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  1. Started bidding today after not bidding for awhile. I had originally wanted a 4 star in the convention center area. Started that bidding at $111 and rebid all the way up to $133 using the 8 free rebid zones. Then at the end and partly out of desperation I rebid in another part of town that also has 4 star properties. Lowered bid to $119 for the Festival area, failed, and then rebid in the Financial area for the same price and got this property. I didn't think I would get it, and my immediate response was "oh s!!!" and my temperature rose. I know I probably could have gotten it for less, so I'm kicking myself, but oh well. My patience was/is dwindling in this search. I checked the website and rooms are going for about $180 or so and the discount sites have rates around $140. Still, the location is good, it's close to my favorite breakfast spot at the Fairmount Queen Elizabeth, and it not that far from the old city, Notre Dame, etc. It's probably a better location for me. Now I just need to find parking outside of the hotel. I used to park under the convention center when staying at the Westin. Does anyone know of decent and cheap weekend parking garages near this property? Thanks.
  2. For the 4.5 star, it's either the Westin or Intercontinental. The one difference between these two is that the last time I was at both, the Westin's internet connection was free and the Intercontinental charged 10 or so dollars per day. If I'm assuming correctly that "nternet access" means free internet access then the 4.5 is most likely the Westin. It's a nice hotel and Notre Dame is one block away out the back door of the property. It's also easy to get to if you're driving, very easy and you can self park across the street under the convention center for a reasonable price.
  3. I continue to bid...decided to try for some other in-town areas, bid up to $96 for a 4.5 star in the financial district, and a 4 star in both the festival area and financial district with no luck. I was trying to avoid going over $100 per night, but will probably need to pay about $120 for a 4 star. Does anyone know what kind of 3.5 star properties are in these areas now? I know they built a Marriott Courtyard, or something like that, in or near the festival area. Plenty of time so I'm not rushing on this. Will continue to report back and use the better bidding PRICELINE link.
  4. Hello, I started bidding for dates Oct. 10-12, 2015 and without success. Am looking specifically for a 4 star hotel in Old Montreal/Convention Center area (the Westin or Intercontinental are the usual 4 star properties for this area, which are both great hotels). Started bidding at $71 and did $5 increments up to $91, all rejected. Bidding for a 4 star in Montreal is easy because there are so many rebid areas without with 4 star properties (Anjou, Brossard, Dorval, Laval, Longeuil, Midtown, Latin Quarter, and Pointe Claire). I think if I switched areas, say to the financial center, I'd get something at these rates for a holiday weekend, but that area is no where near as nice as the Old City, which is where I want to be.
  5. Thanks. I'll do some bidding a week or so and report back if I get anything. I'll start low, hoping I can get it for about 70 or 80, but realistically it usually costs me closer to 120 or 130 for that time of year. But maybe it will be different this year if I start early.
  6. I'll be in Montreal this October. Would I have a better luck getting a 4 star hotel in the old city if I bid (priceline) and buy now?
  7. I started this bidding one week ago, down around $60 - just to try. The other two locations, Dedham and Norwood, I think, are free bid zones if you want to stay at 3.5 stars (there are no 3.5 stars in those other areas, at least not when I was bidding). I bid $125 today and priceline came back saying I could add $21 to the bid and keep the same zone and stars, instead I added one of the free bid zones and increased my bid $1 and scored. Happy with this price, much less expensive than booking directly with the hotel.
  8. Over the course of 3 days went up in $1 increments starting at $110 (many rebid zones without 4*s in Montreal), finally got the Intercontinental, which I've stayed in before and is good enough. Had wished for the Westin but this is right next door so can't complain. Would probably have found some less expensive if I had started looking and bidding earlier. Also, the Priceline geo zones have changed for Montreal so you might want to update them in your system.
  9. Look at previous priceline midtown win by me at the Hotel Cascada to see how I split the bid for this zone and star level. I also describe my bidding process. Thanks.
  10. Had to split this bid to get this deal. Am arriving on 8/30 but realized that that Saturday night Labor Day weekend addition might be preventing me from getting a deal. Sure enough when I split it, and took out the Saturday night, I got this hotel for $59 per night, started that bidding at $55. This hotel was not my first choice because of the indoor only pool. I had wanted the Crowne Plaza in this zone. Priceline told me I could also add a night, so I tried for $59 for the SAturday night too, but no deal there, they countered with $78, which I declined. Then I bid up from $59 to $70 and got the Crowne Plaza for that price for that one night. This is the hotel I had originally wanted because of their large outdoor pool. And this actually works well for me, because my conference doesn't start until 3 pm Sunday so I can spend the day Sunday at the Crowne Plaza pool, my only free day while in Albuquerque, and then I don't mind changing hotels that evening, no biggie, especially if it saves me some money. I'll post the other win for the Crowne Plaza.
  11. Started the bidding at $9 and unfortunately had to keep going up. Taxes in Charlotte also seem to be higher than in other locals/airports/states.
  12. Bid 40, then 45, then 50 (all in rebid zones for a 3.5 star hotel).
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