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  1. Saw a hot rate via a Hotwire email and used the HOTWIRE link on here. Didn't get the BS insurance, because that's why I have a World mastercard. I am glad I got Alamo, because I can cherry pick my SUV. BTW what types of mid-size suv's have people been getting from Alamo? Car daily rate - Hotwire hot Rate: $31.95 Rental days: 4 Subtotal: $193.75 Tax recovery charges and fees: $65.95 Trip total: $193.75 Next lowest was at Dollar for about $59. ~JS
  2. If its the one I'm thinking about (at 3 Appletree square), I've stayed ther when it was a Holiday Inn. Pretty nice place. Some people have said to get a room away from the lightrail. Lightrail stop is half a block away too. ~JS
  3. Well I guess they upgraded this to a 3* now. I was surprised to win this at $50. Started at $46 rejected Counter offer $59, Denied Added Rochester North $48 rejected Added Rochester South $50 ACCEPTED Bid $50 Taxes and Fees $13.27 Total $63.27 Going rate is $99 Sorry, I haven't been here for a while, I had some family stuff to go through. BTW I used the PRICELINE link.:) ~JS
  4. What to expect? (Usually) To pay an extra fee. ~JS
  5. Check advantage rent a car. There is a chance, that they might not charge you extra. ~JS
  6. I would try for a 2* in sioux falls, if a 2.5* is a no go. I remember a long time ago, I got the Fairfield Inn for a pretty good price. Granted that was a long time ago. ~JS
  7. Here's what they offer: Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access Could very well be a Springhill Suites, as there is one in that area, but it hasn't been identified as of yet. ~JS
  8. It very well could be the Ramada (a.k.a. Grand Rios). Some of the tripadvisor reviews of it are pretty bad. Personally, I would go for the 2.5 * for $5 more, or try your best at PRICELINE. ~JS
  9. Good deal there. Can you list the property amenties that appeared with it? ~JS
  10. So everyone knows, when I got there, I was able to pick out a Toyota Prius. They had two there. It was good to save some gas on my trip. I'm thinking I saved about a tank and a half. ~JS
  11. The only catch is that you don't know which rental company you'll get and that your purchase will be final. As which rental car company you'll get, the best answer to that is to research what other people have been getting. Problem of course is that it isn't a guarentee. What a mid-size SUV is, is differant with each company, but they are usually similar. When you get to the airport, you very well could have the choice of 10 differant models, or just one in three differant colors. I hope this helps. ~JS
  12. Boy, you're really living out of a suitcase. Is it for some kind of work thing? I'm sure they'll remember you from last time.:) ~JS
  13. Do you happen to see any other icons on the listing? Otherwise, this hotel hasn't been identified. If I where to guess, it could be the clarion, but there is not enough evidence to support it. ~JS
  14. At first I was wondering where it was, but after looking at their site, I know which one it is. It is on Civic Center drive and is right next to Hwy 52. It use to be a Howard Johnson, then a Days Inn, then a Travel Lodge. I wonder if they made the image of the place better. ~JS
  15. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like Hotwire's new format. You do the basic search, but you have to click, to de-select areas and you have to click again, to see a map of the area. Before, they had the areas in plain view on the side as well as an area map. Anyone else hate this? ~JS
  16. They have a holidome, so it has an amazing pool area. ~JS
  17. Your saving on American will go down with their $15 "service charge" for the FIRST checked bag. Jay Leno, as many call it ransom. What's next, charge for window seats, a quarter to use the bathroom? Oh the horror, oh crap, I might have given them ideas. :) ~JS
  18. I see one for $185 and a "retail" of $203. Does that sound like it? It could be a hotel that is new to the HOTWIRE game, but going for it, would be kind of risky. It would be like doing PRICELINE, but knowing the accepting rate. So unless you want to take a big risk, I would suggest passing on this one. ~JS
  19. He hasn't been here since his last post, so I doubt he'll respond. ~JS
  20. I know the Carlson (raddison, Country Inn, Park Inn) chain did, back when Gold points was still in effect. They still might with Gold Points Plus. ~JS
  21. This is the one on American West Bvld right? If it is, yes, it is the better of the two La Quinta's. The other one looks like a dump from the outside. If you are using this as a park and fly, then they will charge you extra. You should call them to see if they will let you do it. ~JS
  22. Are you just passing through, or where you thinking of going to an attraction? Short of staying in a dump, you would likely get a pool with whatever hotel you get. With priceline you can get a hotel really cheap (probably around $35 for a 2.5 * in some areas) Chance though, you might not get a free breakfast, which could save you about $10/day. With Hotwire, there is also a chance you can review it on Tripadvisor. Anything else you're wondering just ask. ~JS
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