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  1. Congrats, Spiky! What a great deal. I highly recommend Ghirardelli's and Alcatraz. :)
  2. Hey there! Just stopping by to make sure you know that Cherry Hill/Mt. Laurel is about 20-25 minutes northeast of Philly in NJ.
  3. Congrats on the win! Be sure to stop by the Creamery and get some Peachy Paterno. :-)
  4. Welcome, Tempest! This is an awesome site, and everyone's very helpful. I was browsing the Philadelphia listings to see if anyone needed help and came across your post. Just to be sure, you understand that this hotel is not in Philadelphia, correct? In fact, it's about 25 minutes northeast of the city, in NJ. Public transportation to Philly's not easy from Mt. Laurel/Cherry Hill, so if you need to get into the city, I'd suggest renting a car. Cheers, Kara
  5. What kinds of sightseeing do you plan on doing? If it's Ghirardelli's and Alcatraz, that's one thing. If it's heading north to Muir Woods, that's another.
  6. Well this was certainly an easy one! I needed a downtown San Francisco for 2 nights, near the Marriott Marquis where my conference was being held (but didn't want to pay list price of $269/night for the Marriott). I saw a winning bid for $121 for the Tuesday before I arrive, went out and checked the Hotwire price (4* $214) and figured I'd start at $105 (about half the price of Hotwire). On first try, $105 was accepted -- and it's for the Marriott Marquis! Woot! That's a savings of $164/night. BetterBidding.com and PRICELINE FTW! :)
  7. I'd heard that, but if you go to the TripAdvisor.com you'll see a note from the hotel's manager that says the club has since closed. :)
  8. Holy hell. I just went over to PRICELINE (using this link, of course, from BetterBidding.com). Rather than jump through hoops with 5*, then 4*, then 3* I thought I'd get straight to the point and bid on a 3* and lowball City Centre South (that's where we want to stay). I had Hotwire and Expedia open, and both were showing lowest available prices of $89 and $90, respectively, so I thought $49 didn't have a chance of sticking (I figured I'd get a counteroffer). Imagine my surprise when they immediately accepted my offer of $49! Ack! How awesome! Days Hotel Dublin Rathmines 3 Star Dublin City Centre South Lower Rathmines Road Dublin, Ireland 353-14066100 Amenities: Remote Control TV 24 hour front desk Breakfast room Bar/Lounge Direct Dial Telephone Private bath (Though, now that I think about it, maybe I was one of the lucky ones "chosen" to get a killer deal so they can post my win on their homepage: "Dublin 3* just booked for $49!") Either way, YAY! :) :)
  9. Good luck Geoffrey! Thanks, guys! Off to bid on Dublin now. :-)
  10. Used BetterBidding.com link for PRICELINE. Not thrilled with the prices in Rome, could've gotten a similar deal on the winning hotel's website. Kinda bleh, but got good deals in all the other cities for this trip, so I guess it's okay to suck it up for this city. Here's the info: Terminal 2 Star Central Via Principe Amedeo 103 Rome, Italy Amenities - Television - Telephone - Private bath
  11. Ah...gotcha. Makes sense. Off to bid! (Using your PRICELINE link, of course!) AFG
  12. So, I tried to go in and use the system you describe in this thread, but I'm confused because the city zone, stars, and price are all on the same page now! :) Help!
  13. Basically, the best advice I can give is two-fold: be patient and follow your gut. And, of course, use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links on BetterBidding.com. I don't think there's a good time or a bad time. To me, it's a two-part system: how far out it is and my gut feeling when I'm attempting to book. For part one, take my story for example. We're going to Europe June 17-July 1 (Barcelona - Rome - Lucerne - Brussels - London - Shannon). Right now we're three months out for the trip. I started looking at HW/PL in December (about 6 months out). I didn't see anything I thought was a good deal, so I didn't book (which is part two). Of course, I used BetterBidding.com as a compass In January, things started looking better price-wise, but I still waited. Enter February, when I got a steal of a deal: $49 in London for June! (See my list of dates booked, method used, and prices below.) This weekend (March 6-7) I hit a roll with great prices, so I booked quite a few. I'm currently holding out for Rome and Dublin/Shannon because my gut tells me I can get a better price than what I've seen so far. FYI, booking.com's parent company is...wait for it...wait for it: Priceline. :) Hope this helps! :) AFG --- Wins So Far for Europe (June '09) Trip Method (Hotel / City / Reservation Date / Stars / Winning bid) Date booked Hotwire.com (Holiday Inn Camden Lock / London / June 28 / 4* / $49) 02.13.09 Marriott.com (Swindon / June 26 - free, used points) 03.07.09 Hotwire.com (Tryp Apolo / Barcelona / June 18-19 / 4* / $52) 03.06.09 Booking.com (Schloss Hotel Swiss Chalet / Lucerne / June 22-24 / 3.5* / $84) 03.07.09 Priceline.com (NH Kensington / London / June 29 / 4* / $57) 03.07.09
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