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  1. 48 bucks plus fees is a steal for this--This property is exactly what a Hampton Inn is supposed to be---great place to stay.
  2. Used rebidding from 45 to 52 on 3 stars. Eventually got this for 55 bidding on 3 stars.
  3. Tried bidding 3 stars up to 55 in several area zones and rejected. tried 40 and 45 in the 2.5 range and rejected---but got a very nice deal on this best western for 48 bucks. not bad at all for a 118 a night room!
  4. Decent deal! Bid at 45 failed, rebid at 50 accepted.
  5. bid 40-48 two days ago for a bunch of zones in the area. Got 50 for the aloft today on my first try only selecting sterling-ashburn. A good price for a fun hotel.
  6. Hotel is Sheraton Herndon Dulles Airport Hotel. The field kept changing it to Sheraton Reston which I think is different. 60 bucks for a room going for 150 direct is making is great. I clicked on the PRICELINE link before beginning my search.
  7. Got 40 on the first try. Next time I need to try 35 or 38 and rebid. Good deal.
  8. Hi, That makes sense. I didn't realize occupancy rates changed so much. That would explain why the "feel" of bidding has changed. This is the first time I've gone below three star in a long time. Thanks for providing a great service.
  9. Started bidding at 40, and used rebids. I received an offer for 51, and rebid at 48. I'm not getting much of a discount these days and find myself just booking direct. What's going on with Priceline NYOP? I used to get 3 stars for 40. Is it just the season or is Priceline just not a great deal anymore? 37% discount isn't impressing me :(.
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