book a couple rooms at that rate...
  7. First, are you comfortable bidding for a room for quad occupancy when only double occupancy is guaranteed? -Yes, I guess, they usually give 2 queen size beds in a room... Second, ignore priceline's "low chance" message. -ok Third, what is the best rate you can find for a 4* or Resort for the timeframe you are looking for? So far, about $200 USD...from priceline, other sites are showing around the same rate in Canadian dollars.. so I guess if I do bid, I could try for $150 USD because of this estimate
  8. If you bid for a 4 star or resort... do you think you can make it for $125-150 USD? Since, if you took a look at the bidding strategy and entered the amount, it won't complain if it's more than $120USD. It complains that there is a small chance if less than $120USD for those dates.
  9. any chance of getting one of those nice hotels? 4 star ones? Pan Pacific... Westin... at say $150USD? Delta is selling at $200USD on priceline
  10. would you happen to know the price range that people found during the dates? Don't really have a budget, as long as it's much cheaper than the hotel website and Expedia
  11. Hi there, I'm planning a vacation in Whistler, Canada between Feb 11 - 17, 2006. It will be two nights/3days. Anytime in that week is good. I just need the cheapest date I can find for the accomodations. My choices are as follows: www.priceline.com www.hotwire.com www.Hotels.com www.Expedia.com www.whistlerblackcomb.com Hotel direct? Any suggestion as which site will be the best for bookings? I'm looking for 4 star or resort accomodation. What price range will I be looking at? Also, can the rooms accomodate 4 people? Thanks for your help
  12. Car Rental - Las Vegas - Dec 23-26 Coupon, rate, discount code priceline bidding looking for either full size car, SUV or Van What do you guys suggest? What coupon codes should I try? There's so many... How much should I bid on priceline per day?
  13. If the hotel isn't booked, do you think we can get a newer room even if we did priceline bookings? See... I'm thinking, maybe it's not worth it to get it through price line if the rooms are old, stinky, and not so clean. Would you know how much we have to pay to upgrade the room to a nicer room?
  14. Do priceline customers get treated differently at Venetian? Like, are the rooms much worst off? Do they give you the worst rooms in the hotel?
  15. someone delete my useless post... I got venetian for $119... dec 22-24 2005
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