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  1. PLX offered a 2.5* for $50, but I didn't find prior wins for 2.5* in New Stanton. A quick check of a well known travel advisor website, listed one 2.5* in the New Stanton area (Fairfield Inn). I purchased, and received Fairfield Inn. Total price with taxes/fees was $59.97. I used the betterbidding [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link to start my reservation. The PLX listing had no amenities listed and no hotel rating, but it did indicate the price of $50 was a savings of 50% or more. Listed amenities on the booking confirmation webpage, were: Free Breakfast Free Internet (in Room) Free Parking Indoor Pool Non-Smoking Gym Handicap Accessible Direct booking would have been $119 (incl tax and fees) - I saved $60 (50%) - thanks, Betterbidding! JohnG
  2. PLX for 46 (+12.44 tax). Used BetterBidding [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link - saved $39 - thanks, BetterBidding! JG
  3. Thank you for pointing out the price match guarantee - I wasn't aware they had one. I contacted them through chat, and they refunded me the difference between my bid total (including taxes/fees) and the total if I had booked directly, including taxes. In other words, they honored the lower price and refunded the Priceline fees. Total refund was $40.08 And yes, I did start my bid via betterbidding PRICELINE quickquote... Thanks, BetterBidding!
  4. Have been bidding for the last week or so for a 3-night stay, starting at $72, upping $1 per bid. $101, $102, and $103 bids were denied this morning, but I finally won at $104 this evening. Unfortunately, as it turns out, I just discovered that I could have purchased directly from the hotel (and other websites) for $98. So, I not only overpaid per night in my bid, but I'm also now paying Priceline's fees on top of that. A well known "advisor" website showed Embassy Suites as the only 3.5* in South San Francisco, so I thought this was the property I was bidding on. Seems Priceline includes Brisbane in South San Francisco. Ah, well... part of the risks of bidding...
  5. (yes, I used bb HOTWIRE links to initiate my reservation :) Hotel amenities listed are: Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Self-service laundry Golf nearby
  6. Admittedly mixed feelings on this deal... other booking websites, Priceline, prior wins at Hotwire, and the hotel list for Hotwire, all show Little America Hotel and Resort on the 3* list, not 3.5*. Nothing against the accommodation - it's 90% recommended, and "Hotwire guests love the location", and I look forward to my stay. As the hotel list says, you may get a hotel at a star level you didn't expect. 23% in taxes and fees is getting a bit steep, too... ($72 offer, $88.75 total cost)
  7. I tried bidding 52 and 54 for Denver West, and knowing a bid of $56 was within a couple dollars of Express bid (when comparing total cost with taxes/fees), I just opted for the Express bid. I noticed two 3* offers on Express for Denver West - one was pet-friendly and one wasn't. Based on betterbidding hotel lists for 3* in Denver West, it seemed likely the $61 hotel was a Courtyard, and sure enough, it was. Price with fees/taxes was $72. Used betterbidding link to PRICELINE EXPRESS.
  8. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly - I seem to recall swimming pool and free internet. As others have commented, the hotel rooms have a musty smell, and the air conditioning struggles to keep up (common in the area). The safe is not large enough for a laptop, but is fine for everything else. I've also disposed of a couple cockroaches (12th floor) since my arrival, but again, not uncommon in these climates.
  9. I tried bids of $43, $46, and $48 in Siam/Sukhumvit for a 4*, to no avail. I was then offered a couple of express deals in Sukhumvit for $51 and $52. The $52 offer was displayed as a Guest Rating of 9.0 and "Guest Favorite", which persuaded me to take the offer, but as it turns out, only one person rated this hotel. Not sure how it can be a Guest Favorite, with only one review. Kinda disappointed there. I was hoping the hotel was near MRT/BTS, but it looks like it's 1km away. Not quite was I was hoping for, but should be ok. I used the BetterBidding PRICELINE link. One positive thing to consider is that my bid at $48 per night, included some fees that were not in the $52 express offer, so the express offer taxes were $20 less for my stay. On top of that, PL was offering a 5% coupon for express offer purchase, which saved me another $15. As such, the total cost of the $52/night offer, was less than the $48/night bid (after taxes/fees were added). Compared to publicly available reservations, I saved about $100 or $16 per night.
  10. Used the link from betterbidding to go to PRICELINE. First bid $47 was accepted ($42 + $5/night Priceline bonus cash). Two nights, total cost to me was $101.32 (without Priceline cash, it would have been $10 higher) If reserved through Courtyard website, total price would have been $303.02. Thanks, betterbidding!!! JohnG
  11. Wanted a hotel in the Arlington/Grand Prairie area for two nights (4/30-5/2) Used PRICELINE link here at BB... First bid (47) rejected. I was offered free rebid if I increased my bid by $15. I opted to go for adding areas with smaller increases. Free rebid of 50 rejected. Free rebid of 53 accepted. Total cost for two nights, including taxes and fees, was $129.98 Lowest price if booked directly on hotel website was $277.50. Thanks, Better Bidding!
  12. 1/11/11 for 2 nights. Tried Lancaster east for $52 and $60 (3*), $42 and 48 (2.5*) to no avail. Was reluctant to try downtown due to the cost of parking at Marriott Penn, but gave it a shot and won Best Western Eden for $57 (first try). Total cost $135.64 with taxes/fees. I'm not really sure about parking - hotel website doesn't say anything, so I'm hopeful it's complimentary. Web rate for BW is $119 (AAA $108), so a decent deal. Fingers crossed for a non-smoking room. Thanks, betterbidding! JG
  13. Second update... I was able to get the Hyatt Regency (Dallas Airport-North) for $46 for the second night (21 Nov). A minor inconvenience because of luggage, but under the circumstances, a pretty good deal. "oops, I forgot to use the PRICELINE link from betterbidding", so I used the fallback paypal donation page... Thanks, BetterBidding! J
  14. Sheraton Arlington Hotel 11/20/09-11/22/09 $45 winning bid for Friday, extended one day) Actually, I placed a few bids for a two day stay (Fri/Sat), but was rejected as high as $52. Then, knowing that sometimes a winning bid is offered "additional days at the same price", I decided to look at prices for rooms on Friday and Saturday in the Arlington area and noticed many hotels had a higher price for Saturday. With this in mind, I simply bid for Friday ($45) which was accepted first try, AND I was offered an additional night for the same $45. The gamble seems to have paid off (however, I did run the risk of having to stay at two different hotels, which I wouldn't have minded) As it turns out, I did find a couple sites that offered Friday for $119 and Saturday for $219 at this hotel - this would seem to explain why I wasn't having luck bidding for both days at the same time. Used the betterbidding PRICELINE link. Offered at $179 ($208 with taxes) per night at the Sheraton website, and I successfully bid for $45 ($59) per night - thanks, BetterBidding! Johngo Update - the few minutes it took me to pen this posting, I realized that Priceline had not confirmed my second day. I discovered when I scrolled down, that I still had to enter my initials and security code. Not sure if it was a system malfunction or a session timeout, but I was kicked back to the Priceline home page, and did not get my stay extended. I tried calling Priceline, but they would only offer to extend for $111 (I declined).
  15. I tried finding a 3* near Toledo. I tried all areas except for downtown, because I didn't want to pay an unknown amount for parking, plus reviews of downtown hotels do not appear particularly inspiring. I started at 40 and worked my way as high as 77 over the last few days, with no joy. With taxes/fees, a $77 Priceline room would have been $96, so I just decided to go for a direct reserve at Comfort Suites at $100 ($110 w/tax). Well-rated, a known quantity, and points, too. Now that I think about it, does it benefit this board to "click-through" for hotel chains, too? Or just Priceline/Hotwire? I always go through your links to Priceline, but I didn't for my reserve at CS (though I can change it, if it would help) J
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