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  1. I always give my member card when checking in. On some stays I have recieved nothing (which is not a problem). On some stays I have recieved upgrades, drink coupons and club leavel rooms.
  2. That is a good area to be in. For places to eat you could try Firebirds Rocky Mountain Grill‎, I have not yet but some of the guys from the project say it is good. I have tried and like J Alexander's. Plus there is lots of the nation wide chains.
  3. This is the info PL provides to hotels. www.utellportal.com/Marketing/priceline
  4. How true! That is why I wish we had the option not to be upgrade to a higher star rating.
  5. Since its an airport hotel if there is bad weather I would call before my flight left to remind them that I will arive late. I would be ready with my flight times and flight number.
  6. I don't see your post from when you won this hotel. After you post the details of your win bump this then we will try to help you.
  7. Were you using the same computer and/or internet connection? If so it could be the IP.
  8. If mbsone had stated they had bad experinces at HI I would have agreed but he stated it as fact when its not true. As anytime when on a PL stay I did consider myself lucky to be upgraded. It was a long stay and they hotel was at low ocupancy. Due to the great treatment I have been back for several stays book the normal way. The HI chain is not for everyone for one thing they do not offer any kind of free breakfast. Over the years a high percent of the HI hotels have not been up to standards (nice way of saying they were dumps). The brand is undergoing a major upgrade and expansion. If the older hotels don't upgrade they are being stripped of the brand. The new hotels that are being built are great here is an example of one I have stayed at three times. It is a great hotel but expensive. If you were to snag this one on PL you would be happy, but still no free breakfast. http://travela.priceline.com/travelguides/...iewID=238939070
  9. This could be a big plus for HOTWIRE. It is a nice feature and I am sure a lot of people would use it.
  10. Wrong! Holiday Inn does not have that as a policy. As a PRICELINE customer I have been upgraded to suites at Holiday Inn.
  11. mbstone, I forgot about batteries in the remote. A few times I have checedk in late and the remote only worked two feet from the tv. as to number 9 that is why they put extra soap by the sink. :) :)
  12. Until Sept I had free mini-par perks at Intercontinental Hotels. Now on my next stay at one I will have to pay thru the nose for the mini-bar.
  13. Good one. I love a thermostate that I can set a temp and not a dial of 63% of blue is good. Great example of a small thing that really makes a hotel stay.
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