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  1. I tried priceline for a 4 or 5 star and didnt get the prices i wanted. We ended up just booking a "package" from Treasure Island. It was 2 nights, 1 @ $89, 1 @ $99. The package had some nice bonuses: 2 for 1 tickets to Mystere (TI's Cirque Du Soleil performance, a $60-70 savings, which we had planned to take advantage up, but then decided not to once we got Vegas) free wifi (a savings of $15/night b/c i would have paid for it) and no resort fee. I tried the $20 trick at check in (we got there at 2 AM) and the guy quickly gave it back and said "im not sure i will be able to help you". He did give us a room with a strip view. The room was not big but not too small either and it was updated. Overall we enjoyed the stay. (it was our first trip to vegas, so we dont have much to compare it to)
  2. A friend of mine ended up coming with us and had an Avis corporate code that does not charge an underage fee and includes free insurance. The price was slightly higher than normal, but it beat having to pay an underage driver fee by A LOT!
  3. Link clicked. I now see two 5* North Strip properties both for $89. Here are the amenities when i click Details ans then See All: North #1: Casino, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, Golf nearby, Tennis nearby, & Spa North #2: Spa, Resort, Suite, Smoke-Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), high speed internet, Kitchenette, Condo The South hotel is still showing $84 and the ammenties are only: Fitness, Pool, Restuarant Can you ID any of them.
  4. Are you able to ID those 3 hotels i posted from Hotwire? If its a matter of spending another $10-15/night to know i am booking a better quality place i am all for it. Its only for 2 nights anyway. I will update the car rental thread.
  5. I looked on HOTWIRE and got the following 2 5* hotels: North: Condo, Spa, Resort. studio, Smoke-free, fitness, pool restaurant $89/night South: Fitness, Pool Restuarant $84/night (I think this is Aria or Vdara, right?) North: Resort, suite, casino, fitness, pool, restaurant, business center, high speed internet $119/night What do you think about the prices? think I can do better by bidding @ PRICELINE? While price is certainly important I am def willing to spend a little more not to end up in a bad hotel. TIA!
  6. I got an email from priceline that tells me i should try my bid again. Is that anything special? or is it standard procedure.
  7. no, Payless wants $14 a day for underage. The HOTWIRE prices do not include them either
  8. Right now PRICELINE is quoting $8-Economy, $8-Compact, $11-midsize through Payless. HOTWIRE is quoting $16, $17, and $19 for those sizes. I really need a car and it is Thursday, what do you think is a solid bid on the midsize?
  9. i have placed close to 20 bids on SUV and then economy-full size car, ranging in price from $8-16 for the cars and 22 for the SUV. What i meant by "asking price" is the price they offer you when you do a reg search, before you bid, or the prices they show after you have bid. For example, last night they were asking $9 for an economy car. and i bid $10. they wanted $11 for a midsize, i offered 13. Not sure what you mean by opaque on hotwire. whatever i saw there kept telling me there were surcharges for under 25 drivers.
  10. I am trying to rent a car for my trip to orlando on June 22-25. However, I am 22 and PRICELINE wont take my bids. I have even bid a few dollars over their asking price. Any suggestions? Also, I get the following response to many of my bids: Does it mean anything specific?Thanks for the help in advance!
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