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  1. Started bidding fairly low last night with no success. Tried again tonight going up slightly higher by $2/bid and got the Hyatt Regency in Downtown South Toronto for $78. Looks like a good hotel and location. Thanks!
  2. Just booked this the other night.... June 18-21, got the Sheraton Hotel and Towers for $115, had a $10 priceline reward, so actually paid $105. Best website rate was $230. Looks to be a decent hotel!
  3. Starting bidding low at $40 for a 3-star and worked my way through a number of bids over a few days from 3 to 2.5 star levels.... Got a counter offer at $60 to raise $17 for a 2.5 star in Fargo, added Moorehead and raised to $64 and got the Ramada Plaza and Suites. Appears to be a new hotel to the Priceline Hotel List.
  4. Tried bidding for a 3-star in Minneapolis Northwest at $38 and was rejected... added Burnsville and was accepted for the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis North for $40. Not too bad, their website rate is at 80$ right now.
  5. Bid a couple days ago up to 53$ with no luck. Tried again last night and got the Hyatt Regency for $45/night on the first bid. Guess I should have tried a little lower!! Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Downtown Minneapolis 1300 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403 Check-In Date: Sat, May 16, 2009 Check-Out Date: Mon, May 18, 2009
  6. I've been bidding my dates off and on for the past few months now. Bid last night MTW/TS up to $185 with no success at all. Tried one last time tonight and got the Hilton New York for $140/night! Huge savings over my cancellable back-up I had booked. Thursday October 9 - Monday October 13, 2008 Hilton New York
  7. Back-up was at Hampton Inn Madison Square, it was actually for 340$ per night. However, today I found a great deal through travelzoo which works out to an average of 250$ per night for the Millennium Broadway. I was super excited to find this rate, for what should be a better hotel, in a better location. I think I will lay off PRICELINE for awhile now, maybe try later in September if rates seem to be decreasing.... otherwise 250$ seems to be a very good rate for my stay right now!! As for splitting our bid, I really do not want to do that.... I think I would rather pay slightly more than hav
  8. I've been bidding on MTW/MTE/TS for Thursday October 9th to Monday October 13th for the past couple weeks with no success. As of today I have bid up to 240$ with no luck. Since it still is a month and a half away would I be better to wait awhile before bidding any higher? Any chance I would have better luck closer to the date or should I keep increasing my price now? I have a backup reserved for about 330$ per night, so I am still willing to go a little higher yet. Prices of other hotels for my dates are: Hilton New York $379, Sheraton Hotel and Towers $419, Grand Hyatt $394, Omni Berkshire
  9. I wanted the Northwest zone but was unsure of the 3* Ramada that could come up since it had some bad reviews recently. Bid 2.5* in NW zone up to 42$ (knowing I could get the upgrade to 3* as well). Nothing hit, so big SW zone initally 3* up to $40. Then lowered to 2.5* and hit first try at $38 and got the Hyatt Place Eden Prairie - excited to check it out, looks like a nice place! One Night Saturday June 21st - Sunday June 22nd Bid Price: $38 Location: Hyatt Place Eden Prairie Lowest website rate was 89$.
  10. Thanks for all the help! I didn't want to chance getting the Ramada, so bid priceline instead.
  11. Thanks, that's a good though about the 2.5 star instead. Any idea what hotel that may be? I'm still unsure what to do.... I usually use priceline, but am not very familiar with the hotels in the Minneapolis Northwest zone....
  12. Thanks for the reply! Still undecided what I will do since I wanted to stay more in the Maple Grove are as opposed to the Brooklyn Park area. I will post when I decide what we are doing. May give PRICELINE a shot instead.
  13. Hi, wondering if anyone knows what this 3-star hotel in Maple Grove may possibly be: - Smoke Free Rooms - Pool(s) - Business Centre - Golf Nearby - Fitness Centre - Restaurant(s) - High-speed Internet Access Looking at Saturday June 21st, price is currently listed at 59$. Thanks!
  14. So looks like the deal is gone now. We decided to wait for right now and stick with our Bellagio reservations.... maybe something else will come up closer to the date, we'll see....either way we're fine with Bellagio as well...
  15. Thanks again for all the advice and help!! We're still undecided as to what we are doing. Our rate at the Bellagio is 199$/night, so this is half the price. Our dates are definate and will not be changing. I really doubt many better deals will come up between now and then.... so we just have to decide if we want to go for it or not!!!
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